• Are you ready for losing weight?

    There is no need to prove once again that excessive fullness is harmful to health, pushes the development of many diseases, and as a result of reducing excess weight, there are healthy changes - blood pressure is normalized, blood cholesterol level decreases, diabetes insulin is reduced in insulin doseor even the cancellation of this drug.

    It is said that the French distinguish three stages of completeness: the first causes envy, the second - an ironical grin, the third - sympathy.

    For many, excessive completeness is a psychological problem.

    The obese person often looks unattractive, and this circumstance can leave an imprint on his relationships with other people and on his well-being. Moreover, excess weight causes a feeling of constant physical stress, overload and overwork.

    To successfully lose weight, you need not only a strong desire to lose weight, but also be able to form and strengthen such a desire. Those who managed to lose weight, associated weight loss with some vital goal - to find or return a family happiness, like a loved one, feel more confident, become more attractive, allow yourself to wear fashionable clothes, restore health, etc.

    Weaken the same weight lossreasons that many indicate: a constant sense of hunger, a desire to eat deliciously, a habit is tight, craving for sweetness, laziness, lack or lack of willpower in order to increase the level of physical activity.

    In order to better understand your goals and be prepared for possible difficulties in their implementation, think through, and even better write down all the pros and cons. Divide a sheet of paper into two parts with a vertical line: write "for" on the left, and "against" on the right.

    In the column "for", list what it is worth to lose weight for, what can be achieved by reducing weight. In the column "against" write down what prevents to lose weight, complicates this process. Then imagine that all the pros and cons are put on the scales. What will overtake? What is more important to you?

    If any obstacles seem insurmountable to you, contact a psychologist, a specialist in a healthy lifestyle. The success of losing weight and keeping it at the optimal level will depend on your inner readiness to change a lot in your lifestyle, habits, attitude towards food.

    Much will depend on your ability to mobilize will power and on how ready you are to perform certain recommendations on a daily basis.

    In order to assess the degree of your readiness to reduce excess weight and your chances of success, answer for yourself the following questions.

    Can you:

    Take a firm decision?

    Think about all the pros and cons?

    Consult your doctor, how much should you weigh?

    Buy the scales?

    Weigh 1 time per week and build a weight change schedule?

    There are 4 times a day and do not have a snack during breaks?

    Dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime?

    Do you go for a walk before going to bed?

    Do not eat "for company" if you are full?

    Strictly follow the diet recommended by your dietitian?

    Refuse to tempt?

    Remember the Indian proverb: "One thousand delights, but one health"?

    Make a list of products that are allowed with your diet, and carry it with you?

    To control the correct ratio of nutrients in the diet( proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, mineral salts, vitamins, fiber, plant fibers)?

    Learn the calorie table of products and learn how to calculate the caloric value of a daily diet?

    Drinking tea without sugar?

    Discard products containing sugar?

    Refuse from sauces, spices, carbonated drinks, spicy, pickled and salty dishes( since they excite appetite)?

    Change your eating habits?

    Do not eat if you do not want to, and never force others?

    Cooking food in small portions, is it from small-sized dishes?

    Before serving, lay out food for portions?

    Every time, sitting down at the table, repeat to myself: "I do not eat too much," "Does my appetite subsume me," and so on?

    Behind the table as if you are indifferent to food?

    There are slowly, small pieces. Spend at least 20 minutes at the table?

    Chew food as carefully as possible?

    Make small pauses while eating?

    Feeling saturated, immediately stop eating?

    Do not eat up to a feeling of full saturation: is it better to eat less than to overeat?

    For two weeks, watch yourself and analyze why you ate: worried, hungry, irritated, tired, "for company", was bored, lonely, anxious, etc.?

    Away, sitting down at the table, try to eat as little as possible?

    Do not drink alcoholic beverages( otherwise you can quickly lose control over the amount eaten)?

    If you violated the diet, the next day must arrange discharge?

    Do not violate the diet for two days in a row?

    Do not go to rest and do not sit down to read right after eating?

    Check the functionality of your body and get a doctor's consultation about the exercise regime?

    Try to move as much as possible: do gymnastics, walk at a fast pace?

    Try less to use the elevator, transport?

    Walk at least 5-7 km per day?

    Do exercises every day?

    An hour a day to devote to physical education, autogenic training, relaxation respiratory gymnastics?

    Daily take a shower with a subsequent strong rubbing with a towel?

    Every 7-10 days go to the bath( if there are no contraindications)?

    To learn how to use self-massage techniques?

    Have a good rest, sleep 7-8 hours a day?

    Improve your character, expand your range of interests?

    Educating Willpower?

    Learn how to relieve nervous tension with non-medicament health products?

    Learn how to manage your emotions, desires, appetites?

    With increasing hunger feel, use the methods of autogenic training, relaxation breathing exercises, etc.?

    With an intolerable feeling of hunger, have a snack with an apple, raw carrots or cabbage( temporary measure)?

    Do not "console" yourself with food?

    Looking for sources of joy, pleasure not related to food?

    Remember what we eat in order to live, and not live to eat?

    Do not despair of temporary failures?

    If you have difficulty in losing weight, get a psychologist's advice?

    Do you want to be guided by literature on healthy lifestyles?

    So, the higher your willingness and the more of the listed conditions you decide to actually fulfill, the more likely that you will achieve your goal, and in the future you will be able to maintain your weight within the limits of the norm. Remember that the secret of success is in your determination to achieve the desired result. All in your hands!

    Know that the feeling of easy hunger is difficult to overcome only the first time. If you are persistent, you will soon get used to the changes in your life, and the feeling of lightness, cheerfulness, good mood and the consciousness that you were able to overcome yourself, will be your reward.

    In order to strengthen its determination, it is necessary to understand the psychological causes that led to fatness and prevent the normalization of weight.