Treatment of itching in the anus with folk remedies

  • Treatment of itching in the anus with folk remedies

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    • Itching in the anus: causes, symptoms, types
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    • Prevention and helpful tips on how to avoid anal itching

    Itching in the anus: effective folk treatment.

    Anal itching is a very delicate problem that almost every person encounters.

    Before starting direct treatment, it is necessary to identify the factors that contributed to the occurrence of pruritus.

    For rapid relief of uncomfortable sensations in the anus, it is necessary to approach this disease in a complex way, using for this purpose folk methods, medicines and dietotherapy.

    Itching in the anus: causes, symptoms, types ^

    Anal, or rectal itching - a pathological process, which is characterized by a feeling of unbearable and constant itching in the anus( anus).This state can be provoked by a number of internal and external factors. Analgesic analgesis is classified into two types:

    • Primary( suigen, true, ideopathic, neurogenic, cryptogenic, essential) - is not the result of any disease and can be caused by malnutrition, medication, insufficient hygiene, etc.;
    • Secondary itching in the anus is a symptom that indicates the presence of one of the following diseases: hemorrhoids, helminthic invasions, intestinal dysbacteriosis, vesiculitis, erythrasma, venereal diseases, proctitis, diabetes, allergies, anal fissures, etc.

    Folk itching in the backthe passageway is completely safe, effective, has no side effects and is an excellent complementary therapy. Folk remedies for the treatment of itching in the anus are mainly of antipruritic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, drying and healing medicinal plants - chamomile, oak bark, calendula, mint, burdock roots and others.

    Consisting of natural remedies, home treatment of itching in the anus is quick to remove unpleasant irritating sensations.

    Treatment of rectal itching in the anus of the house provides various options for using home products:

    • Preparation of ointments, decoctions for internal use, for enemas and for baths;
    • Use of various compresses and lotions;
    • Application of candles.

    In addition to these procedures, the treatment of itching in the anus by household means should be combined with regular hygiene, balanced nutrition and strict observance of the recommendations of the proctologist.

    Treating itching in the anus in the home: folk recipes ^

    Itching in the anus: recipes for home treatment.

    Candles for the treatment of itching in the anus

    • Badger fat, medical alcohol( 70%) and propolis combine in equal parts, stir well and remove to a cold place for three days.
    • From raw potatoes cut out the shape of a candle, dip it into a medicinal composition, then enter the anus in 15 minutes.
    • This procedure is acceptable in the presence of itching due to anal fissures.

    Sedentary baths for the treatment of itching in the anus

    • Half of the basin is filled with a not very hot decoction of the bark of oak( three tablespoons per liter of boiling water) and sit in it for 30 minutes.
    • It is desirable to alternate the oak bark with calendula, string, chamomile or birch buds.

    Ointments for the treatment of pruritus in the anus

    • In cosmetic Vaseline( 200 g.) Dilute 50 ml of cranberry juice and blend the mixture with the area of ​​the anus twice each day.
    • Oat grains slightly fry, then grind to a powder. Mix a part of the oat mixture with two parts of butter unsalted, after which the finished ointment should be rubbed into the anus area twice a day.

    Medicinal decoctions for the treatment of itching in the anus

    • Two tsp.add 400 ml of boiled water to the medicinal veronica for two hours. Ready-mixed medicinal broth should be taken 100 ml four times before meals daily.
    • In addition to veronica for broth, you can use a string, St. John's wort, chamomile or calendula.
    • Mix an equal volume of peppermint leaves, chamomile flowers, lime blossom and yarrow, take three tablespoons.herbal collection, pour boiling water( 250 ml), keep on the fire for five minutes, then insist for another two. To take a medicinal decoction you need 100 ml each day three times.

    Treatment of pruritus in the anus with enemas

    • Calendula flowers dry, in the amount of st.l.put the plants in boiling water with a volume of 100 ml. After bringing to boil the decoction remove from the heat and insist an hour.
    • In the finished cooled decoction add two tsp.sea ​​buckthorn oil and use it as a microclyster before going to bed.

    Treatment of itching in the anus with lotions

    • Take 100 gr.marigolds in a fresh form, fill them in a 500 ml jar with olive oil and place the composition in a warm bright place.
    • In the received oil-grassy infusion, moisten the bandage and apply to the sore spot for half an hour.

    Treatment of itching in the rear passage of herbs

    • Take equal shares of burdock root, chamomile and walnut leaves, stir and boil for 15 minutes( 4 tablespoons per liter).Take the broth three times during the day for 100 ml.
    • Mix 5 tbsp.crushed bark of willow, buckthorn and oak, then in the amount of two st.l.pour a liter of boiling water, keep on fire seven minutes, let it brew and drain. Take the decoction by st.l.three times daily.
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    Prevention and helpful advice on how to avoid anal itching. ^

    . During the treatment of anal itching, it is necessary to observe a certain sparing diet, excluding fatty, spicy, smoked, salted and sweet food, alcohol, coffee, citrus, rich broths and chicken eggs.

    It is advisable to make a dietary diet during the treatment of itching from the following products: lean meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy and lactic products, cereals, jelly, juices and compotes.

    For regular emptying of the intestine, it is better to choose natural products and not take laxatives. For this, you can use laxative medicinal herbs, sour-milk drinks and observe unloading days.

    To prevent anal itching, the following recommendations are recommended:

    • Regularly observe the personal hygiene of the anal area;
    • Do not wear synthetic, tight and tight underwear;
    • Use for water hygiene procedures gel or soap intended for intimate places;
    • Daily follow the chair( avoid prolonged constipation);
    • Use toilet paper without the presence of dyes and fragrances;
    • Timely resort to the treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases that provoke itching sensations.