Treatment of stones in the bladder with folk remedies

  • Treatment of stones in the bladder with folk remedies

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    Homemade stone stones treatment: folkrecipes

    Stones in the bladder - an ailment that occurs today often enough as in the elderly, and in young people. The disease is characterized by the formation of stones( concrements) of various composition and sizes.

    Stones in the bladder: symptoms, types, causes of stone formation ^

    Urolithiasis is a common cause of acute pain due to movement, as well as the excretion of stones and sand from the bladder. If the concrements come out, they must be shown to a specialist.

    Depending on their chemical composition, the stones in the bladder are divided into:

    • Oxalate. They are black or dark gray, they consist of oxalic acid salts. Their movement in the bladder causes severe pain due to sharp spines on the surface, which damage the mucous membrane.
    • Phosphate. They have a gray tint and are much softer in structure than oxalates. Thanks to this they can easily be cured by popular methods.
    • Urartic. They have a smooth surface and consist of uric acid, do not damage the mucous membrane. Determine their presence in the bladder can only be through analysis.
    • Struvitnye. These are crystals of non-standard form.
    • Cystine. They are quite rare and are hexagonal crystals.

    Among all reasons for the formation of stones in the bladder, the main is the violation of metabolic processes in the body. In addition, the occurrence of concrements lead to:

    • inflammatory processes that affect the bladder;
    • violation of urine outflow, resulting in salt accumulation;
    • ingestion of foreign bodies, for example, birth control pills, catheters, etc.;
    • dysfunction of endocrine glands;
    • hereditary predisposition( it is believed that the content of excess calcium in the urine can be inherited);
    • disrupts kidney function, which affects the composition of urine;
    • lack of vitamins, an unbalanced diet;
    • dehydration of the body, the use of water of high rigidity;
    • congenital abnormalities of the genitourinary system;
    • such diseases as prostatitis, pyelonephritis, omission of the kidneys, etc.

    Symptoms of the disease can be absent until the stones begin to move. The presence of concrements in the bladder is indicated by the following symptoms:

    • pain below the abdomen, in the back, lower back, giving in the leg;
    • sensation of severe severity;
    • intensifying painful sensations during movement or physical activity;
    • frequent and painful urination;
    • appearance of blood in the urine in the event that the mucous membrane is injured by crystals;
    • darkening and turbidity of urine due to a change in its chemical composition;
    • fever, chills, severe weakness.

    When symptoms of the disease appear, it is strongly recommended that you contact a specialist who will perform a full examination and prescribe therapy depending on the type of stones and their location.

    Treatment of bladder stones with folk remedies: home remedies ^

    Traditional treatment of stones in the bladder: home remedies and prescriptions

    In addition to conservative therapy, or in combination with it, it is possible to treat stones in the bladder at home. To avoid possible complications, for example, kidney dysfunction, all actions related to the treatment of the disease should be performed under the supervision of a doctor.

    Treatment of urate stones in the bladder

    You can remove urate from the bladder using oats.

    • It is necessary to take unrefined grains of oats( 1 glass), put them in a thermos and pour boiling water( 0.5 liters).
    • Infuse the mixture for 12 hours.
    • Kashitsu should be wiped through a sieve.
    • It is recommended to eat it daily for breakfast, without adding any sugar or salt.

    Treatment of phosphate stones in the bladder

    Get rid of phosphate stones will help the phyto stock of St. John's wort, the highlander of the bird, the roots of a dandelion, the abdomen, the violet tricolor.

    • It is recommended to take a tablespoon of each ingredient.
    • Herbal mixture should be poured into 1 liter of hot water, insist for an hour, then pass through a cheesecloth or sieve.
    • To take a therapeutic drink you need 1 glass three times a day before meals for a month.

    Treatment of oxalate stones in the bladder

    To get rid of oxalates, you need to consume plenty of fluids throughout the day. To bring them out will help grape branches, mustaches, collected in the spring.

    • To prepare a therapeutic drink, you should grind one teaspoon of branches.
    • Raw materials must be brewed with a glass of boiling water, keep on low fire for about 2-3 minutes, then insist for at least an hour, so that the branches give their useful properties to water, filter through a sieve.
    • The medication should be taken four times a day for ¼ cup before meals.
    • The course of treatment is 30 days.

    Treatment of sand in the bladder

    A mixture prepared from juice of radish, beet, honey and juice will successfully defeat the disease.

