• We continue ourselves in children

    On Sundays they made fascinating walks. Children ran away, again returned to their parents to listen to how a mother or father read by heart favorite poems, talk about what is happening in the world. For all his employment, the father made time for such family walks, which were both a rest and a school of knowledge of the world, talked with children about books, nature, politics. This father was Karl Marx, who managed to become a friend and teacher of children. The moral peace of his family predetermined the future of all three daughters. Jenny Longuet, Laura Lafargue and Eleanor Marx-Eveling, who grew up in a house where the communists always spoke hotly of the bright ideals of goodness, justice, freedom for the working people of the whole world, continued their father's business. Their names are known in the history of the revolutionary movement.

    The moral peace of the family. His atmosphere is conditioned by his views on society, on life, on man, love and respect for each other, responsibility for their actions. As the primary unit of society, the family reflects not only the traditions of the people, but also its social achievements. The child acquaints her with the moral values, the attitudes of life, which the father and mother profess.

    Let's return to the family of Karl Marx. Since childhood, in need, his daughters have become accustomed to not lose heart, they respect work. A little later I was copied with the mother of Marx's work.

    Father was their idol. And at the same time - a comrade. A companion in games, conversations. Their thoughts were often expressed in letters to each other. Heart, trust reigned in the house. Marx often told wonderful stories to his daughters. The eldest of the girls - Jenny was fond of books. And by the age of 13 she knew a lot from the history of Greece, the constitution of Sparta, the reforms of Solon, the Battle of Thermopylae.

    Particularly often in the family of Marx discussed political topics. Jenny, Laura, Eleanor did not just listen to these conversations - his father taught them to think, he knew how to explain everything. Together they rejoiced over the victories won by the proletariat. None of the major events passed by the inquisitive gazes of the girls.

    Younger, Eleanor, in 1861, when the civil war broke out between the northern and southern states of America, she decided that she needed to help President Lincoln."I," she writes, "had an unshakable conviction that the President of the United States of America, Abraham Lincoln, could not do without my advice in military matters, and therefore I wrote him long letters, which Maurus should, of course, read and"to the post office. "Many, many years later he showed me these children's letters, which he saved, for they were very amusing. "

    Marx's letters to his daughters are slightly humorous, with humor, abound in everyday details. And the girls turn to him in the same tone, which, however, did not in any way belittle his authority. The children called father Mavrom, Old Nick, Old Man, and he also gave them all nicknames - Kakadu, Liliput, Tussi, Quo-Quo and others.

    The complete understanding reached by Marx in the family played almost the main role in that the children grew up by his like-minded people, adherents of the same ideals. The very atmosphere in the house, imbued with the spirit of friendship, prompted not only sympathy for relatives, friends, but also people on the other side of the planet. The image of thinking, supplemented by the generosity of the big heart, able to respond to the joys and troubles of the whole world, contains the secrets of wise upbringing, as natural as the continuation of the family. Together with the mother's milk, the child absorbs everything that the family lives.

    Karl Marx liked to say that children raise their parents. Is it not so?

    . .. - Mom, the ancient peoples were taken first to treat, to warm the traveler, then to ask why he came. Great? !

    Here you can not help recalling how you got angry with your neighbor on the eve of the day, to call your next friend, and the paint hits your face.

    - You know, father, I watched yesterday the builders who repair our house. I think, do people have a conscience? All tyap-bloop. .. If only to quickly.

    And you are mentally troubling, do not you admit, too, at your work "tyap-bloop."I do not want to look bad before my son, to shake my daughter's respect for her. Therefore, you are already more meticulous about your speech, for fear that a rough word will be learned by a child or, worse, it will cause him to have an unflattering opinion about you, father. And you revise your attitude to books, nature, to people.

    Day by day, year by year our babies grow up. Become engineers, scientists, leaders of state rank, commanders of ships. .. It is often at this time that we discover the truth: everything that has been laid in children of childhood appears now, like on film, - outlined, sharply. And brings us joy or sorrow.

    More V. Sukhomlinsky said: "The child is the mirror of the family;as in a drop of water the sun reflects, so the children reflect the moral purity of the mother and father. "Reflected diligence, respect for people, honesty, citizenship. Reflects patriotism in judgments and actions.

    Decent generations

    A blizzard in the evening was played out in earnest. Vovka fell asleep under the howling of the wind, and Ivan Sergeyevich was not there.

    - Your Sorokin, like Suvorov, has a service from dawn to dusk, - a little smiling, his neighbor's wife sympathized with his wife.

    Ekaterina Vasilievna in reply, not embarrassed:

    - Nothing surprising, also military. Maybe at night on alert to go on the road. The usual thing.

    When my husband finally returned, Ekaterina Vasilievna met him at the doorstep:

    - Vovka's neighbor will look, I agreed, and we need to hurry to the hospital, I'm uncomfortable.

