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    Treatment of chickenpox folk methods: home recipes

    Chickenpox is an infectious disease,which most often affects children under 10 years old.

    Adult person can catch chickenpox only if he has not had it in childhood, because as a result of the transfer of ailment, the human body develops a strong immunity to re-infection.

    What is chickenpox( chicken pox): symptoms, incubation period ^

    Chickenpox, or chicken pox is an infectious disease, caused by varicella - zoster. It is possible to treat chickenpox at home, however, should consult a specialist beforehand to avoid possible complications.

    The causes of chickenpox are as follows:

    • high susceptibility of immunity to the virus of the herpes family;
    • contact with an infected person;
    • contact with objects touched by a sick person;
    • severe stress and nerve strain.

    Varicella: symptoms of

    • fever;
    • strong weakness, rapid fatigue, apathy;
    • the appearance of a sipi that begins with one small pimple, and spreads throughout the body;
    • nausea and lack of appetite;
    • enlargement of lymph nodes.

    Chickenpox Periods:

    Incubation Period:

    • The duration of the incubation period is 21 days, in the last 10 days of which and the first week after the appearance of the rash the person is the carrier of the disease.
    • At this time, the symptoms of chickenpox can easily be confused with a cold or SARS.
    • Children tend to malaise, cry, refuse to eat and complain of a headache.
    • In adults, the body temperature rises, there is weakness, nausea.

    Rash period:

    The next stage of the course of chickenpox is the appearance of a rash on the skin and mucous membranes.

    • Intoxication in adults is more pronounced, and fever lasts much longer than in children.
    • The flat spots on the skin become convex, turning into small bubbles filled with a clear liquid.
    • The rash itchs and delivers discomfort to the patient. A couple of days they dry out, turning into crusts. In their place, scars may appear.

    Termination of intoxication:

    • After 5-8 days blisters pass, and with them, intoxication stops.

    Treatment of chickenpox folk remedies: homemade recipes ^

    Traditional recipes for the treatment of chickenpox: herbal baths

    Treatment of chickenpox in children

    As is known, chickenpox usually becomes infected with small children. To improve the child's well-being with chickenpox, it is necessary to use only natural and effective means. When the first symptoms appear, it is highly recommended to call a pediatrician who will advise competent therapy.

    • During chickenpox, the child's skin should be wiped with a solution of potassium permanganate to dry the wounds and disinfect the skin. The solution should have a pale pink shade. At the same time, the baby's bedding must be washed and changed daily.
    • To reduce skin itching, you can wipe the skin with a solution of soda or add half a glass of soda to the bath while bathing.

    To improve the immunity of the baby, it is recommended to prepare a medicinal medicine:

    • Freshly squeezed lemon juice must be mixed with honey.
    • Add the same amount of honey to a teaspoon of juice.
    • Prepared mixture to give the child before meals a 1 dessert spoon.

    Treatment of chicken pox in adults

    In adults, chickenpox is much heavier than that of children. To improve the condition of the patient, you can prepare a decoction of fresh or dried raspberry fruit, willow bark, anise and lime color:

    • All components are taken in the same amount.
    • A tablespoon of the mixture is brewed with a glass of hot water.
    • Boil for 10 minutes, insist an hour and strain.
    • Drink one sip every 20-30 minutes.

    Treatment of chicken pox in adolescents

    • It is necessary to take three tablespoons of chamomile and pour the raw material with boiled water, then bring to a boil and infuse for 10 minutes.
    • This decoction should be added to the bathroom during bathing.

    Effectively removes inflammation in chickenpox medicinal solution based on mummies:

    • 10 mg mum needs to be added to half a glass of water at room temperature.
    • Take in the morning before meals.

    Treatment of chickenpox in infants

    If chickenpox is infected with a baby, first of all, you need to see a doctor. Then blisters with greenery should be treated.

    If the baby is worried about severe itching, you can use a drug such as fenistil. Bathing in the bathroom should be replaced with a warm shower to avoid more spread of the rash over the baby's body.

    Another effective remedy for chickenpox can be prepared by filling a tablespoon of chopped parsley with two glasses of boiling water.

    • The drug must be infused and filtered.
    • Give the baby a small spoon three times a day.

    Treatment of chickenpox in the eyes of

    If rashes appear on the mucous membrane of the eyes, do not panic. You should consult a pediatrician and an oculist.

    To improve well-being, the following herbal decoction will help:

    • A tablespoon of a mixture of lemon balm, chamomile, basil and calendula( all components are taken in the same amount), it is necessary to brew 200 ml of boiling water.
    • Put into the thermos and insist 15 minutes, drain.
    • Drink half a glass in the morning and evening before eating.

    Treatment of chickenpox in the mouth

    If rash occurs in the mouth, rinses 3-4 times a day. They will relieve inflammation and accelerate recovery of the patient.

    • It is necessary to mix in a spoonful of chamomile, string, sage, dandelion and clover. Pour 500 ml of water, boil, insist and strain.
    • Very effective for rashes in the oral cavity propolis tincture, diluted with clean water in a proportion of 1: 3.The amount of rinses a day is 3.
    • You can also apply ice cubes to blisters to reduce itching.

    Treatment of chickenpox on the genitals

    • If rashes appear on the genitals, it is recommended to use a 1% solution of boric acid.
    • You can also treat the genitals with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

    Such wiping helps to reduce the intensity of the rash.

    Treatment of chickenpox green

    Zelenka is considered the most effective treatment for chickenpox. A solution of brilliant green must be treated with all the blisters that appeared on the skin.

    In addition, the treatment of green rash is necessary in order to track when the rash stops.

    Treatment of chickenpox herbs

    To heal and dry the wounds after chickenpox it is possible with the help of infusion from medicinal herbs.

    • To do this, mix two tablespoons of herbs celandine, calendula and chamomile.
    • Fill the herbal collection with a liter of boiling water, leave for 20 minutes and drain.
    • The broth needs to be poured into a warm bathroom. In addition, you can add a few drops of fir oil to improve the effectiveness of the procedure.
    • After bathing the body should be easily soaked with a towel, and not wipe.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to protect yourself from chickenpox ^

    Certain preventive measures that will help prevent the disease, unfortunately, do not exist. Chickenpox is a disease that can not be protected.

    The main objective of chickenpox prevention is to isolate healthy children and adults who have not previously been infected from the sick.

    There is no mandatory vaccination against the disease, as doctors believe that it is better to transfer chickenpox in childhood, when the disease in most cases passes without complications.