    • All the ingredients should be taken in equal proportions, mixed, placed in a bowl and put in a dark place for 4 days.
    • The contents of the can should be shaken daily.
    • A tablespoon of the mixture is dissolved in 200 ml of boiling water.
    • Drink three times a day for 1/3 cup before meals.
    • Duration of treatment - 5 days. After 2 weeks, the course can be repeated.

    Treating stones in the bladder with lemon

    • To dissolve the stones, it is recommended to dilute the lemon juice with water in a proportion of 2: 1.Take a glass of drink 2-3 times a day.
    • Simultaneously with the intake of lemon juice, you should drink 100 ml of a mixture of beet, carrot and cucumber juices.
    • The duration of the course of cocotherapy depends on the size of the stones and can last from 7 to 30 days.

    Treating stones in the bladder with horseradish

    This remedy is used not only for removing stones, but also for treating many gallbladder diseases.

    • It is necessary to grate the root of the horseradish to make a tablespoon, pour it with 200 ml of hot milk.
    • Infuse the drug for 5-10 minutes, then pass through a sieve.
    • Take the medicine in small sips during the day.
    • The course of admission is 7 days.

    Treatment of bladder stones with corn stigmas

    Corn stigmas have a good diuretic effect, so infusion on their basis allows to dissolve small stones.

    • To make it, you need to brew 4 tablespoons.raw materials 0.5 boiling water.
    • Infuse for 2 hours, then strain through gauze.
    • Take infusion twice a day for half a glass before eating.
    • Use this method until complete recovery.

    Treatment of stones in the bladder by the dog rose

    • In the evening, fill a glass of rose hips with a liter of boiling water and put it for 10-12 hours.
    • In the morning, infusion should be put on a slow fire and cook until ¼ of the whole liquid is boiled.
    • The beverage should then be filtered through a sieve.
    • Three times a day for half an hour before a meal you need to drink 1/3 cup of drink. You can add to the broth on a dessert spoon of chalk and lemon juice.
    • Store the medicine in the refrigerator, and preheat immediately before use.
    • The decoction should be continued until the stones disappear.

    Treatment of stones in the bladder with parsley

    Thanks to the use of decoction from the roots and leaves of fresh or parsley, you can forever forget what the stones in the bladder are.

    • For the preparation of infusion it is recommended to rinse and finely chop the roots and leaves of parsley.
    • A tablespoon of raw material to brew a glass of boiling water, put in a warm place and insist for at least 2 hours, filter.
    • Drink a glass of the drug three times a day before meals for three weeks.
    • In winter, dried parsley is suitable for preparing a drink.

    Treatment of stones in the bladder with herbs

    Herbal collection from an equal amount of sporrows, cowberry leaves, root of ara, corn stigmas and Kuril tea is very effective for removing and dissolving urates.

    From phosphates and oxalates, a herbal mixture made from chicory herbs, hop cones, dill fruits, blueberry leaves and burdock root, taken in equal proportions, will help to get rid of phosphates and oxalates.

    Both collections are easy to prepare:

    • 2 tbsp. Raw materials should be crushed with a coffee grinder and pour two glasses of water.
    • Put in a thermos, insist all night, hold through gauze.
    • Take 1/3 cup three times a day before meals for 2 months.
    • After a 14-day break, the course of herbal treatment can be repeated.
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    Prophylaxis and useful advice on how to avoid bladder stones ^

    To avoid the occurrence of concrements in the bladder, you must adhere to simple rules:

    • drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day;
    • abandon bad habits: smoking and drinking alcohol;
    • correctly eat and lead an active lifestyle;
    • is regularly monitored by a urologist for timely detection of the problem;
    • in time to treat infectious diseases of the urinary tract.

    Diet for removal of stones from the bladder

    Diet for stones in the bladder( depending on the type of stones) is determined, primarily, by the chemical composition of stones or sand. It should be included in the diet products that facilitate the rapid extraction of stones, as well as exclude food that causes stone formation.

    • When oxalates are detected, it is necessary to limit and even completely abandon the products that contain oxalic acid. These are strawberries, parsley, spinach, chocolate, beets, nuts, etc.
    • If phosphates were found, cranberry and cowberry juice should be introduced into the diet to acidify urine. The main products on the menu should be meat and fish. It is not recommended to eat greens, vegetables, dairy and sour-milk products.
    • In the presence of urates, the consumption of meat, offal, meat broths, mushrooms, and chocolate should be limited. You should increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.