• Treatment of tuberculosis with folk remedies

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    Folk antituberculous remedies: home prescriptions

    The use of folk recipes for tuberculosis treatment has been relevant sinceancient times. Unfortunately, it was not possible to completely cure the disease until anti-tuberculosis drugs were introduced into medical practice.

    Nevertheless, the experience of treatment at home will be very useful, because with the help of folk remedies it is possible to increase immunity and reduce intoxication, which inevitably develops in case of tuberculosis.

    What is pulmonary tuberculosis: symptoms, causes ^

    Tuberculosis is a chronic infectious disease that causes Koch's wand. The carrier of a dangerous infection is the infected person. In the last 20 years, severe cases of the disease are common. This is due to the fact that the disease has adapted to antibiotics, its new forms have appeared.

    Types of tuberculosis:

    • Focal or infiltrative form is characterized by the formation of a foci of the disease, which can have different sizes.
    • Disseminated form is characterized by the appearance of a large number of foci of the disease.

    The main cause of the development of the disease is the penetration into the human body of the bacterium-invader of tuberculosis. Infection occurs as a result of communication with the patient. A person with an open form of tuberculosis transmits the infection respiratory.

    Infection can also be transmitted by an alimentary or contact method. In the first case, the Koch's stick enters the gastrointestinal tract, in the second case it penetrates into the human body through damage to the skin.

    The causes of the development of the disease are also:

    • environmental pollution;
    • bad habits, namely drug addiction, alcoholism and smoking;
    • poor living conditions, defective diet, nervous overexertion;
    • diseases: diabetes mellitus, peptic ulcer disease, lung pathology;
    • decreased immunity.

    Symptoms of tuberculosis are characterized by general intoxication of the body and are manifested because the products of the development of the inflammatory process enter the blood. The main symptoms of the disease include:

    • poor state of health;
    • weakness and drowsiness;
    • headaches and dizziness;
    • lack of appetite, sleep disorders, hence, weight loss;
    • intense sweating;
    • increase in temperature to 37-37.5 degrees.

    These symptoms appear at the initial stage of the disease. Then the disease turns into a heavier form with such characteristic symptoms as coughing, chest pain, bleeding together with sputum.

    Tuberculosis in children occurs with complications, in view of the fact that their immunity is much lower than in adults. Anti-tuberculosis treatment of children consists of intensive therapy, during which the pathogens are destroyed, and in supporting treatment.

    Treatment of tuberculosis at home without visiting a specialist is impossible, because this disease is very dangerous and can even threaten human life. However, the national treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis, combined with medication, can be very effective.

    Treatment of tuberculosis with folk remedies: home remedies ^

    Antituberculous folk recipes: treatment at home

    Treatment of infiltrative tuberculosis

    The infiltrative form of the disease is also called focal. Treatment of focal tuberculosis is carried out by a specialist who prescribes a comprehensive method. Medicamental therapy can be successfully supplemented with folk remedies. However, it should be noted that it is strictly forbidden to completely replace medicines with traditional medicine.

    For the treatment of infiltrates in tuberculosis, it is recommended to prepare a mixture of honey and plantain leaves:

    • To make it, you need to make a slurry of fresh leaves of plantain and place it in a glass jar.
    • Top layer of honey, then gruel and alternate the layers until the pot is filled to the end.
    • After that, the can should be closed with a lid and buried in the ground for 3 months.
    • After this time, it should be excavated, and the syrup that turned out, strain and boil in a water bath.
    • Take a tablespoon 30 minutes before meals.

    Treatment of disseminated tuberculosis

    Traditional medicine recommends using the following medicinal mixture:

    • It is necessary to take 100 ml of aloe juice and 100 g of butter, pork fat and 2 tablespoons of cocoa.
    • Fat and butter should be melted on low heat, then add the remaining ingredients to the prepared mixture.
    • Take a tablespoon of the remedy 30 minutes before meals.

    Treatment for tuberculosis by a bear

    The benefit of a bear is that the leukocytes from its blood are capable of killing viruses.

    Take powder from dried bears is recommended in two stages.

    • The first stage - after 3 days of consumption of the powder there will be a noticeable increase in weight and better immunity. After that, an expectorant cough will appear.
    • The second stage of treatment is carried out after 3 months both for disease prevention and for final recovery.

    Treatment of tuberculosis with propolis

    Propolis is also an excellent tool for the treatment of tuberculosis. Take this drug can be in the form of alcohol tincture:

    • 15 drops of tincture should be diluted in ΒΌ cup of milk.
    • It should be taken 2 times a day for three weeks.

    An alcoholic tincture of propolis is prepared in this way:

    • It is necessary to take 2 tablespoons of ground propolis and pour it with 10 spoons of vodka.
    • After mixing and put to infuse into a dark place, after 10 days drain.

    Treatment of tuberculosis by badger fat

    Badger fat is very useful for tuberculosis due to the fact that the useful substances in it are rapidly absorbed into the blood and improve metabolism, increase immunity, help the body fight infection.

    Badger fat is sold in pharmacies in the form of biologically active additives. To fight tuberculosis it is often mixed with melted honey. Take this remedy for 2 weeks 30 minutes before eating.

    Treatment of tuberculosis with a wax moth

    The drug from wax moth larvae is also very effective. The product is rich in magnesium, zinc and other useful substances. Tincture of wax moths can destroy the shell of Koch's wand.

    Preparation of the wax moth is easy:

    • You need to pour 5 g of larvae 50 g of alcohol and insist 7 days.
    • This extract is recommended to take twice a day for 20 drops.

    Treatment of tuberculosis with garlic

    • The head of garlic needs to be ground and consumed between meals. The amount of garlic eaten per day should be gradually increased to 3-5 heads.
    • You can use garlic for treatment by wrapping it in paper and breathing in its fumes. The course of treatment lasts 3 months.

    Treating tuberculosis with horseradish

    • The root of the horseradish should be grated and poured into a three-liter can, completely filling it.
    • In the jar you need to add whey from cow's milk.
    • It is recommended that the can is closed with a lid and placed in a warm place. Insist 4 days.
    • You need to consume the medicine three times a day half an hour before meals in the amount of half a glass.

    Treatment of tuberculosis with herbs

    Herbal treatment can be performed with the help of dry herb St. John's Wort:

    • It is necessary to take 100 g of grass and pour 2-3 cups of boiling water.
    • Boil for 30 minutes, then infuse for an hour.
    • The resulting broth should be filtered and add to it half a kilogram of aloe paste and the same amount of honey, dry white wine.
    • Place in the refrigerator and press for 10 days.
    • The prepared herbal remedy should be eaten on a tablespoon every hour for 5 days. The next 25 days you need to drink every 3 hours.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to protect yourself from tuberculosis ^

    There are various ways to prevent tuberculosis, which help prevent the development of the disease in both children and adults.

    Prevention of pediatric tuberculosis:

    • Vaccination. The first vaccination is done on the 5th-6th birthday of the baby. It is allowed to administer the vaccine only to a fully healthy baby.
    • Additional vaccination at 7, 14 and 17 years of age. Before the vaccination, a sample is made that shows if the child is infected with tuberculosis.

    Prevention of tuberculosis in adults:

    • Compliance with personal hygiene.
    • Regular passage of the fluorographic examination. It must be done once a year. Do not be afraid of radiation during fluorography, as it is insignificant.
    • Active lifestyle, exercise and exercise.
    • Proper nutrition. The diet of a healthy person should be rich in vitamins and other useful elements.
    • Alcohol and smoking should be discarded, since such harmful habits are often followed by a disease of tuberculosis.