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    Home treatment for migraine: tips and recipes.

    One type of headache is migraine, which most often occurs in young girls and women.

    For its treatment, complex measures are required, which include:

    • Medical therapy;
    • Popular techniques;
    • Massage;
    • Prevention of external factors.

    What is migraine: causes, symptoms, types ^

    Migraine is a neurological disease characterized by the following symptoms:

    • Intensive and painful, throbbing or episodic pain in one or two halves of the head, in the temporal region and eyeballs;
    • Nausea, vomiting;
    • Acute intolerance to loud noise with bright light;
    • Drowsiness, weakness.

    Migraine attacks can provoke an aura, or, in other words, neurological symptoms - motor, visual, sensitive, auditory or vestibular.

    The main factors causing migraine are:

    • Hormonal adjustment;
    • Genetic predisposition;
    • Weather conditions, climate change;
    • Physical or nervous strain, lack of sleep, severe stress;
    • Bright light, sharp smells, strong noise;
    • Disorders of the CNS or blood supply to the brain as a result of narrowing of the vessels.

    Migraine is classified into the following forms - classical or with aura, ordinary( without aura), ophthalmic, cervical, abdominal, hemiplegic, retinal and basilar.

    Traditional treatment of migraine offers to combat seizures through the use of medicinal infusions, decoctions, teas and the use of trays with compresses. For this unofficial medicine the folk remedies for migraine are widely used:

    • Berries - viburnum, raspberry, currant;
    • Honey, milk, garlic, cabbage;
    • Medicinal herbs - mother-and-stepmother, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, linden, oregano, mint, valerian, etc.

    Treatment of migraine in women

    Attacks in women can be provoked by hormonal changes - menstrual cycles, pregnancy or age-related menopause.

    Complex treatment of headache consists of fighting migraine attacks and reducing the incidence of migraine.

    In addition to medical intervention, it is recommended to additionally apply home treatment for migraine, consisting of compresses, decoctions, baths, yoga, massage and stay in the open air.

    Treatment of migraine in children

    The medical treatment of migraine attacks, common to adults and children, is very different. Adults analgesic drugs can not be used in childhood.

    Home-based therapy can help to get rid of painful attacks as follows:

    • A quiet, darkened place and comfortable bed are organized for the child;
    • Cold compress is applied to the head area;
    • A sweet drink is prepared for the child. It is best to do this with milk with honey, kalinovy ​​or currant juice or sweet tea with lemon.
    • If after that the pain does not subside, you can give the child paracetamol, the dose of which depends on age.

    Treatment of migraine in pregnant women

    As in childhood, pregnancy and migraine can not be resorted to with a multitude of pain medications. Therefore, in most cases only the following methods are applicable:

    • Performing light physical exercises, swimming;
    • Head massage;
    • Regular walks on fresh air;
    • Application of cold compresses;
    • Contrast warm shower;
    • Use of broths of lemon balm, rose hips or chamomile in a small amount.

    Treatment of migraine at home: folk recipes ^

    Folk migraine treatment: homemade recipes.

    Treatment of chronic migraine

    • Ст.л.of the cornelian fruit boil in 200 ml of water for a minute, after which give 30 minutes to brew and take instead of tea.
    • Two tbsp. Dried chamomile for 20 minutes in a half-liter of boiling water, then use in a warm form for 1/3 cup four times daily.

    Treatment of migraine with aura

    • Half a cup of viburnum pour 500 ml of boiling water, let it brew, then drain, add honey and drink instead of tea.
    • Dampen the towel in ice water, squeeze and apply to the forehead area.

    Treatment of migraine attack

    • Ст.л.flowers of clover to fall asleep in a glass of boiling water, after 40 minutes strain and take 80 ml three times a day.
    • For 20 minutes, pour 200 ml of boiling water st.l.oregano, then use the infusion during the day.

    Treatment of cervical migraine

    • Ст.л.herb St. John's wort, pour 200 ml of water, place for three minutes on the fire, then let it brew. The broth is consumed during the day to 50 ml.
    • Lower the head under a warm( or cold, if desired) contrast shower, then perform massage movements on the occiput and neck.

    Treatment of ocular( ophthalmologic) migraine

    • Prepare a strong broth from oregano with melissa, add a couple drops of lavender oil, then moisten the towel in it and put on the head for 30 minutes.
    • This same broth is useful for washing your head when you have pain.

    Treatment of abdominal migraine

    • Prepare a collection of oregano, raspberry fruit, linden flowers, and coltsfoot. For two cups of boiling water take three tablespoons.collect, insist them for about an hour and take half the broth in the morning and evening.
    • For ¼ cup of juice, squeezed out of blackcurrant, eat three times a day.

    Treatment of basilar migraine

    • In case of painful attacks take cabbage leaves or burdock leaves, attach to the head for half an hour.
    • Prepare the broth( 2 tablespoons per 300 ml of boiling water) from the hips, psyllium, psyllium, oregano and take it ½ cup before meals every day.

    Treatment of hemiplegic migraine

    • Mix the following components - two parts of linden, two parts of raspberries and part of the roots of valerian.
    • 3 tbsp. Collect the resulting collection of two cups of boiling water for an hour.
    • Take medication infusion should be throughout the day for ½ cup four times.

    Treatment of migraine with apple cider vinegar

    • Dilute two glasses of apple cider vinegar in four glasses of water and put on fire. After the appearance of steam, it is necessary to tilt the head and inhale it for several minutes.
    • Ч.л.fresh honey to combine with 1 tsp.apple cider vinegar and eat during a meal.

    Treatment of migraine with herbs

    • Prepare collection - lemon balm, immortelle, birch leaves, marshmallow, valerian, labaznik.
    • Collection should be ground into powder, take 50 gr.mixture and pour 500 ml of boiling water for three hours.
    • The broth should be taken after meals three times a day for a half cup.
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    Prevention and helpful advice on how to prevent migraine attacks ^

    With strong migraine attacks, first aid can be provided at home. For this, the patient needs to use an analgesic, take a horizontal position, provide himself with a noiseless dark place and a cold compress on the forehead.

    Preventative measures against headaches include lifestyle adjustments as follows:

    • Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, quit smoking;
    • Regularly resort to light aerobic exercise;
    • Maintain a timely and balanced diet;
    • Avoiding disease-provoking factors - stress, overwork, unhealthy sleep, etc.
    • Regularly spend free time in the fresh air.