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Allergy treatment at home: folk recipes

Allergy is a fairly common autoimmunea disease that occurs as a result of exposure to certain substances - allergens.

To suppress the main symptomatology of this pathology, not only medicinal preparations are used, but also folk techniques, based on sparing, natural and safe for the body components.

What is allergy: symptoms, causes, types ^

Allergy is a hypersensitivity of the body caused by close contact with one of the following substances - allergens:

  • Plant pollen, poplar fluff;
  • Saliva, skin, animal hair;
  • Street or home dust;
  • Pliers are parasites;
  • Food products;
  • Bites of bees, fleas, wasps, flies and other insects;
  • Food products - citrus, dairy products, etc.;
  • Synthetics;
  • Certain drugs;
  • Cold or sun.

Depending on the factors contributing to the manifestation of this disease, it is common to divide allergy into medicinal, nervous, cold, food, respiratory, cutaneous, insect, infectious and chemical.

Symptoms of allergy manifestation depend on the allergen, form and etiology of the disease:

  • Allergy on the skin is characterized by the appearance of itching, flaking, redness of the skin, dermatitis, urticaria and other rashes;
  • Allergy to the face is accompanied by swelling and redness of the skin, itching, swelling of the nasal mucosa and sneezing( respiratory form), the formation of various small rashes;
  • Allergies on the hands - redness, itching and rashes;
  • Allergy of the eye is manifested by constant lacrimation, photophobia, severe itching in the eyelids, edema, redness and burning of the mucous membrane of the eyes.

The most common type of this pathology is an allergic reaction to pets, caused not by the hair of your favorite pets, but by particles of their skin or by dandruff, saliva and urine. In order to get rid of the allergen, it is not at all necessary to remove the pet from the house, but it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • Eliminate drafts;
  • Perform regular cleaning of the premises;
  • Once a week to bathe your pet;
  • Do not allow animals to rest on a sofa, armchair or bed;
  • Install the air cleaner.

Treatment of allergies in children

When a child develops characteristic signs of allergic reactions, it is necessary to show his doctor - an allergist for diagnosing the allergen and the type of disease.

Treatment of allergies in childhood should consist of several directions:

  • Purpose of medications( drops, ointments, tablets) that remove the main symptoms;
  • Exclusion of the allergen( if possible);
  • Appointment of a hypoallergenic diet;
  • Application of herbal decoctions to relieve inflammation, swelling and itching.

Treatment of allergy in pregnant women

One of the most common manifestations of allergic reactions during pregnancy are urticaria with an allergic rhinitis( rhinitis).The use of antiallergic drugs in this period is extremely undesirable, so prospective mothers should follow the following recommendations:

  • Go for hypoallergenic nutrition;
  • Avoid contacts with those allergens that triggered the allergic reaction;
  • Regularly treat affected areas with decoctions of medicinal herbs, which are completely safe for the health of a pregnant woman.

Treating allergies with folk remedies: homemade recipes ^

How to get rid of allergies: folk recipes

Cold allergy treatment

  • Young pine shoots should be combined with vegetable oil 1: 1, infused for 4 months in a dark place, then used for rubbing into the skin.
  • 50 gr.raspberry roots rinse, pour 0.5 liters of water, boil for 30 minutes, then strain and take this broth for two days.

Treatment of food allergy

  • Prepare the following collection - buckthorn bark, fennel fruits, burdock roots, licorice, dandelion.
  • Five tsp.collecting put in a thermos, pour them 0.5 liters of boiling water overnight. In the morning, the infusion should be filtered and eat before eating ½ cup.

Treatment of drug allergy( for antibiotics)

  • Two tablespoonsof the hips, chopped, put in a thermos, then pour two cups of boiling water and let it brew for a couple of hours.
  • This vitamin infusion should be taken during the day instead of tea.

Treatment of pet allergies

Stir certain parts of the following herbs:

  • 4 hours - St. John's wort, hips;
  • 5 hours - a thousand-thousandth;
  • 3 hours - the root of a dandelion;
  • 1 hour - stigmas corn.

Ст.л.cooked collection pour 200 ml of water, boil for 20 minutes in a water bath, and then let it brew for 30 minutes. Take this medication should be 50 ml three times daily.

Treatment of dust allergy

  • A calf bark with a volume of 2 tbsp.boil in a glass of water for 20 minutes, then insist for another half an hour.
  • The resulting broth should be diluted with water( up to 300 ml) and consumed throughout the day.

Treatment of ragweed allergy

  • Fill st.l.oak bark with a glass of boiling water for a couple of hours, then infuse the strain, moisten it with a three-layer gauze and attach to the localization of allergy for 30-40 minutes.

Treatment of allergy to weeds

  • Gram of pure natural mummy diluted in a liter of warm water or milk and take this solution every morning in the following norm - adults of 100 ml, children from 4 years of 50-70 ml.

Treatment of allergy with activated carbon

  • Take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body, crush, split into several parts.
  • During the day, drink plenty of warm water.

Treatment of allergy baths

  • Prepare the following components - 100 gr.roots of aira, a liter of water.
  • Roots of the arah should be dried, chopped and poured with boiling water for 30-40 minutes, then pour the strained infusion into the bath water.

Treatment of allergy with ointments

  • Combine pure natural sea buckthorn oil with baby cream in the calculation of 100 gr.cream for three tsp.oil.
  • Ointment should be twice daily coated with allergy.

Treatment of grass allergy

  • Rub in a mortar burdock root with a dandelion root, then in the volume of two tablespoons.place them in boiling water( three glasses) at night, boil 10 minutes in the morning and allow to cool.
  • To use this healing broth should be twice - in the morning, at lunch, in the evening before meals and at bedtime.
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Prevention and useful advice how to prevent the development and progression of allergies ^

Diet for allergies is one of the main techniques that help get rid of the negative reaction of the body. First of all, the following products are completely excluded from the ration for the period of treatment:

  • Red varieties of vegetables, berries and fruits;
  • Citrus;
  • "Aggressive" products - garlic, onion, horseradish, mustard, spicy seasonings and sauces.
  • If the allergic reaction is caused by dairy products, then completely all dairy and sour-milk products are excluded from the menu, incl.dishes cooked on their basis.

Dietary treatment list consists mainly of the following products: cereals, lean soups, bread products( unsweetened), butter, green vegetables, greens and fruits - bananas, green apples.

The need for cleaning the intestine to restore normal microflora occurs during the development of food allergic reactions, when there is a disruption of the integrity of the intestinal tissues and the entry of an allergen into the blood.

For the procedure of cleansing and improving the intestinal microflora, it is best to use safe natural methods - fasting days, the use of foods high in fiber, dairy and lactic acid products( in the absence of allergies).

To prevent the occurrence and progression of allergic manifestations, the following preventive measures should be adhered to:

  • If possible, eliminate allergen;
  • Use rubber gloves when handling cleaning agents;
  • Regularly conduct ventilation and wet cleaning of premises;
  • Use hypoallergenic cosmetic and cleaning products.