    No explanation was required. Ivan Sergeyevich understood everything at once - the time had come.

    To the district hospital - a kilometer two, not less. The road was blocked. No cars, no people. It seemed to Catherine Vasilyevna that she would fall in the snow now and would not move further.

    - Maybe you should suffer? Suggested Ivan Sergeevich.

    - What do you mean? I'm used to it.

    Life really did not indulge her. She grew up in a village near Kharkov. And I dragged water, and stoked the stove. Then the girl went to the front. More than once under the bullets I made the connection. Once before the fighting began, the phone suddenly stopped. The commander gave thirty minutes to repair the damage. And Katya - Sergeant Catherine Shapar - crawled along the line. Shells were bursting near, artillery cannonade thundered."Five, ten, fifteen minutes," whispered the girl. Suddenly the earth trembled, everything was covered with smoke. It slid into the funnel. How many minutes at her disposal?

    Katya managed to find the precipice. Quickly fastened the ends of the wire and - on the way back. Only returned - the attack began. Communication with the units was excellent. About the accomplishment of this task resembles the medal "For Military Merit".

    I went under the bullets, and then I withered. The hospital is already very close. We must wait a little longer.

    As soon as the doctors accepted his wife, Ivan Sergeyevich hurried home, to his son. To his little son, who tomorrow will be the eldest child in the family. The little boy snored sweetly in the crib. His father adjusted the blanket on him, lay down himself, but for a long time could not sleep. He remembered how they had met Katya at the front, as they had fought in neighboring divisions. He often told his son about the last days of the war. When Berlin had already fallen, their division participated in battles under the heavily fortified city of Breslau. On the night of May 9, Katya was on duty on the switchboard. Suddenly a solemn voice sounded in the headphones: "Turn on everyone! An important message will be delivered. "...

    Katya jumped out into the street.

    - Victory!- Shouts.- Victory! The war is over!

    It was picked up by soldiers who had run out of the barracks and began to throw them up. Thin, small, the girl flew up, like a feather. Ivan Sorokin caught it, lowered it to the ground beside it. Gently looking into his eyes, he asked:

    - That's the world. Will you marry me?

    Soon Katya was demobilized. She went home to Ukraine, followed by Ivan Sorokin on vacation, and took his young wife away for long years to distant garrisons.

    . .. A little light Ivan Sergeyevich rushed to the hospital. Nyanechka showed through a frosted glass window a small parcel-a son. Ivan Sergeyevich, joyfully excited, put his hand to his heart - thank you, they say, for the message. Hardly going to leave, the nurse again called. Another package brought to the window. Katerina Vasilievna gave birth to twins.

    As it is said in folk tales, three sons and three heroes grew up with their mother and mother. The children screamed at night, demanded that they be fed, re-wrapped, warmly wrapped. Care for Catherine Vasilyevna tripled. Lived far from their native places, my grandmother was not around. Nursery and kindergarten of all the kids could not accommodate. The apartment was not immediately received - the room was originally rented. Ivan Sergeyevich tried to relieve his wife of the difficulty of the nomadic garrison life, but the service took him too much time. And involuntarily six-year-old Vovka became the main assistant of the mother.

    - Sonny, tell the story to the kids. ..

    - Sonny, sing a song to them. ..

    - Sonny, shake them, while I'm cooking dinner. ..

    Sent Vovka for bread to the store somehow. At home, I did not notice how three hours had flown by. I realized that my son still does not. His heart sank. After all, Vovka is quite a child, he does not even go to school yet. On the streets of the car scurry. The town is at least not large, but not small - you can get lost. I asked my neighbor to look after the twins, and she herself - to search.

    Volodya found on the next street. Hanging a bag of bread on the fence, he enthusiastically drove with the boys in football. The game was in full swing, excited childish voices rang over the greenery of the front gardens. Yekaterina Vasilyevna did not utter a word of reproach. Silently she took the bag of bread, hurried to the house. Vovka caught up with her:

    - Mom, and Mom! I accidentally. Mom, well, I just played a drop! You are angry?

    - No, Vovochka, - sighed Ekaterina Vasilievna, - I just forgot that you are small. I thought I grew up. It turns out that you are like brothers who are still clinging to my skirt.

    Vovka, proud of himself almost from the cradle, already white with annoyance. Her eyes filled with tears.

    - I grew up, not small. Dad says I'm already big.

    - He does not know how you went about bread.

    - Well, please, Mummy, do not tell him. "He looks into my eyes with entreaty." Dad tried to give me a military cap yesterday, promised to give me, but now he says I'm still small.

    The next winter, Volodya went to school and received a treasured old father's ear-flap with an asterisk. I was very proud of her. In such a cap, on which his peers from the neighboring street looked, even more tried not to let him down, justify his father's trust. Before I learned to count and solve problems, I mastered another wisdom: I used to notice when my mother gets tired, when the kids need his help. I went through a kind of school in which the sense of duty and feeling of love developed and strengthened.

