• Treatment of burns with folk remedies

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    Treatment of burns with folk remedies: first aid.

    Exposure of the skin to various high temperatures or chemicals may cause burns of a certain degree.

    Traditional medicine can provide the necessary first aid and heal burn injuries only if the upper layer of the skin is damaged.

    As a result of injuring deeper layers affecting the nerves, muscles and fatty layer, the patient should be immediately hospitalized.

    Causes, types and symptoms of burns ^

    Burns are skin damage caused by exposure to high temperatures, electricity or chemicals. Depending on the depth of injury, burn injuries are divided into the first, second, third and fourth degrees. However, it is also customary to distinguish them according to the type of damage:

    • Thermal - exposure to flames, hot objects, boiling water, hot steam;
    • Chemical - household chemicals, acids, alkalis, salts of heavy metals;
    • Solar - the result of a prolonged( imprudent) stay under the sun's rays;
    • Radiation - light or ionizing radiation;
    • Radiation.

    Any part of the body or organ - arms, legs, abdomen, face, esophagus, tongue, throat and others, is susceptible to burns.

    Symptoms of burn damage depend on its degree:

    • First degree - swelling and redness of upper tissues, accompanied by burning pain:
    • Second degree - severe pain, abruption of the upper layer of the skin, formation of watery blisters and blisters;
    • The third degree is the defeat of the entire skin layer, necrosis is possible;
    • The fourth degree is a strong charring of the skin, fiber, muscles, fascia and even bones.

    Traditional treatment of burns is acceptable only with the first two degrees of damage to a small area of ​​the body. Only in this case, home treatment of burns will effectively help relieve pain, burning and reduce swelling with redness.

    Home medicine is collected from recipes, including a variety of folk remedies for the treatment of burns, among which the most popular are:

    • Sour milk products - sour cream, curdled milk, kefir;
    • Honey, beeswax;
    • Flaxseed, vegetable, olive, cedar, sea-buckthorn, sunflower, peach oils;
    • Potatoes, egg yolks, cabbage, vinegar;
    • Medicinal plants - Kalanchoe, Japanese Sophora, plantain, aloe, St. John's wort, nettle, burdock, linden color, etc.

    When treating burns with home remedies, strict hygienic rules should be followed:

    • Use clean sterilized gauze, cloth or bandages for compresses;
    • Use a clean container to connect the required components;
    • Before cleaning the burn area, clean hands thoroughly or put on sterile disposable gloves.

    Treatment of burns in children

    Children, as a result of their active lifestyle, often injure the skin by household means. Causes of burns at this age can serve as a hot plate, fire, iron, boiling water, hot steam, etc.

    For mild conditions, treat skin damage with running cold water and lubricate the child's sore spot with herbal( sea-buckthorn) oil or toothpaste.

    Further treatment of burns at home involves the use of lotions from potato juice or potatoes, aloe leaves or decoction of mother-and-stepmother.

    Treatment of burns at home: folk recipes ^

    Rapid treatment of burns: home recipes.

    Treatment of thermal burns

    • Soak gauze in sea-buckthorn oil, attach to the burn, soak for about 20 minutes, then change the oil compress;
    • In case of mild injury, rinse area with cold water, apply toothpaste and allow to dry.

    Treatment of chemical burns

    • As a result of exposure to chemicals, the burned area should be washed with running water for 10-15 minutes, then treated with a solution of baking soda( from acid) or a weak acid solution of lemon( from alkali).
    • After treatment, apply the following compresses alternately to the affected area: gauze soaked in sea-buckthorn oil with vitamin E dissolved in it and cloth impregnated with a strong decoction of mother-and-stepmother or oak bark.

    Treatment of radiation burns

    • Mix aloe juice with sea buckthorn oil( 1: 1), moisten a clean cloth in it and, periodically changing, apply compress on the sore spot.
    • These two components can be used separately or together.

    Treatment of sunburns

    • Add a few drops of oil vitamins A and E to the fatty sour cream and apply to the sunburned skin;
    • For burns of large areas of the body, it is necessary to prepare a strong broth from chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort, pour it into the water to take 15 minutes baths.

    Treatment of burns with a blister

    • Boil 20 eggs, peel and separate the yolks from proteins;
    • Clean pan, set aside until cooling;
    • In a clean container, knead the yolks, put them in a frying pan, then put on a weak fire for 45 minutes;
    • After roasting, lay the yolks in a cloth made of capron or lavsan, then squeeze out the liquid from them;
    • The resulting egg oil is applied to the burn areas twice a day;
    • Store it in a refrigerator.

    Treatment of burns from boiling water or steam

    • Combine a strong decoction of marigold with Vaseline( 1: 2) and lubricate the mixture with the affected areas;
    • Put a well-beaten egg white on a sore spot, stand a certain time and wash it off, preventing the mixture from drying.

    Treatment of iodine burns

    To neutralize the chemical effect of iodine, it is necessary to rinse the affected area thoroughly with soapy water, then lubricate with sea buckthorn oil.

    In addition to oil, it is recommended to apply cooled chicken gruel to a burned place, combined with a small amount of natural honey.

    Treatment of burns with vinegar

    For minor burns of the skin, apple cider vinegar diluted with water has good antiseptic and astringent effect, which must be moistened with tissue and applied to a sore spot.

    However, when burning the skin with vinegar, it should be immediately treated for 10 minutes with running water, then treat the wound with soda and apply a gauze sterile bandage.

    Treatment of burns from acid

    Burning injuries on the skin can cause the following chemical acids - acetic, sulfuric, nitric, hydrofluoric and other aggressive compounds.

    • At home, burn areas should be rinsed under weak running water for at least 10 minutes.
    • The next step is to neutralize the acid with soap, soda or lemon solutions.

    If extensive damage occurs, in this case, after applying the necessary measures, you should consult a doctor.

    Treatment of eye burns

    • Ст.л.birch buds with leaves, pour 450 ml of boiling water, place for 5 minutes on a fire, then insist an hour and rinse the eyes with the broth obtained;
    • Put a glass of boiling water in a glass of boiling water.clover flowers, stand for an hour, moisten with cotton pads and attach to the eyes.

    Treatment of burns of the tongue

    • Attach a piece of ice to the tongue;
    • Prepare a decoction of chamomile or oak bark and use it as a regular rinse of the mouth area.

    Treatment of burns of the esophagus

    • Ст.л.violets pour boiling water( 200 ml), insist for two hours and consume during the day;
    • Dilute two teaspoons in a glass of milk.natural fresh honey and take at a time.

    Treatment of burns from jellyfish

    • The jelly-jelly place needs to be treated with a soda, salt or weak ammonia solution, then apply ice wrapped in a clean cloth.
    • Place around the burned area with aloe vera gel.
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    Prevention and helpful advice on how to relieve the patient's condition when burned ^

    As the first emergency aid for burn injuries is the cooling of the affected area by wetting with cold water. To avoid the greenhouse effect, it is impossible to apply oil to a fresh wound. For disinfection, the wound can be treated with a weak soda or manganese solution.

    To prevent burns, there are a number of preventive measures:

    • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight;
    • Observe safety precautions when working with chemical and burning substances;
    • Do not allow a child to indulge in fire, fireworks and firecrackers;
    • Observe fire safety regulations;
    • Do not leave containers with hot liquid in accessible places - soups, compotes, boiling water, etc.