• Treatment of pyelonephritis with folk remedies

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    Home treatment for pyelonephritis: folk recipes.

    For the effective treatment of pyelonephritis, not only medicines and medical methods are used, but popular folk remedies that are in demand for years are used.

    Causes and Symptoms of Pyelonephritis ^

    Pyelonephritis is a urological, infectious and inflammatory disease that affects the urinary system, namely, renal tissue, pelvis and calyx.

    The most common causes of pyelonephritis are:

    • Subcooling;
    • Multiple pathogenic microorganisms;
    • Weakened immunity;
    • Incomplete cystitis;
    • Inflammation of the urinary tract.

    Pyelonephritis can occur in two forms - acute and chronic, with the following common symptoms:

    • Aching pain in the lumbar region;
    • Painful urination;
    • Color change( turbidity) of urine;
    • Increased fever, loss of appetite, headache, nausea and weakness.

    The folk treatment of pyelonephritis consists of ingesting an abundant fluid in the form of certain infusions, decoctions, and teas that contribute to a significant reduction in the inflammatory processes taking place in the kidneys.

    Home medicine offers the following folk remedies for the rapid treatment of pyelonephritis:

    • Medicinal herbs - motherwort, St. John's wort, horsetail, coltsfoot, cowberry leaves, spores, corn stigmas, etc.;
    • Berries - cowberry, mountain ash, sea-buckthorn, gooseberry, viburnum, raspberry;
    • Greens - parsley, dill;
    • Honey, propolis.

    Rapid and effective treatment of pyelonephritis at home: folk recipes ^

    Treatment of pyelonephritis with folk remedies: home recipes.

    Home treatment of pyelonephritis must necessarily be accompanied by bed rest and a health diet consisting mainly of plant foods in raw, boiled or steam form.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis in women

    The most common cause of inflammation of the kidneys in women is in time not treated cystitis. Beginning symptoms of pyelonephritis are usually fever, swelling and low back pain.

    In order to stop the inflammatory process, it is necessary to use folk anesthetics, diuretics and temperature-lowering agents for the treatment of pyelonephritis.

    To do this, you can use a variety of recipes for therapeutic drinks, consisting of fruits of raspberries and cranberries, turns, leaves of cowberry, chamomile, corn stigmas or bearberry.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis in men

    Men begin to face pyelonephritis, mostly in old age. Concomitant pyelonephritis factors include prostatitis, inflammation of the ureters or prostate gland.

    • Therapeutic treatment methods should be accompanied by the total rejection of men from alcoholic beverages, fatty, spicy and fried foods.
    • Next, it is necessary to provide the body with an abundant liquid from herbal collections, which have diuretic properties and perfectly reduce intoxication and inflammation.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis in children

    • Treatment of pyelonephritis in children should include comprehensive measures - medication, folk remedies and diet.
    • Children's dietary diet for pyelonephritis involves the preparation of low-fat soups and various cereals, as well as the use of products of vegetable origin.
    • Treatment of pyelonephritis with home remedies consists of the use of anti-inflammatory fruit drinks - cranberry, cowberry and sea buckthorn. In addition, the child is advised to use diuretics - pumpkin, melon or watermelon.
    • An excellent additional effect in the treatment will be made of herbal teas sweetened with fresh natural honey.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis in pregnant women

    • Pyelonephritis in pregnant women can occur as a result of hormonal adjustment and increased burden on the kidneys. The medication prescribed by a doctor successfully combines with folk remedies, which several times accelerate the process of recovery.
    • To ensure anti-inflammatory effect, it is recommended to use pumpkin juice( pumpkin dishes), raspberry tea, berry fruit and broths of cowberry leaves, chamomile or bearberry.
    • To create the most favorable environment for better impact of folk remedies, one should also resort to a special medical diet that provides the body with all necessary substances and vitamins.

    Treatment of acute pyelonephritis

    • For 300 ml of boiling water, take St. John's wort( 2 tablespoons), 2 grams each.leaves of cowberry and bearberry, 3 g.berries of a dogrose, on 1 gr.juniper, birch buds and stigmas corn. This collection of boiled and before adding add tsp.honey;
    • Vinyles of a viburnum to mix with honey and to accept up to meal on 4 table spoons.

    Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis

    • Potato juice mixed with rowan juice in equal parts. Drink a regular drink once a day for 150 ml;
    • 150 gr.propolis, pour 500 ml of alcohol medical and place for 20 days in a dark place, periodically shaking. Take a teaspoon at least three times daily.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis during exacerbation of

    • Melt 100 g.butter, add to it 10 gr.propolis.
    • Cover for 20 minutes and stir occasionally.
    • Then the mass is heated and filtered.
    • The received oil should be taken 3 times daily 40 minutes before meals.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis with oats

    • A glass of oats should be poured with a liter of milk and boiled until the milk is half full. Prepared jelly is taken daily 80 ml four times;
    • 60 gr.grass oats pour boiling water( liter) and boil for about 10 minutes. The broth is used three times a day for 200 ml.

    Treatment of pyelonephritis with medicinal herbs

    • 500 ml of boiling water pour 1 part of flax seeds, 2 parts of pine buds and corn stigmas and 3 parts of horsetail and St. John's wort. Stir the mixture for a couple of hours and use twice a day for 150 ml;
    • Pour boiling water( 500 ml) 10 gr.medicinal collection - 10 gr. each.currant and birch leaves, cones of hops, juniper fruits, 20 gr. each.psyllium and nettle, 40 gr.strawberries and dogrose. Then place the mixture for 30 minutes in a water bath. Obtained berry-herbal infusion take daily 130 ml strictly before meals.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to relieve the patient's condition with pyelonephritis ^

    The following preventive methods are recommended for successful prevention of pyelonephritis:

    • Do not delay the process of urination;
    • Do not overcool;
    • Timely and fully treat any inflammatory, infectious and catarrhal diseases;
    • Take vitaminized foods, foods and drinks to maintain immunity;
    • Regularly and competently observe personal hygiene.