• Autogenic training

    Autogenic training was developed by the German psychoneurologist I. Shultz on the basis of the methods of Indian yogis and European hypnologists. Its essence is the ability to cause a feeling of heaviness and heat in the limbs. This sensation is accompanied by the widening of the blood vessels and the relaxation of the muscles. In this state, autosuggestion is especially effective. A person, relaxed in this way, can independently conduct self-healing self-hypnosis.

    It is advisable to start mastering the technique under the guidance of a psychotherapist.

    Classes are held in the most relaxed and comfortable position of the body, most often lying on your back with your eyes closed. The eyelids should be covered, without squeezing, the muscles of the whole body relax.

    Try to get away from all extraneous thoughts and feel your body. Feeling his peace from head to foot, say mentally several times: "I relax and calm down."

    Each mental phrase should become a sensation, for which it is necessary to achieve a figurative representation of the content of the phrase. Further in brackets examples of such images are given, but it is possible to represent other situations that are closer to you.

    To get the feeling of complete peace of mind, the following formulas are used:

    I'm completely calm.(Imagine your face completely calm, relaxed, asleep).

    Nothing disturbs me.(To recall the sensations of a once serene tranquility).

    All my muscles are pleasantly relaxed for rest.(Feel this relaxation).

    I'm completely calm.(To think about rest).

    After achieving complete rest, begin self-suggestion of a feeling of heaviness in the limbs. If you are right handed, focus first on your right hand.

    I feel a nice weight in my right hand.(The right arm muscles are relaxed).

    The right hand is getting heavier more and more.(Call a sensation in the hand, lifted from under the warm water, when you lie in the tub).

    The right hand is pleasantly heavy.(Feel the lead in the right hand).

    I'm completely calm.(To think about rest).

    Some of the trainees have the same heaviness in the other limbs when they reach the lead in the right hand. In the absence of such sensations, the left arm, the right leg and the left leg are successively relaxed until they reach the same sensations of gravity as in the right hand.

    Then you need to cause a feeling of warmth in your right hand:

    In your right hand you feel a pleasant warmth.(The hand warms the hot air from the fan heater, hair dryer).

    The blood vessels in the right arm have widened.(Think about warmth).

    Healthy hot blood warmed your right arm.(The hand is immersed in warm water).

    A pleasant feeling of warmth spread over the right hand.(Think about warmth).

    The right hand, down to the fingertips, became heavy and warm. The fingertips are throbbing.(Think about heaviness and warmth).

    After reaching the induced sensations in the right hand, they pass in the same way to other limbs, as was done when causing gravity.

    Already against the backdrop of the sensations of heaviness and heat, you can self-hypnosis against your painful feelings or bad habits.

    I rest( to inspire previously thought out formulas). ..

    The following exercises are directed:

    1. On the normalization and rhythm of breathing: "I breathe easily and freely, rhythmically."

    2. On the normalization of the heart: "My heart beats rhythmically, smoothly. In the chest is easy and free. "

    3. To cause heat in the epigastric region, in the solar plexus zone: "The solar plexus strikes the rays of heat throughout the stomach."

    4. To prevent the transition of autorelaxation into a natural sleep: "My forehead is slightly cool. Head is light. It is absolutely free from extraneous thoughts. The head is fresh and clear. I can concentrate. "

    Having achieved full self-immersion, which is required for self-preparation for about two months, conduct therapeutic self-hypnosis to remove excessive appetite. Classes are recommended in the morning and before bedtime.

    My decision to lose weight firmly and adamantly.

    I am indifferent to sweets.

    Nothing will make me overeat.

    My will grows stronger every day.

    Nobody and nothing will drive me astray.

    The abundant table causes dislike.

    I'm proud of my orderliness.

    I hate the sight of obese people.

    I am full of energy and completely calm.