    Volodya has a habit of protecting younger brothers, taking care of them, conceding to them. This had a beneficial effect on his character. Bright, mobile, with light hair, similar to each other as two drops of water, the twins involuntarily attracted attention, were favorites of the military town. And in their family, of course, they spoiled. Inexhaustible for all sorts of lies, leprosy, Sasha and Misha caused the mother a lot of anxiety. At times Ekaterina Vasilievna crooked the mischievous: "Vova at your age did everything, but you!"Sergeant Katya Shapar was a good hostess. Her love of medicine - she once dreamed of becoming a doctor - was now using her home: Sasha's throat hurts, then Misha's leg will be hurt. Only manage to heal. Always equal, friendly with all, often repeated to her sons:

    - I would very much like you to treat each other like my brother and your uncle Sergey.

    Ekaterina Vasilievna told them about a completely random meeting with Sergei at the front. Katya joined the army when the Nazis approached their native village Veliky Burluk. I often thought of my brother, who also fought: he had not received news from him for a long time. Suddenly, once in front of her, a green gazik braked sharply, a guy in a tunic jumped out from there.

    - Katya! He shouted, picking her up in his arms."Katya, my dear, what are you doing here?"

    - Fighting, Seryozhenka.

    - You? !You are at war? !

    Katya nodded her head.

    - Are you healthy? Not wounded?

    - Everything was, sis, everything. And in the tank he was burning, and he was drowning in the river, but, you see, he is alive. Alive! Only here the doctors did not allow more in the tank troops to serve. They put him on a gazik.

    - You do not know anything about us?

    - Nothing.

    Both were sad: how is the father and mother, are they alive?

    When the village was released, the commander allowed Katya to visit her parents. Soon, white houses, green gardens will appear. But what is this? Black chimneys in the middle of the bare steppe. The gray-haired old man builds a shed at the place where the hut used to stand before. .. Looked over, involuntarily flinched: really? I put the clothes on the ground. She asked in a hoarse voice:

    - Would you take a soldier into the house?

    - Take something, just where? The German housed the house, "the old man turned slowly to her.- Katya, Katya! My daughter. .. Mother, Katyusha has arrived!

    To the joy mixed a lot of grief. Katya heard about the death of her family, about the suffering that her parents had suffered. I gave them rations - and my own, and those that generously shared with her friends, telephone operators. I consoled the news about Sergei. Hardly having said goodbye, the next day she went to catch up with her.

    Now Ekaterina Vasilievna sometimes reflected: what connected them, children, with such strong bonds with the father and mother? Why did they always understand each other? Katya felt sorry for her mother, tried to help her. My brother enjoyed working with his father. Catherine Vasilyevna at times it seemed that today the children, in abundance provided with all the blessings for a happy childhood, lose something very important."Vanya's rights," she agreed internally with her husband, "we must constantly take care of the spiritual, moral formation of our boys."

    One evening Ivan Sergeyevich returned home gloomy. Silently sat down to supper. Guys pricked up - usually the father liked to talk with them about how the day went. After eating, he told Volodya:

    - Imagine, a thief in our house was wound up.

    My son even eyes widened from such news.

    - Yes, yes, do not be surprised. Do not look at me, you better ask them. "He nodded toward the twins.

    Those with no less perplexity looked at his father.

    - Yeah, you do not understand what this is about? And who took the stamp from Petit Skvortsov's album?

    - So he himself has taken two marks from us all! Shouted Misha."Like a highwayman!"

    - He's a robber, and you're a thief.

    It was a shame to hear such words. You can not think of more insults. Mother, ready - the children saw it well - gave any last shirt, changed in the face, sad-sad, began to wash the dishes in silence. The guys were conferred and asked Volodya:

    - Take Pete to the stamp.

    - You have done it yourself, and you do it yourself. I do not want to disgrace you because of you, "his brother resolutely refused.

    There is nothing to do - they returned the brand's twins to the owner and they gave the second to the owner.

    Another time Ivan Sergeyevich noticed that his sons are not quite polite with adults. Entering the apartment, as if accidentally talking to Ekaterina Vasilyevna:

    - I'm going home now, and Dima, the son of Captain Gladkov, is flying towards me. I almost knocked me off my feet. I caught him by the elbow. He immediately snapped: "What are you snapping at?" Oh, I think, poor captain Gladkov! If he finds out, he will burn with shame. A fine commander, skillfully educates soldiers, and the son disgraced him to the whole town. My guys, I hope, will never be able to do this to themselves.


    Twins in one voice:

    - We were not at all rude to the captain when he seized us.

    - you? !

