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    Knee joint home treatment: folk remedies

    Knee joint is the largest in the worldhuman body. Despite the fact that he has a heavy load, he is very vulnerable.

    According to medical statistics, about 30% of all ailments of the musculoskeletal system are knee diseases.

    Diseases of the knee joint: symptoms, causes, types ^

    Diseases of the knee joint are pathologies of a different nature, differing from each other by causes, signs and other peculiarities. Combining all these diseases is that they significantly reduce the mobility of the knee, accompanied by severe pain and can make a person disabled.

    The most common causes of knee joint disease include:

    • inflammation resulting from infection or other causes;
    • metabolic disorders in articular tissues, cartilage wear, i.e., dystrophic lesions;
    • getting injured.

    General symptoms of knee diseases include prolonged and severe pain, which increases with joint strain, difficulty walking, swelling. Depending on the cause of the disease, the following signs of the disease are distinguished:

    • If the knee joint disease is caused by inflammation, the edema appears most often. In addition, the body temperature rises, other symptoms develop, characteristic of inflammation.
    • A group of ailments caused by a dystrophic lesion most often progresses slowly. As a rule, the symptoms grow with time, there are exacerbations and remissions.
    • Knee injury causes swelling, sharp pain, bruising. In the joint, there is numbness, weakness and tingling, blue skin is observed.

    The following diseases of the knee joint are most common:

    • arthritis( inflammation of one or more joints);
    • arthrosis( aging of cartilaginous tissue);
    • synovitis( accumulation of fluid in the joint bag as a result of inflammation of the synovial membrane);
    • bursitis( inflammation of the bursa and accumulation of exudate therein);
    • of Baker's cyst( inflammatory processes in popliteal cavity accompanied by tumor formation);
    • osteophyte( bone formation in the knee);
    • sprain of ligaments;
    • meniscus damage.

    Treatment of the knee joint folk remedies: home remedies ^

    Knee joint folk medicine: home remedies

    Home treatment of the knee joint is possible only if it is correctly combined with traditional therapy. In addition, any drugs or folk remedies can be used only after consulting a specialist.

    Treatment of knee arthritis

    To get rid of the disease, you need to prepare an effective decoction from the bay leaf.

    • It is necessary to buy a pack of bay leaves in the store. Half the contents of the packet are placed in a saucepan and pour 300 ml of hot water.
    • Hold on low heat for 5 more minutes, then wrap the container with a towel and insist for 3 hours, filter using gauze.
    • Taking the drug is recommended immediately before bedtime.
    • It is advisable to prepare a fresh drink daily for 3 consecutive days. After a week break, you need to repeat the course.

    Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

    • It is necessary to remove the husks from two large bulbs, then wash it and crush it thoroughly.
    • After that, put the husks and whole bulbs in a bowl, pour 1 liter of hot water and boil until the onion starts to boil.
    • A filtered drink to take one glass before meals three times a day.
    • The duration of drug intake is 7 days.

    Treatment of synovitis of the knee

    Rye broth is considered an excellent folk remedy, helping to get rid of the disease.

    • To make it, you need to fill half a glass of rye and pour the raw material into 1 liter of hot water.
    • Boil for 15 minutes, then cool and hold through gauze.
    • To the liquid, add honey( 0.5 kg), vodka( 250 ml) and crushed barberry root( 2 tsp).
    • All components should be mixed thoroughly and insisted in a dark place for 21 days.
    • Take 3 tablespoons of medication three times a day for half an hour before meals.

    Treatment of sprain of knee joints

    To improve the patient's well-being after stretching the ligaments, simple potatoes will help.

    • A couple of potatoes should be peeled and grated on a fine grater.
    • The resulting gruel should be heated in a water bath.
    • A mixture of room temperature is recommended to be applied to the affected area, wrapped on top with polyethylene and elastic bandage.
    • It is advisable to repeat the procedure daily for 7 days.

    Treatment of bursitis of the knee joint

    It is possible to significantly alleviate the condition and reduce pain in bursitis of the knee joint when using Kalanchoe.

    • To begin with, you need to put a few leaves of the plant in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
    • The juice should be squeezed out of the leaves in a day, which later will be used for compresses.
    • Moisten a piece of gauze or cotton swab in the healing fluid and attach to the affected area.
    • The first days of the disease you need to change the compress 5 times a day, then just put it only at night.

    Treatment for the knee joint meniscus

    • It is necessary to purchase a medical bile in the pharmacy.
    • A small amount of it should be heated in a water bath and attached to a sore spot.
    • On top of the knee you need to wrap it with cellophane and tie a warm shawl.
    • Daily it is necessary to repeat the procedure for 10 consecutive days. The repeated course of treatment can be carried out only after a 5-day break.

    Treatment of Baker's Knee Joint

    With a Baker cyst, celandine successfully fights.

    • Grind the celandine grass to make two tablespoons.
    • Raw material pour half a glass of hot water, close the container and wait 20 minutes.
    • Pull the steamed grass, distribute it evenly on a piece of gauze and apply to the popliteal area.
    • Keep compress for at least two hours. It is desirable to perform the procedure every day.

    Treatment of knee osteophyte

    It is useful to make foot baths with Jerusalem artichoke before bedtime.

    • You should pour a half kilogram of ground Jerusalem artichoke leaves 8 liters of boiling water, cool a little and strain.
    • It is recommended to lower the leg into the broth so that the water covers the knee.
    • The procedure lasts 20 minutes.
    • If you do a bath every day for 10 days, then the osteophytes will decrease in size.

    Treatment of the knee joint salt

    • It is necessary to take ordinary or sea salt and dissolve 100 grams in a liter of water. The temperature of the water should not exceed the body temperature.
    • In the resulting solution, you need to moisten the gauze pre-folded into several layers.
    • Wrap the patient knee and fix the compress with polyethylene and a handkerchief. Hold 8 hours.

    Treatment of knee joints with herbs

    Herbal treatment is successfully used to treat most diseases of the knee joint. A universal remedy is a decoction from leaves of nettle, birch, calendula flowers and willow bark.

    • All components, taken in equal amounts, must be crushed and mixed, and a tablespoon of herbal extract should be brewed with 400 ml of hot water.
    • Infuse overnight, then strain through a sieve.
    • Drink 100 ml 4 times a day.
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    Prophylaxis and useful advice on how to maintain the health of the knee joint ^

    By following simple recommendations, knee joint diseases can be avoided. First of all, you need to organize proper nutrition. It is important to observe an abundant drinking regimen and drink at least 1.5 liters of plain water a day. The diet should include food containing animal and vegetable protein, unsaturated fats and vitamin E.

    Products that contribute to the restoration of cartilage and are easily digested include:

    • fatty fish and meat;
    • cream and vegetable oil;
    • lentils and kidney beans;
    • buckwheat groats;
    • milk and nuts.

    Other preventive measures include:

    • no excessive physical exertion;
    • warm-up before performing exercises;
    • rejection of unstable shoes with very high heels;
    • weight control;
    • performance of gymnastics, which helps to strengthen the knee joint;
    • reception of vitamins;
    • is an active lifestyle.