• Treatment of osteoporosis with folk remedies

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    Home treatment: tips and recipes.

    Treatment of osteoporosis is a complex and lengthy process, requiring an integrated approach. During this period, the patient must adhere to special nutrition, taking medicines and mineral-vitamin complexes.

    In addition to the therapeutic course prescribed by the doctor, it is recommended to use the methods of traditional medicine, which are aimed at stopping the progression of the disease and strengthening the bone tissue.

    What is osteoporosis of bones: causes, symptoms, types ^

    Osteoporosis is the destruction of human bone tissue, as a result of which bones lose calcium, become brittle and brittle.

    The reasons for this process are:

    • sedentary rhythm of life,
    • hormonal or age-related changes,
    • abuse of diets,
    • disruption of pancreatic or thyroid function,
    • disruptions in digestion,
    • prolonged intake of certain medications.

    Osteoporosis can be asymptomatic or mask for joint diseases. Most often, it is diagnosed when fractures occur. However, this disease can be determined by the following symptoms:

    • Pains in weather changes, destruction of tooth enamel, fragility of the nail plate and hair;
    • Pain in the thoracic and lumbar regions, nocturnal cramps.

    It is accepted to distinguish the following types of osteoporosis: local, general, primary, secondary, glucocorticoid, involutive, idiopathic, congenital, senile, post-climatic and juvenile.

    The danger of osteoporosis is that as a result of calcium loss a minor bruise can lead to fractures, the fusion of which requires a long time.

    Folk treatment of osteoporosis consists of many recipes that are successfully combined with pharmacological formal therapy. To strengthen bones and better absorption of calcium, the following folk remedies are used to treat osteoporosis:

    • Eggshell, mummy, kelp, honey, propolis;
    • Medicinal herbs - comfrey, sabernik, sporish, horsetail, birch buds, dandelion root, ayr and others.

    Home treatment of osteoporosis includes such procedures as the internal use of medicinal decoctions or mixtures, local compresses, ointments and warming baths.

    Treatment of osteoporosis in women

    The purpose of proper treatment and the achievement of effective results in therapy will be achieved only with a detailed diagnosis of the causes that cause the disease in women.

    The use of medications and the additional treatment of osteoporosis with home remedies should be accompanied by a rejection of bad habits, an active lifestyle and proper nutrition, the emphasis in which should be made on calcium-containing foods and foods that include vitamin D.

    Osteoporosis treatment in the elderly

    Osteoporosis in the elderly is rareis revealed at an early stage and therefore the process of its treatment is rather complicated. When diagnosing the disease, the therapeutic course is aimed at reducing the pain syndrome, slowing the loss of bone tissue and normalizing bone metabolism.

    Treatment of osteoporosis at home combines massage, therapeutic gymnastics, analgesics, non-steroid preparations, corsets( if necessary) for the elderly, a balanced diet and affordable folk remedies for external and internal use.

    Treatment of osteoporosis at home: folk recipes ^

    Therapeutic exercises help to maintain bone density.

    Treatment of senile osteoporosis

    • Mix juniper berries with comfrey root, then st.l. Collect 350 ml of hot( not boiling water) water and let stand for an hour.
    • This infusion, which promotes the absorption of calcium, should be consumed throughout the day.

    Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis

    • Prepare a warm bath, pour into the water a strong broth of willow bark, then take it for 20 minutes;
    • Cut flowers of burdock, put them in a liter jar, pour olive oil and place in a dark place for 7 days. The resulting composition is rubbed into the affected part twice a day.

    Treatment of hip osteoporosis

    • Warming in a water bath 25 gr.copper sulfate, 50 g.resin spruce, 150 gr.olive oil, then cool and add 2 tablespoons.fresh onion juice.
    • The ointment obtained should be rubbed daily on painful areas.

    Treatment of osteoporosis of the spine

    • Fresh flowers of chamomile, clover in the amount of 100 gr.the floor is filled with a liter of vodka for three days.
    • Ready alcoholic infusion should be moistened with tissue and applied overnight to the area of ​​the spine. Number of procedures - 14.

    Treatment of osteoporosis of knee joint

    • Collect spring young nettle on the eve of flowering, squeeze juice out of it, mix with honey and rub into the knee joint area;
    • With a glass of boiling water pour st.l.dry St. John's wort for 40 minutes, then add to it a slice of lemon, a spoonful of honey and consumed throughout the day.

    Treatment of foot osteoporosis

    • Collect birch buds in the forest( 200 grams), pour 500 ml of diluted to 40%;medical alcohol and infuse 7 days in a dark place.
    • Soak in a tincture of multilayer gauze, attach to the foot and leave overnight.

    Treatment of osteoporosis brushes

    • Mix 150 ml of tinctures of a wild-eyed beast, a highlander with 200 ml of horsetail tincture.
    • All components should be shaken well and taken for two weeks daily according to st.l.before eating.

    Treatment of osteoporosis with lemon

    • In 200 ml of warm boiled water add the juice squeezed from half a lemon, mix and use after eating.
    • Peel the lemon peel, pour for a few days 100 ml of vodka, after which the resulting infusion rubbed into sore spots.

    Treatment of osteoporosis with eggs( shell)

    • The shell of several eggs is dried, remove the film and grind to a powder. In the amount of st.l.add the powder to the cottage cheese, sour cream or porridge before consumption.
    • Pour the powdery shell with lemon juice until it dissolves completely, then take it by ch.p.every morning.

    Treatment of osteoporosis with a magnet

    • Home magnetotherapy involves the use of a large magnet placed in a container.
    • The magnet must be moved clockwise on the affected area for 15 minutes.

    Treatment of osteoporosis with honey

    • Three eggs to break, place together with crushed shell into a container, then add juice from 6 lemons and wait until they are completely dissolved( from 4 to 7 days).
    • Add to the prepared mixture 150 gr.honey lime or buckwheat, 70 gr.cognac and use by ch.l. One time during meals every day.
    • Store the medicine in a dark place.

    Treatment of osteoporosis mummy

    • Mumiye natural volume slightly larger than the match head to dissolve in half a glass of warm water and eat twice daily for 18 days.
    • In the absence of a natural mummy, it can be used in the form of tablets.

    Treatment of osteoporosis with herbs

    • Chop the rosemary, horsetail field, spores, then in the amount of 200 g.pour them a liter of water and boil for 30-40 minutes.
    • Within a month, the resulting broth should be taken daily for 100 ml before meals.
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    Prevention and helpful advice on how to avoid osteoporosis development ^

    The basis of treatment of this disease is correctly selected food, the food ration of which should consist of products containing calcium, vitamins B, A, D, E and magnesium. This composition is found in seafood, dairy products, greens, dried fruits, raw vegetables, fruits, legumes and cereals, sea kale, berries and nuts.

    In addition to nutrition, an important role played by special therapeutic gymnastics, broken into certain complexes. The main emphasis in it is on strengthening the muscles of the back, neck, chest, shoulder girdle and lower limbs. Due to properly selected physical exercises, bone density is maintained, its mineralization is improved, metabolism is accelerated and balance is improved.

    Common preventive measures for osteoporosis are:

    • Moderate physical activity;
    • Refusal to smoke and drink alcohol;
    • Regular stay in the open air and in the sun;
    • Balanced vitaminized nutrition.