• Treatment of arrhythmia with folk remedies

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    Treatment of arrhythmia at home: folk remedies

    The well-being of a person largely depends onfrom the health of the cardiovascular system. Arrhythmia is a certain failure in the stable functioning of the heart and blood vessels, the manifestation of which should not be ignored.

    Treatment of this pathology should be carried out not only by medicinal preparations, but also by folk methods that significantly increase the process of recovery in arrhythmia.

    What is cardiac arrhythmia: causes, types, symptoms ^

    Arrhythmia is a pathological condition characterized by a disturbance of rhythmicity, frequency and contraction of the heart.

    Reasons for arrhythmia:

    • Damage to the heart muscle( heart attack, cardiosclerosis, myocarditis);
    • Change in the content of magnesium, calcium and potassium in the blood;
    • Chronic lung diseases, heart failure;
    • Stresses, neuroses, prolonged depression;
    • CNS lesion;
    • Prolonged exposure to toxins.

    Symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia are a feeling of palpitations, dizziness, fainting( rarely), headaches and lack of air.

    For the diagnosis of arrhythmia the following procedures are used:

    • ECG study;
    • ECHO - cardiographic examination;
    • Intracardiac electrophysiological study.

    Cardiac arrhythmia is divided into the following types: ciliary, sinus, extrasystolic, paroxysmal, ventricular, monotopic, polytopic and atrial.

    Folk treatment of arrhythmia mainly consists of medicinal plants, herbs, roots, beekeeping products, freshly squeezed juices, medicinal berries and other herbal remedies.

    Treatment of arrhythmia at home in conjunction with a prescribed course of the doctor, contributes to creating the best environment for the work of the heart, significantly improving its supply of oxygen, blood, potassium and calcium ions. In addition, complex therapy positively affects the nervous system, normalizes blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm.

    Treatment of arrhythmia in children

    This pathology in childhood is manifested as an unreasonable anxiety or anxiety, a child's complaints about severe palpitations and headaches, excessive sweating, pale skin and rapid fatigue.

    Treatment of arrhythmia in a child is quite problematic, since at this age it is contraindicated to resort to many medications. Therefore, the use of any medication must be agreed with the pediatrician and the cardiologist.

    In addition to drug therapy it is desirable to create a certain food for the child, to protect from nervous overexcitation and regularly monitor his condition.

    Treatment of arrhythmia with folk remedies: home remedies ^

    Treating atrial fibrillation folk remedies: homemade recipes

    Treating atrial fibrillation

    • The berries of a viburnum with half a glass should be poured into a glass of water, boil for 8 minutes, then take a decoction during the day.
    • Place the fruits of hawthorn, dog-rose, motherwort to st. L., Pour a liter of boiling water overnight in a thermos. In the morning, the infusion should be filtered and taken before meals with 50 ml.

    Treatment of sinus arrhythmia

    • Put a root of valerian( st.l.) in a glass of water, allow to boil and cool. To use a soothing decoction follows during the day for five doses.
    • Every day to replace the usual tea, use infusion or decoction of mint leaves, previously adding a small slice of lemon into it.

    Treatment of extrasystolic arrhythmia

    • Blue cornflower is combined with boiling water( 1 teaspoon per glass), infuse for several hours, then filtered.
    • Ready infusion is taken 20 minutes before meals three times daily for ¼ cup.

    Treatment of paroxysmal arrhythmia

    • 200 gr.lemons, grated with peel mixed with 200 gr. May honey and 10 apricot ground nuts.
    • This mixture should be taken by ch.l.thrice before meals every day.

    Treatment of ventricular arrhythmia

    • For the preparation of health infusion it is necessary st.l. Melissa dried in 400 ml of boiling water for two hours.
    • The herb-cleaned infusion is taken on a half cup each day three times for two months.

    Treatment of arrhythmia with hawthorn

    • At five gr.fruits of hawthorn should take a glass of water, then put on fire. After the broth is left for 10 minutes, it should be filtered, then take three times half a glass daily.
    • In 100 ml of clean vodka place 10 gr.fresh hawthorn fruit, insist 10 days in the dark, then take up to three drops of 10 drops before meals.

    Treatment of arrhythmia with garlic

    • In a three-liter jar, place four chopped garlic heads, four lemons juice and two liters of boiled cold water.
    • The can should be covered with a three-layer gauze and placed on the refrigerator for 2 days, then cleaned.
    • Take the healing infusion should be in a warm form to 50 ml once a day.

    Treatment of arrhythmia with propolis

    • Combine the alcohol tincture of propolis with the same amount of tincture of red hawthorn.
    • The received medicine should be taken in the form of a solution - 20 drops per cup of warm water.
    • Number of daily receptions - no more than three.

    Treatment of arrythmia onion

    • Take a small bulb, peel and grind in a meat grinder. Next, onion gruel should be combined with any grated apple.
    • A ready-made mixture should be consumed within a month between meals in two divided doses.

    Treatment of arrhythmia with honey

    • Peel the lemon peel, mix with the same volume of honey and eat twice on an empty stomach on a spoonful.
    • Honey( st.l) combine with radish juice( st.l) and take before eating.

    Treatment of arrhythmia with herbs

    • Prepare the following ingredients - 3 g.petals of a rose, 13 gr.turnip, 7 gr.lemon balm, 13 gr. St. John's wort, 35 gr.leaflets and hawthorn fruits, 100 ml of boiling water.
    • Ст.л.Collect in boiling water for an hour, then infuse the herbs and take after meals.

    Treatment of arrhythmia by physical exercises

    Correct and systematic exercise helps to strengthen and saturate the heart with oxygen, increase heartbeats and expand blood vessels.

    People with cardiac arrhythmia should adhere to physical training under the close supervision of a cardiologist and a physiotherapy specialist.

    In addition to morning exercises and special physical therapy, you can resort to walking or running, swimming and skiing.

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    Prevention and useful advice on how to prevent cardiac arrhythmia ^

    The arrhythmia diet is primarily aimed at providing the body with a patient with potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are included in the following products:

    • Calcium - seafood, fish, cabbage, beet, cornDairy products, nuts and pumpkin seeds;
    • Potassium - dried fruit, fresh berries, bananas, parsley, potatoes;
    • Magnesium - nuts, beans( beans, peas), buckwheat, spinach, bran, cucumbers and avocado.

    The following products are strictly excluded from the menu:

    • Salt, sugar, spices;
    • Fried, fatty foods( allowed to eat in boiled, steam and baked form);
    • Marinades, smoked meats, pickles, canned food and semi-finished products;
    • Alcohol, carbonated drinks.
    • Fatty meats.

    Arrhythmia prevention consists of the following recommendations:

    • Healthy food( fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, lean meat, natural abundant drink);
    • Maintaining a healthy weight;
    • Maximum reduction in the risk of nervous and emotional stress;
    • Discarding bad habits;
    • Regular examination with a cardiologist;
    • Monitoring of blood glucose and blood pressure;
    • The presence of daily light physical exertion.