• Treatment of a spinal hernia with folk remedies

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    Home treatment for spinal hernia: folk recipes

    Vertebral hernia or,as it is also called, extrusion is one of the most common complications of osteochondrosis.

    In case the patient does not wish to have surgery, traditional medicine may be very effective in conjunction with traditional drug therapy.

    What is the intervertebral hernia: symptoms, causes, types ^

    The intervertebral hernia is a displacement of the nucleus of the disc, characterized by rupture of the fibrous ring. As a result, part of the ruptured disc protrudes and, by affecting the nerve, causes very severe pain.

    Depending on the place of rupture of the fibrous ring, the following types of hernia of the spine are distinguished:

    • Herniated and lumbosacral hernia. Hernia of the cervical region. Hernia hernia.

    The main reasons for the development of degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs are:

    • Age changes. With age, the blood flow in the tissues worsens, and little useful substances enter the vertebral discs. Because of this, the tissues lose their strength and elasticity, and the pulpous core penetrates through the fibers of the fibrous ring.
    • Genetic predisposition. As you know, the genes are responsible for the synthesis of connective tissue. If one of the parents had a hernia, it is possible that the child will also suffer from this ailment.
    • Problems with synthesis of connective tissues, metabolic disorders.
    • Hypodinamy, wearing uncomfortable shoes or flat feet. If a person has a sedentary job, but at the same time he ignores sports, he is at risk, because most of the load during sitting falls on the intervertebral discs.
    • Excessive physical activity. Strong pressure on the discs helps to delaminate the fibrous ring.
    • Getting injured.
    • Infectious diseases.
    • Incorrect posture.
    • Overweight, unbalanced diet, insufficient fluid intake.
    • Smoking. This harmful habit contributes to a disruption in the nutrition of the fibrous rings.

    Treatment of a spinal hernia without an operation is possible, most importantly - in time to notice the first signs of the disease and see a doctor. Otherwise, without an intervention, it will be difficult to do. Development of the intervertebral hernia is characterized by the following symptoms:

    • Acute back pain that occurs during sleep or in case of uncomfortable position at the table.
    • The lack of sensitivity of the limbs, the appearance of "goose bumps" on the skin of the back.
    • Paralysis of limbs, limited movement of the affected spine.
    • Dizziness, increased blood pressure.
    • Increased pain during coughing or sneezing.

    To avoid serious complications, you must get rid of extrusion. In addition to surgery, there are other methods for solving the problem: treatment of intervertebral hernia at home with the help of folk recipes, as well as the use of medications.

    Carry out self-treatment of such a serious ailment as a hernia is strictly prohibited. Therapy should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

    Treatment of a spinal hernia folk remedies: home remedies ^

    Folk treatment of intervertebral hernia: home prescriptions and remedies

    Herniated lumbar spine: treatment

    • Through the meat grinder you need to spend 300 g of garlic, pour 200 ml of vodka.
    • It is recommended to put the mixture in a dark place and insist for 10 days.
    • In the tincture, moisten the tissue and apply it to the sore spot, fixing it with polyethylene and a warm kerchief.
    • After an hour, remove the compress and pat dry skin with a dry cloth.
    • Follow the procedure every other day for a week. If the symptoms do not subside, the course can be repeated.

    Treatment of a hernia of the lumbosacral spine

    To ease the pain, you can prepare a curative decoction of rose hips, lime and chamomile, which should be taken in equal proportions.

    • A teaspoon of herbal mixture should be brewed with a glass of hot water, insist 20 minutes, cool and filter through gauze.
    • Drink a drink three times a day for a third of the glass before eating.
    • The drug is recommended to be taken within two weeks.

    Hernia of the cervical spine: treatment of

    Cervical extrusion can be cured with Kalanchoe.

    • On one side of the plant leaf, it is necessary to remove the film, apply the plant to a sore spot, fix it with a plaster and cloth.
    • Put such a compress you need every day before going to bed and leave it until the morning.
    • Repeat the procedure daily until the hernia dissolves.

