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    Treatment of urticaria folk remedies: recipes.

    Urticaria, or urticaria, is one of the varieties of skin dermatitis that occurs as a result of exposure to an allergen or pathology from any internal organ.

    For treatment of neonatal rashes it is necessary to use complex therapy consisting of medicinal methods, traditional medicine and dietotherapy.

    What is urticaria: causes, symptoms, types ^

    Urticaria is a skin disease of exogenous( external factors) or endogenous( internal factors) of origin.

    Its appearance is accompanied by the following reasons:

    • Mechanical, chemical, temperature, physical, pharmacological contacts( pollen, insect bites, poisonous or burning plants, certain animals, water, low or high temperature, etc.);
    • Allergic food products - citrus, eggs, strawberries, seafood;
    • Disease of the liver, nervous system, stomach or intestines.

    For urticaria, the appearance of blisters or raspberry-red rashes on various places of the body is accompanied by swelling, redness, and itching.

    Clinically, the urticaria is divided into the following forms: acute, chronic, allergic, cholinergic, cold, solar, idiopathic, thermal, nervous, relapsing, dermografic, autoimmune and urticaria Quincke.

    Folk treatment of urticaria is considered one of the most effective recreational techniques, which has no significant contraindications. To eliminate this disease, the following folk remedies for the treatment of urticaria acquired special relevance:

    • Medicinal plants - thyme, oak bark, mint, lavender, yarrow, hop cones, string, calamus and other herbs;
    • Potatoes, honey, horseradish juice;
    • Oils - sea-buckthorn, lavender, tea tree and lemon balm.

    The drugs offered by folk medicine are used in the treatment of urticaria at home in the form of internal consumption of broths, preparation of compresses and inflammatory therapeutic baths.

    Treatment of urticaria in adults

    Therapeutic methods used to treat urticaria in an adult, consist of the appointment of antihistamine, corticosteroid, hormonal, antipruritic drugs and physiotherapy.

    In addition, numerous folk remedies, techniques and recipes that have an excellent effect on the disease, while strengthening the immune system, also have an invaluable additional benefit in the treatment of nettle fever.

    Treatment of urticaria in children

    Children are most often prone to acute urticaria, which is characterized by extensive swelling and severe itching. In addition, the child often has a fever.

    Therapy for childhood urticaria consists of cleansing the body, eliminating allergen, pharmacotherapy and diet.

    Home treatment for urticaria in toddlers consists of soothing, anti-inflammatory and itchy herbal baths.

    Treatment of urticaria in pregnant and lactating mothers

    Nettle rashes have a very negative effect on the condition of a future or nursing mother. During this period, they experience severe skin itching, which causes increased irritability and insomnia.

    To eliminate the disease during pregnancy or feeding, it is necessary to use caution with pharmacological drugs.

    However, the most safe way is to treat urticaria with home remedies, consisting of certain folk recipes that relieve painful symptoms and further significantly speed up the healing process.

    In addition to traditional medicine, during this period it is important to adhere to a special diet consisting of natural healthy products.

    Treatment of urticaria at home: folk recipes ^

    Home recipes for the treatment of urticaria.

    Treatment for acute urticaria

    • 50 gr.nettle pour 500 ml of water, cook for three minutes, insist an hour and strain. Dampen the tissue in a decoction and apply to the seats repeatedly every day;
    • Roots of raspberries pour water( 50 grams into two glasses), boil for 15 minutes and insist for an hour. A strained raspberry broth is taken six times a day for 100 ml.

    Treatment of chronic urticaria

    • Equal parts of St. John's wort, succession, celandine, sage, valerian and chamomile mix, take 5 tablespoons.mix and boil them in a liter of water for 10 minutes.
    • Boiled broth to insist 40 minutes, then strain and add to the bath.
    • The duration of taking a daily bath is 15 minutes.

    Treatment of allergic urticaria

    • Roots of ayr marsh crushed into powder and take half a small spoon twice each day;
    • Wipe the place of the rash with herb oil.

    Treatment of cholinergic urticaria

    • Prepare a strong broth from the turn with chamomile, moisten the tissue in it and apply to the rashes;
    • Soaked in soda solution( st.l. of soda per glass), cloth or gauze is applied to the sore spot for 5-10 minutes.

    Treatment of cold urticaria

    • Slightly preheated with olive oil abundantly lubricate the lesion;
    • St. John's wort with rosehip( leaves) in a volume of 5 tbsp.l pour two liters of boiling water for three hours. The resulting infusion can be used to take a bath or as a ten-minute lotion.

    Treatment of idiopathic urticaria

    • 250 gr.oak bark chop, pour water in the amount of 2 liters and boil for 20 minutes. Then strain the oak broth with warm water, prepared for the bath, and take it up to 15 minutes;
    • Fresh celery juice before meals on st.l.not less than four times a day.

    Treatment of nervous urticaria

    • Mix the tincture of hawthorn and valerian, thirty drops to drip in 30 ml of water and drink before going to bed;
    • Insist for an hour in 250 ml of boiling water two tablespoons.mint. Mint infusion take three times a day for 50 ml. In addition, it can be used as a lotion on the rash.

    Treatment of recurrent urticaria

    • Melissa, roots of valerian and hop cones mixed, take st.l.mixture, pour it for an hour with a glass of boiling water and then drain the infusion. Use it every day three times a half a cup;
    • Raw potatoes to wipe and with the help of gauze to fix it on a sore spot for half an hour.

    Treatment of urticaria Quincke

    • 50 gr.chamomile pour a small amount of boiling water and cook until a homogenous mushy mass.
    • Then put a warm chamomile mixture on a piece of gauze, wrap it and apply it to the nettle rashes.

    Treatment of urticaria with medicinal herbs

    • Prepare a collection of 10 gr.tansy with St. John's wort, 5 gr.mint and 20 gr.immortelle. Then two tablespoons.herbs pour boiling water with a volume of 300 ml per hour. Filtered infusion use three times a day for 150 ml;
    • Art.l. Yarrow put in a glass and pour it with boiling water for 40 minutes. The way of applying the infusion is inside 100 ml before meals three times each day.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to avoid urticaria ^

    To avoid recurrence of the disease, the following preventive recommendations should be followed:

    • When establishing an allergen, exclude its re-exposure;
    • Timely start treatment of diseases of the liver, stomach, intestines;
    • Strengthen the nervous system;
    • Protect the body from overheating, ultraviolet and supercooling;
    • Use caution with household chemicals.