• Treatment of tonsillitis with folk remedies

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    Treatment of sore throat at home with folk remedies quickly relieves pain and inflammation in the throat.

    Treatment of sore throats with various folk remedies very often shows the most effective, safe and fast results than the use of medications.

    Causes and symptoms of tonsillitis ^

    Angina( tonsillitis) is an infectious disease, accompanied by a strong inflammatory process, encompassing the tonsils( tonsils) and pharyngeal mucosa.

    The main causes of tonsillitis:

    • Subcooling of the body;
    • Predisposition to angina due to low immunity;
    • The presence of inflammatory purulent processes in the nasal cavity;
    • Contact with patients;
    • Infectious diseases - acute respiratory infections, influenza.

    Painful symptoms accompanying sore throat are as follows:

    • Elevated temperature - from 38 ° C and above;
    • Acute stitching pain, piercing the throat when eating;
    • Chills, weakness, malaise and a sensation of breaking in the joints;
    • Strong redness of the area of ​​the tongue, palatine arch and tonsils. Sometimes redness is accompanied by accumulations of pus or small pustules;
    • Hoarseness;
    • Growth of lymph nodes.

    Tonsillitis is divided into chronic, purulent, follicular and herpes forms.

    Folk treatment of angina offers a variety of different methods that allow the lightning effect on affected areas, reducing ongoing inflammatory processes. Folk remedies for rapid treatment of sore throats do not require large monetary costs and are not inferior to many medical products in efficiency.

    In folk medicine for the treatment of angina, the following tools and techniques are of particular use:

    • Propolis, honey;
    • Beet and lemon juice;
    • Soda, salt, iodine and manganese;
    • Compresses, inhalation and rinsing procedures;
    • Aloe juice;
    • Oils - sea buckthorn and fir;
    • Herbal decoctions.

    Fast and effective treatment of angina at home: folk recipes ^

    Recipes for folk treatment of tonsillitis at home.

    Angina, regardless of the form of the course and age of the patient, has an equally painful symptomatology.

    Treatment of sore throat in adults

    Treatment of sore throat in adults using traditional medicine involves the use of a variety of affordable and effective means.

    • One of the first methods of folk treatment, which is recommended for use in the initial symptoms of sore throat - gargling up to 4 times a day with a strong soda solution. This procedure excellently removes pathogenic microorganisms, preventing their reproduction.
    • In breaks between washing it is possible to chew a piece of propolis, but no more than 5 grams a day or to consume lemon juice.

    Treatment of angina in children

    Treatment of angina in children includes bed rest, inhalation, frequent use of liquid and herbal rinses. The child during the illness, in addition to the main symptoms, usually there is pallor, decreased appetite, poor sleep and blue around the eyes.

    The main task in the treatment of angina is not only to quickly reduce inflammation, but also to increase immunity.

    • For the general strengthening effect, it is necessary to prepare radish juice with honey. To do this, the radish needs to cut off the top, remove the core, put liquid honey in the hole and close it with a cut piece. Then put the radish for 3-4 hours in a warm place. Ready juice take on the spoon 4 times daily.
    • A good effect in the treatment of sore throat is the herbal lavage of the throat from the string, oak cortex, St. John's wort or marigold.
    • After eating, it is advisable for the child to chew propolis.
    • Inhalation using eucalyptus and fir oils is recommended only at bedtime.

    Treatment of sore throat during pregnancy

    Pregnancy is known to be an extremely important period in the life of a woman, when treatment of a cold with medical preparations is highly undesirable. Therefore, with the disease of pregnant angina, the safest treatment is the use of folk methods and means.

    • You can use sage, mint, plantain and calendula, marigolds and other anti-inflammatory herbs as throat rinses for angina.
    • In an abundant drink, it is advisable to include warm cranberry or cowberry fruit drinks, a weak tea with lemon juice and warm milk with honey.
    • It is useful to lubricate the area of ​​inflamed tonsils with sea buckthorn oil.

    Treatment of purulent sore throat with folk remedies

    • Calanchoe or aloe juice mixed with warm clean water( 1/1) and gargle several times;
    • Heat the salt in a frying pan, wrap it in cloth and wrap the throat. Thermal compress will help reduce pain syndrome;
    • Herbal inhalations excellently help to speed up the treatment and separation of purulent lesions.

    Treatment of chronic tonsillitis with folk remedies

    Treatment of chronic sore throat is desirable to begin with strengthening immunity with the help of hardening procedures, abundant use of citrus beverages and vitaminized nutrition.

    The folk technique offers the following effective treatment methods for sore throat:

    • In a glass of warm water, dilute the manganese until pink and add 5 drops of iodine. The resulting solution should rinse the throat 5 times daily;
    • After the rinsing procedure, the sore throat is smeared with honey from aloe( 3/1);
    • Fruits of anise with a teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water for an hour. The obtained infusion is consumed 50 ml 4 times before meals daily.

    Treatment of herpes sore throat with folk remedies

    In people's treatment of herpes sore throat, it is recommended to drink fluffy, anti-inflammatory and restorative drinks - tea with raspberries, lemon or rose hips, sea-buckthorn, cranberry and cowberry morses, black currant broths, limes and strings.

    • Hot inhalations and compresses can not be used in the herpes form of tonsillitis, as they can cause undesirable complications.
    • When gargling, use herbal decoctions and soda or manganese solutions.

    Treatment of follicular sore throat with folk remedies

    Treatment of follicular sore throat folk methods includes all the techniques used to remove inflammation as quickly as possible. These include:

    • Hot compresses made from dry, oily, alcoholic or salt mixtures;
    • Receiving warm tea from lemon balm, mint, chamomile or sage with honey and lemon juice;
    • Rinse throat with antiseptic and bactericidal solutions - salt, manganese, soda, alcohol tinctures, aloe or calanchoe juices and others;
    • Chewing propolis;
    • Regular garlic, oil or herbal inhalation.
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    Useful tips for alleviating the condition of the patient with angina ^

    To avoid dangerous complications with the onset of inflammatory tonsillitis symptoms, it is necessary to strictly follow the following helpful tips on how to effectively help the sore throat with angina:

    • Do not eat very hot and rough food;
    • Avoid drafts and hypothermia;
    • To consume a large amount of warm vitaminized liquid - tea, decoctions and fruit drinks;
    • Periodically( every couple of hours) rinse throat with warm solutions;
    • Before going to bed, carry out inhalation procedures and warming compresses.