Treatment of hot flushes with climax folk remedies

  • Treatment of hot flushes with climax folk remedies

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    Treatment of hot flushes for menopause: home recipes

    When menopause occurs, the most frequent and unpleasantits manifestations are hot flashes.

    In order to reduce or eliminate these, although short-term, but rather unpleasant phenomena, it is desirable to use traditional medicine in conjunction with nutrition and prescription drugs.

    The medications used for this are not only beneficial for the body in hot flashes, but also help to remove other climacteric symptoms.

    What are hot flushes in menopause: causes, symptoms ^

    Tides in menopause are the most common processes associated with menopause, the duration and intensity of which is individual for each organism.

    The causes of hot flashes in menopause are as follows:

    • A dramatic change in the hormonal background;
    • Decreased estrogens and hormones;
    • Violation of thermoregulation.

    Depending on the organism, the duration of the periodic manifestation of tides ranges from 1 year to 5 years and even more, and their duration varies from 30 seconds to 3-5 minutes. Tides are dangerous because they can contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, insomnia and other dangerous conditions.

    Tides during menopause have the following symptoms:

    • Sudden sensation of severe heat on the upper body;Reddening of the skin of the neck and face;
    • Heart palpitations;
    • Difficulty breathing;
    • Dizziness, headache, chills;
    • Weakness, nausea;
    • Increased sweating.

    Hot flashes with menopause in women last from 20 seconds to several minutes and cause instant flushing of the skin, hyperhidrosis and tachycardia. With an easy course of menopause, hot flashes can occur no more than 6-8 times a day, and in severe form these processes occur more than 20 times.

    How to reduce hot flashes in menopause:

    • Use of hormone replacement therapy;
    • Taking sedatives, preferably of plant origin;
    • Use of antihypertensive drugs that normalize high blood pressure.
    • Exclusion from food of alcohol, caffeine, sweet, spicy and fatty foods;
    • Limited stay under the sun.

    Traditional treatment of hot flushes with menopause consists of many methods, mainly consisting of such safe and effective means as medicinal herbs and roots, beekeeping products, fresh or dry berries and natural freshly prepared juices.

    By treating tides at home using traditional medicine, diet therapy and a healthy lifestyle, you can significantly shorten their duration and reduce the intensity of manifestations of unpleasant and painful symptoms.

    Treating tides with folk remedies: homemade recipes ^

    Treating tides at home: folk remedies

    Treating tides with honey

    • Take 100 ml of floral natural honey, mix it with the same piece of freshly prepared beet juice, then use it twice.

    Treatment of valerian tides

    • Grind a spoonful of valerian root, pour it with water( glass), allow to boil and infuse for 8 hours. Take a soothing decoction three times daily on a tablespoon.
    • In addition to the decoction, you can apply and alcohol root infusion in the calculation of 20 drops per glass of water.

    Treatment of tusks with hawthorn

    • Squeeze juice from hawthorn fruit, combine it with 95% alcohol in a ratio of 1: 2, and remove it for 14 days in a cool place.
    • Tincture should be taken in the following amounts - 40 drops three times daily.

    Treatment of hot flashes of

    • Dry sage( st.p.) to combine with boiling water( 2 cups), let it brew, then filter.
    • Take this drink instead of tea, adding a little honey.

    Treatment of tundra rush

    • Prepare the following components - 200 ml of natural vodka, 200 g.fresh rowan( fruits).
    • Combine vodka with ashberry, place in the fridge, let it brew for a month.
    • Take this medicine three times a day for one teaspoonful.

    Treatment of tides with a red brush

    • Put a liter of vodka in 150 gr.red brushes for 30 days, after which without filtering, you should take this tincture daily before meals of 30 ml three times.
    • In addition to tincture, an excellent effect will add a decoction of red brushes( 1 tbsp / 200 ml) into the tea.

    Treating tides with lemon

    • Chop the dried shell of five chicken eggs into a powder, combine it with one well-milled ripe lemon and leave for 7 days.
    • The preparation should be taken three times a day for a month on a tablespoon.

    Treatment of tides by coriander

    • 1 tbsp.seeds of coriander to fill in 100 ml of natural vodka, place for 15 days in a dark place, shaking the mixture daily.
    • After the required time, the tincture is filtered and 50 drops are used daily.

    Treatment of hot flashes of pollen

    • Flower pollen, no more than 1 teaspoon, should be taken 15 minutes before the morning meal, washed down with a glass of warm clean water.

    Treatment of hot flashes of

    • Mix equal portions of blackberry, melissa and thyme leaves;
    • Two tsp.put herbs for 20 minutes in 300 ml of boiling water;
    • Ready infusion should be cleaned of herbs, divided into two parts and taken them during the day;
    • The course of treatment - 20 days, then a 10-day break.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to reduce hot flashes in menopause ^

    In order to reduce the incidence and intensity of hot flashes, and to restore normal body health and well-being, the following recommendations should be strictly adhered to:

    • Observe certain dietary rules - restriction of protein and meat foods, refusal of caffeine, alcohol, salt, fatty, spicy and sweet dishes;
    • Include in the diet of vegetables, legumes, fruits, flax seeds, berries, cereals, natural healthy drinks;
    • To lead an active way of life by walking on fresh air, practicing yoga, dancing, swimming or fitness with optimal loads;
    • Protect the nervous system, avoid stress, take soothing teas or herbal sedatives;
    • Wearing clothes is desirable from a spacious, comfortable and natural fabric( cotton, linen, viscose);
    • Do not wear tight, tight clothing made of synthetic fabric;
    • Regularly ventilate your living quarters;
    • When the tides come it is necessary to calm down and produce deep and slow breaths - exhale belly.