• Treatment of colitis with folk remedies

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    Treatment of colitis with medicinal herbs.

    For simple and qualitative treatment of colitis, simple folk remedies that have a mild anti-inflammatory, firming and cleansing effect on the intestines are most acceptable.

    Causes and symptoms of intestinal colitis ^

    Colitis is the most common inflammatory disease that affects the mucous walls of the colon.

    It is common for medicine to diagnose such forms of the disease as chronic, acute, parasitic, ulcerative, catarrhal, nonspecific, pseudomembranous, ischemic and segmental.

    Any type of colitis is characterized by the following main symptoms:

    • Increased temperature, accompanied by severe weakness;
    • Flatulence, rumbling;
    • Unstable stool with an admixture of mucus or constipation;
    • Cramping stomach pains.

    The causes of colitis are:

    • bacterial infections,
    • food poisoning,
    • prolonged intake of antibiotics,
    • non-compliance with sanitary regulations,
    • improper diet,
    • intestinal parasites or exposure to pathogens - staphylococcus or salmonella.

    Folk treatment of colitis should be accompanied by strict adherence to a special health diet, without which rapid and effective achievement of the result is impossible. Home treatment of colitis consists of cooking decoctions, tinctures or teas, which have the following advantages:

    • Gently envelops the mucous membrane of the inflamed gut;
    • Allows to reduce intoxication, inflammation and spasms;
    • Effectively cleanses the intestines from pathogens.

    Folk remedies for successful treatment of colitis include:

    • Medicinal herbs - fennel seeds, oak bark, flax seed, bédan, nettle, shepherd's bag, chamomile, coltsfoot, etc.;
    • Sea buckthorn oil, mummy;
    • Honey, propolis;
    • Berries - raspberry, viburnum, mountain ash, currant.

    Treatment of colitis in adults

    The main causes of colitis in adults are a disturbed diet and exposure to microorganisms. Characteristic symptoms of colitis in adults are bloating, severe acute pain in the stomach, tight stools or diarrhea.

    • It is recommended to resort to medical procedures only after the doctor diagnoses the form of the disease.
    • For the removal of acute pain, it is advisable to take antispasmodics, but it is better to combine the further treatment with phytotherapy aimed at removing inflammation and improving digestion.

    Treatment of colitis in children

    Children's colitis is accompanied by gastric pain, painful and frequent loose stools, malaise, severe swelling and sometimes vomiting.

    • To alleviate a child's morbid state, it is necessary to adhere to a complex therapy, including medicament and folk remedies.
    • In addition, the child is assigned a mandatory sparing diet, mainly consisting of kissels, rice broth, mashed cereals and mucous soups in a warm form.

    Treatment of colitis in pregnant women

    Inflammation of the intestine is one of the undesirable processes that a pregnant woman may encounter.

    The main difficulty in his treatment is contraindications for the appointment of certain medications. Therefore, the main emphasis is placed on a special diet, eliminating the thermal and mechanical effects on the walls of the inflamed bowel.

    In addition to therapeutic nutrition pregnant women can be assigned adsorptive and normalizing microflora drugs, such as linex, smect and activated charcoal.

    Rapid and effective treatment of colitis at home: folk recipes ^

    Treatment of colitis of intestines: recipes.

    Treatment of acute colitis

    • 0.1 gr.mumie in a st.l.boiled warm water and take twice a day for an hour before meals;
    • 3 tbsp. Rinse the raspberry leaves, pour 0.5 liters of water, put on for 10 minutes on a weak fire and then insist the broth for about an hour. The resulting vitamin broth is consumed every day for 0.5 cup three times before meals.

    Treatment of chronic colitis

    • For two weeks on an empty stomach, use 50 ml of sea buckthorn oil;
    • Take equal parts of currant, hips and nettle. In a thermos pour 500 ml of boiling water, add 4 tbsp.collection and insist up to 5 hours. The obtained infusion is used at any time of the day for 150 ml;
    • Cabbage berries( st.l) put in a glass of boiling water and insist. In the tea, add honey and take 20 minutes before eating.

    Treatment of spastic colitis

    • Fennel fruits( 2 tsp) pour boiling water( 250 ml);
    • The mixture is placed on a water bath and allowed to warm for 30 minutes;
    • The resulting volume of fennel broth is divided into three doses and consumed throughout the day;
    • This treatment procedure lasts about 2 months.

    Treatment of catarrhal colitis

    • Ст.л.seeds of cumin poured boiling water in a volume of 200 ml and infused for 30 minutes.
    • The obtained cumin infusion is used 2 tbsp each.four times daily.

    Treatment of ulcerative colitis

    • Ст.л.herbal collection of camomile with St. John's Wort, pour 300 ml of boiling water and insist an hour. In herbal tea add honey and consume 150 ml twice a day;
    • Potato juice in bulk?take a glass every morning.

    Treatment of nonspecific colitis

    • Prepare a collection of fruits of fennel, peppermint, chamomile, caraway, St. John's wort, immortelle flowers, cassia holly and plantain;
    • 2 tbsp.of the prepared collection to pour boiling water in volume of 200 ml and to place on 15 minutes on a water bath;
    • Cool the broth and add another 200 ml of boiling water;
    • Take thrice before meals for 0.5 glasses.

    Treatment of pseudomembranous colitis

    • Rice decoction to drink on an empty stomach in the morning for 200 ml;
    • Ст.л.oak bark with chamomile insist in 250 ml of boiling water in a water bath for about 30 minutes. Cooled broth take half a cup twice a day.

    Treatment of colitis with propolis

    • On an empty stomach slowly chew 8 g.propolis;
    • 20% alcoholic tincture of propolis diluted in an amount of 30 drops in a glass of water or warm milk. Prepared mixture to take before meals for 40 minutes three times daily.

    Treatment of colitis with medicinal herbs

    • Grind dried leaves of plantain, eucalyptus, celandine shoots, alder cones and herbs of a thousand-thousandth;
    • Half a glass of collection, consisting of equal parts of medicinal plants, pour 500 ml of boiling water in a thermos for 10 hours;
    • Infusion use four times a day for half a glass.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to relieve and normalize the patient's condition in case of colitis. ^

    Colitis is only recognized in medical conditions with the help of anamnesis, marked painful symptoms, bacteriological examination of feces and other procedures.

    Most often, this disease is successfully treated without surgery with the help of complex therapy consisting of drugs and folk remedies.

    The appointment of a therapeutic diet for colitis has a direct help in alleviating the condition of the patient and normalizing the work of the intestine.

    Prevention of colitis disease:

    • Thoroughly wash food - berries, greens, fruits, vegetables;
    • Regularly observe the hygiene of the hands and mouth;
    • Timely start treatment of any infectious and parasitic intestinal diseases;
    • Observe a full and regular food regime.