    Hernia of the thoracic spine: treatment with

    Treating ointment from the root of comfrey( 500 g), pine resin( 600 g), pork fat( 300 g), it is necessary to rub the affected area.

    • Comfrey should be carried through a meat grinder and add the gruel to the low-fat pig fat. Cook for 40 minutes.
    • In the mixture it is necessary to add the melted gum and to simmer on low heat for another 10 minutes.
    • When the ointment is cold, she should rub her back twice a day.
    • Carry out rubbing for one month.

    Treatment of intervertebral hernia leech

    Hirudotherapy allows you to heal a patient from chronic hernias. This procedure has a positive effect due to the fact that leeches release biologically active substances that contribute to the resorption of fragments of the affected disc.

    Thanks to secreted enzymes, blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues improve, inflammation decreases, the immune system rises. The course of therapy consists of ten procedures that need to be done at intervals of three days.

    Treatment of the intervertebral hernia with horse fat

    It is recommended to warm the compress from the horse fat.

    • Horse fat should be cut into thin slices, attached to the affected area, fixed with polyethylene and tied with a woolen shawl.
    • Keep compress for at least 24 hours.
    • Horse fat can be replaced with a dog or badger.
    • Pain sensations will decrease after 3-4 hours. To put a compress you need 10 days in a row.

    Treatment of intervertebral hernia with honey

    The combination of such ingredients as honey and mummies, according to reviews, is quite effective.

    • First, the back should be grinded with fir oil, then apply the previously prepared mixture of mummy( 1 g), honey( 100 g) and water( 1 tsp) to the skin at the site of the intervertebral hernia.
    • The prepared composition should be carefully rubbed into the skin for 7 to 8 minutes. After that, it is desirable to wrap the back.
    • Carry out rubbing daily until complete recovery.

    Treatment of intervertebral hernia with clay

    Red clay, slightly moistened in water, is an excellent tool that will help get rid of the disease.

    • It is necessary to make a small cake and wrap it in gauze, then warm it up so that its temperature does not exceed 37 - 38 degrees.
    • The cake should be applied to the place of extrusion formation, fixed with polyethylene and cloth.
    • When the clay dries, it can be removed from the back.

    Treatment of intervertebral hernia with herbs

    Herbal medicine has always been used to successfully treat spine diseases. It is recommended to prepare a medicinal tincture from sabelnik and elecampane, which will need to be used for grinding.

    • Take root sabelnik and elecampane, grass sweet clover( 100 grams), seeds of steppe hemlock( 150 g each).
    • The herbal mixture must be poured with vodka( 1 liter) and infused for 21 days.
    • The medicine should be rubbed into the affected area of ​​the back twice a day, after rubbing it is recommended to lubricate the skin with an anti-inflammatory ointment.
    • To rub each day until the hernia is completely resorbed.

    Physiotherapy with spinal hernia

    Medical gymnastics will help to speed up recovery and significantly improve the patient's well-being. The complex consists of three simple exercises:

    • It is necessary to lie on your back and bend your knees. First you need to turn your knees to the right and stay for a couple of seconds, then left. Perform 10 repetitions in both directions.
    • Should lie on its side and perform the foot, which is on top, horizontal flies. Repeat the same on the other side. The number of repetitions is 10 for each leg.
    • You have to get on all fours. On exhalation, you should bend your back up, then down. This exercise is also called "cat-dog".
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to protect yourself from the appearance of intervertebral hernias ^

    To improve the mobility of the spine and protect yourself from extrusion, it is advisable to follow simple recommendations, namely:

    • to strengthen the muscular corset and the press, performing simple exercises;
    • follow the posture;
    • to refuse soft beds, it is advisable to purchase an orthopedic mattress;
    • to control weight;
    • to eat right to speed up metabolic processes;
    • lead an active lifestyle, move a lot, walk in the fresh air;
    • to go in for sports;
    • to abandon bad habits;
    • is regularly examined by a doctor and referred to a medical institution when the first symptoms of an illness appear.