• Shower, dousing and baths make the body work

    The principle of fat burning is very simple: sluggish cells in the body are important to stimulate them to start to convert fat into energy in the right amount.

    Fuel for cells is glucose, the smallest unit of carbohydrates. When the stocks of this sugar are exhausted, the

    races are created in the blood, billions of miniature "motors" in the cells( especially muscle tissue) are taken for fat stores.

    It is unlikely that a cold or even icy water jet in the shower is a special pleasure.

    But everyone knows perfectly well that it refreshes, awakens, helps to concentrate. After the shower, you will actively rub the body with a towel and feel the amazing freshness.


    When you feel a special freshness and a burst of energy? When you pop out from under a cold shower. This is a sure sign that it is in the cold that the body begins to work at full speed. Use this mechanism to achieve the desired goal - a slim figure.

    Cold shower - this is stress for the body, as a result of narrowing of the vessels, and the metabolism in the cells is greatly enhanced. This contributes to an increase in efficiency, which requires a significant expenditure of energy.

    Initially, glucose is burned, this instantly evolving energy nourishes the cells of the brain and nervous system, awakens them.

    And the rest of the body cells are powered by the energy of such a rapidly burning fuel.


    Water treatments not only promote blood circulation, but also significantly improve mood. If you are addicted to depression, your soul will help you to achieve peace of mind.

    The metabolism is activated after rapid cleavage of glycogen, glucose stores in the liver, muscles and blood, the body is prepared to receive energy from fat molecules.

    However, if you eat wrong, then all efforts are vain: fat deposits on the abdomen and buttocks will remain untouched. As a result, when a lot of glucose is converted into energy, there will come fatigue, drowsiness, apathy.

    A murderous combination of salty and fatty foods, sweets and sweet drinks will negate any attempt to get rid of fat deposits. Then it's pointless to get up under a cold shower.

    A prerequisite for successive and successful weight loss is the combination of many factors:

    Nutrition products with high fluid content Movement, athletic activity Peace and relaxation.

    If you take an invigorating cold shower or do douche, this will inevitably become an additional stimulation of the metabolic process. If a person suffering from extra pounds, will lead a reasonable lifestyle and comply with the necessary conditions for losing weight, water procedures will be a good help and help to reach the ideal weight faster.

    Of course, this statement of modern scientists is very interesting. In addition, it will seem quite convincing, if you know the reasons for this phenomenon.

    When a person sweats, he actually loses only sweat. But when it freezes, the body begins to produce more heat to protect itself from low temperatures. This process, called thermogenesis, requires considerable energy expenditure. The sugar in the blood is quickly burned by mitochondria( miniature cell furnaces).If the cold continues to attack, the energy motors of the body suck in more fuel - fat molecules from fat deposits on the abdomen and thighs.

    in But a short shock caused by cold or frost causes spontaneous thermogenesis. Therefore, a cold shower, dousing and baths( cold or contrasting) accelerate the process of losing weight.