    Looking down. They gave themselves out. Then, interrupting each other, they laid out that they had a similar story with the captain. They did not want to take it, but it happened.

    Mother sadly said:

    - Everyone knows that our father is an officer, a front-line soldier. Now people will not respect him. Because of you. ..

    - And a star was asked for from the cap, - slightly reproached Ivan Sergeyevich.

    It would be better to scold on what light is worth, than such a bitter rebuke to throw: "The father because of you will cease to respect."Since then, no one has heard a rude word from the boys.

    Many troubles were caused by twins to teachers. Realizing that in their school uniforms they were almost not discerned, they exchanged places behind the desk, and lessons were answered for each other. And once Ivan Sergeyevich was invited to the director.

    - Someone from the twins tore off a lesson.

    - Who exactly? Asked Ivan Sergeevich.

    - I'm afraid of making a mistake. ..

    - Maybe both?

    - No, the second one was quieter than water, below the grass.

    - So who should be punished?

    After some time, the physical education teacher complained:

    - Uma can not guess which one of them jumps for two, who runs around for two?

    And decided from that moment Ivan Sergeevich to punish both: "If one of you breaks a lesson, and another indulges him or one runs for two, then both are to blame."

    However, the punishment of the house used a peculiar. Never a finger touched the children of Ivan Sergeyevich, not to mention Catherine Vasilievna. But he knew how to talk with them so that the guys themselves preferred a different method of influence.

    For all his employment, frequent business trips, Ivan Sergeyevich found time for long conversations with the boys. About books and music, about the heroism of soldiers in the war, about the nature of their native land, about the victory of their favorite football team, about events abroad. He always expressed his thought clearly, his views, he tried to inspire teenagers with his ideals.

    Children grew, as in most officer families. Early learned what military service is, what is the fulfillment of the military duty - to strengthen the defense of the country so that people peacefully work. Night trouble when my father leaves for a few days. Moves from one garrison to another, the replacement of teachers, schoolmates. Waiting as a holiday, a father's day off, to go to the forest together, to a river or at least to a movie, just get together at home, talk about different things.

    One evening, Catherine Vasilyevna felt bad. She was sick before, even had to leave work. I took medicine, then again took up farming. The father constantly taught the children: "Take care of your mother. He does not think about himself at all. "And the sons without any wrangling washed floors, ran after groceries, helped rinse their clothes. Neighbors reacted differently.

    - Well, boys, they all know how to do it. Straight treasure will be given to wives, - in an enviable way alone.

    Others have slandered:

    - Where is it seen to the guys concocted?

    This time, my mother was put in a hospital. The house was immediately empty. When after service Ivan Sergeevich stepped over the threshold - gasped. All tidied up. On the stove waiting for his hot dinner, as with his wife. The boys are busy with the lessons.

    - I already had a mom, - immediately told Volodya.- Sasha and Misha baked pancakes, so I took it. She was very happy. She is already better. So do not worry!

    No wonder that Eastern wisdom says: you plant bitterness - there will be bitter fruit, from sweet grains - sweet will rise. Under the influence of the domestic atmosphere, the example of adults, their conversations, deeds, their love and respect for each other, the characters of the children were formed. For example, on a weekday, Ivan Sergeyevich brought flowers to his wife. Ekaterina Vasilyevna smiled with pleasure. After some time with a bouquet in his hands appeared Volodya:

    - Mom, this is for you!

    They did not want to lag behind their elder brother and the twins - they gave noisily to my mother two identical bouquets. And they themselves literally shone from the fact that they pleased Ekaterina Vasilievna. ..

    The sons chose their own way of life. Ivan Sergeevich did not impose his opinion on them. Is not there a lot of good specialties? The country needs and builders, I and locksmiths, and engineers, and teachers. Everyone will find a profession to taste. After declaring that after eight years that he would go to the plant and at the same time to attend evening school, Volodya expected sharp objections: his parents wanted his son to graduate. Ivan Sergeyevich, however, limited himself to a brief one:

    - Decide for yourself. You're old enough.

    And interrupted in mid-word to Catherine Vasilyevna, who had flunked: at all, they say, he was still a boy, where could he go to the plant?

    Volodya mastered the specialty of locksmith. The factory was modern, the work was interesting. And in the evenings - lessons. Two years later he brought his parents a certificate of graduation. A convincing evidence of his perseverance, diligence. On the eve of conscription, I started talking to my father about my plans:

    - You know, I decided to become an officer. ..

    When graduating from the school, Vladimir was awarded a diploma with honors. Having recommended himself as a good specialist, he entered the military academy.

    By then the twins also donned a cadet uniform. Engaged diligently."The command and the political department express to you, Catherine V. and Ivan Sergeevich, their gratitude and great gratitude. .." - wrote the head of the school. Following the example of his elder brother, they received diplomas with distinction. They serve in aviation.