• Treatment of headache with folk remedies

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    Home remedies: tips and recipes.

    Headache indicates certain abnormalities in the human body and can cause a lot of inconvenience.

    With rare pains caused by overwork, stress or other factors, safe and effective folk remedies come to the rescue. However, if the pain is strong and regular, it is advisable to consult a specialist for diagnosing the cause.

    Headache: Causes, Symptoms, Types ^

    Headache is a nonspecific sign that indicates pathological changes in the body or the presence of certain diseases.

    Its main symptom is a weak, strong, dull, squeezing or pulsating pain that locates in the entire brain area or in individual places - temples, forehead, crown, occiput or eyes.

    This symptom can manifest itself as a result of the following reasons:

    • Colds, cardiovascular, infectious diseases;
    • Meteoconditions, sleep disorders, stressful situations;
    • Alcohol, smoking;
    • Diseases of the brain, craniocerebral trauma;
    • Rheumatism, sinusitis.

    Headache, depending on the etiology and localization, is classified into the following types: vascular, cluster, tension pain, liquorodynamic, neuralgic, hallucinatory, temporal, occipital, cervical, primary, secondary and chronic.

    Folk treatment of headache consists of a variety of means, recipes and procedures that not only can relieve pain without the use of analgesics, but also affect the causes that caused them. For the use of such ancient techniques as cold compresses, baths, medicinal broths, rubbing the area of ​​the temples and forehead, the following simple folk remedies for headache are used:

    • Medicinal herbs - valerian, oregano, mint, sage, rosemary, chamomile, calendula and so on;
    • Essential oils - lemon, rosemary, lavender, menthol, mint;
    • Balm "Asterisk";
    • Fresh cabbage, potatoes;Propylene,
    • ; honey;
    • Berries - cowberry, raspberry, currant, viburnum;
    • Mummy.

    Treatment of headache in children

    Children often complain of headaches. This symptom can be caused by various reasons - from a common cold to the most serious ailments.

    Before proceeding directly to treatment, it is necessary to identify the cause of the pain.

    Treating a headache with home remedies can bring significant relief to a child's condition. To do this, you can rub the area of ​​the temples and forehead with menthol oil and prepare a calming herbal tea from chamomile with oregano.

    Treatment of headache in adolescents

    Teenage headaches can result from diseases, lifestyle, diet, weather or hormonal changes.

    Home treatment for a headache, depending on the reasons, can provide basic or additional help.

    In rare cases of pain due to overexertion, poor sleep or stress, folk medicine suggests fighting it with calming herbal teas with honey.

    However, if the pains are caused by illness, medical care is needed.

    Treatment of headache in pregnant and lactating mothers

    Headaches during pregnancy and during the period of feeding are quite common. The use of analgesics or antispasmodics in this case is extremely undesirable, since they are capable of negatively affecting the health of the baby. The use of certain medicinal herbs is also prohibited.

    For future and lactating mothers, cold compresses on the head area, aromatherapy or acupressure can relieve the pain. In addition, it is desirable to provide yourself with a balanced diet, fresh air and full sleep.

    Treatment of headache at home: folk recipes ^

    Folk remedies: tips and recipes.

    Treatment of chronic headache

    • Collect equal portions of laurel cherry, eucalyptus, lemon balm, camphor oil, chop, mix and fill a small pillow with this mixture. During bouts of pain, apply it to the head.
    • Squeeze juice from potatoes( 150 ml) and take three meals before meals during the day.

    Treatment of headache in the nape of the nape

    • Stir the berries of the viburnum with the grains, squeeze out the juice from them and take three tablespoons each day three times before meals.
    • Leaves cabbage to the forehead with the back of the head, and then fasten and hold for about an hour.

    Treatment of temporal headache

    • Cotton wool soaked in any oil - menthol, lavender or mint, lubricate them with whiskey, forehead and the back of the head.
    • Cut along the aloe leaf, attach to the temples and retire to a dark, quiet place for 30 minutes.

    Treatment of headache with cervical osteochondrosis

    • Prepare an infusion of a glass of boiling water and st.l.collection of thyme, sweet clover, hips, melissa, plantain and use for two meals during the day.
    • Assemble pine needles, fir, pine, then in an amount of 10 tbsp.boil in three liters of water, add it to the water in the bath and take it for 20 minutes.

    Treatment of vascular headache

    • St. John's wort St. John's wort pour for 15 minutes with boiling water( st.l. for 250 ml), then strain and take 1/3 cup three times during the day.
    • Ст.л.mother-and-stepmother insist 30 minutes in a glass of boiling water, take three tablespoons each.before meals six times daily.

    Treatment of cluster headache

    • Add one liter of cold water to a liter of cold water.vinegar apple, then in a solution to wet gauze and attach to the forehead.
    • Pour in 15 minutes for 30 minutes. Melissa with a glass of boiling water, strain and take a decoction of half a glass twice a day.

    Treatment of headache with sinusitis

    • In 100 ml of water, dilute 5 drops of lavender, three drops of chamomile, two drops of lemon oil, then soak it with gauze and attach to the head.
    • Before going to bed, do ten-minute inhalations with herbal decoction - tsp.chamomile with calendula on 700 ml of boiled water.

    Treatment of headache with

    • . Grass is broken, washed, applied to the scalp, bandaged and held for a couple of hours.
    • Fresh cucumber cut into rings and attach to the eyes.

    Treatment of headache with monthly

    • Before taking a bath, add to the water not more than 10 drops of lemon or lavender oil.
    • Prepare a decoction of rose hips with chamomile, add a little honey and use it instead of tea throughout the day.

    Treatment of headache with climacterium

    • Ст.л.Sage pour 500 ml of boiling water, put for a couple of minutes on the fire, then insist for an hour. This broth is taken in place of tea during the day.
    • Kalina mash, combine with honey and take during the day on st.l.not more than 4 times.
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    Prevention and helpful advice on how to prevent headaches. ^

    When starting headaches, the following tips are very helpful:

    • Prepare chamomile tea with honey;
    • Provide yourself with complete peace - secluded in a place isolated from the noise and bright light, lie on the bed;
    • Apply cold compress to the head;
    • Apply acupressure to the temporal area.

    Preventive measures to prevent the emergence of headaches include:

    • Competent distribution of work and leisure;
    • Quitting smoking with alcohol;
    • Application of sedative and calming agents of plant origin with strong feelings, stresses or strains;
    • Regular stay in the fresh air.