• Treatment of scabies with folk remedies

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    Treatment of scabies: natural home recipes.

    Scabies is a very serious skin disease, the main route of transmission is direct contact with an infected person or contaminated household items.

    In the case of this disease, an excellent result in treatment is provided not only by drugs prescribed by a doctor, but also by drugs widely used by traditional medicine.

    What is scabies: causes, symptoms, types ^

    Scabies - parasitic, infectious skin disease, the causative agent of which is itch itch, or mite.

    The main reason for its appearance on the skin is direct contact with the patient, his individual objects or places of contact - handshake, sexual contact, door handles, public transport( handrails), bed linen, clothes and others.

    Symptoms typical for scabies are:

    • Skin itching, worse in the evening and at night;
    • The presence of itch moves;
    • Skin rashes in the form of vesicles, papules, erosions, scaly rash or vesicles.

    Favorite places of localization of the tick - interdigital folds, lateral parts of the body, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, genitals and elbow joints.

    Traditional medicine distinguishes the following clinical varieties of scabies:

    • Typical;
    • Norwegian;
    • Scabies of "cleanliness" or "incognito";
    • Pseudosarctosis( infection from animals);
    • Children's or infants scabies.

    Scabies mite begins its active activity from the moment it hits the surface of the skin. Biting into the upper layer of the skin, he begins to lay numerous itchy moves to lay eggs, causing an allergic reaction in the form of intolerable itching with various rashes.

    The popular treatment of scabies is aimed at neutralizing the itch mites, reducing itching and indicating painful rashes. For this, folk medicine actively uses the following available folk remedies for the treatment of scabies:

    • Laundry soap, turpentine, birch tar;
    • Zinc or sulfuric ointment;
    • Medicinal herbs - chinese, celandine, elecampane, ledum, juniper and so on;
    • Garlic;
    • Essential oils - lavender, mint, lemon, rosemary, cloves or myrrh.

    Home treatment for scabies uses these simple means available to make anti-scratch compresses, ointments and taking soothing skin baths.

    Treatment of scabies in adults

    If an adult develops the first symptoms of tick infection, they need to visit a doctor and only then start treatment. In case of confirmation of the diagnosis, the dermatologist appoints a patient ointments or aerosols of topical application.

    Together with pharmaceuticals, adults can easily apply scabies treatment with home remedies that can bring considerable relief to the patient.

    Treatment of scabies in children

    Scabies mite, hitting the skin of a small child, can be located anywhere, including.face or neck. The doctor, specifying the disease, prescribes special antiscabic drugs and recommends adhering to certain hygienic rules.

    Much better acceleration of the child's recovery is helped by the treatment of scabies at home, as well as with herbal medicines, herbal baths and various natural mixtures of external use make excellent supplementary help.

    Treatment of scabies in pregnant women

    A pregnant woman who has contracted an itchy itch, must necessarily consult a doctor about the treatment. Although the pharmaceutical industry produces a lot of antiscabic drugs, however, not everyone is allowed to take advantage of them during pregnancy.

    In addition to the means selected by the doctor, pregnant women can fearlessly turn to traditional medicine and use any acceptable method.

    Treatment of scabies at home: folk recipes ^

    Treatment of scabies folk remedies: homemade recipes.

    Treatment of infant( mammary) scabies

    • Squeeze out the berries of cranberries or cranberry juice and apply it to sore spots;
    • Form a foam from baby soap and apply it for 20 minutes to the baby's skin. Then wash off the foam with a decoction of the turn, and apply to the skin for three hours 10% sulfuric ointment.

    Treatment of scabies with turpentine

    • Mix a part of turpentine with three parts of butter and apply the mixture on the skin. The number of procedures per day is two;
    • Combine four parts of linseed oil with a part of turpentine and apply twice a day to the skin.

    Treatment of scabies with garlic

    • 50 gr.peeled garlic, pour mustard oil about 0.2 liters and put for 15 minutes on a small fire.
    • After boiling, strain the oil and drain into a container of dark glass.
    • Garlic oil should be applied to the affected skin during the day.

    Treatment of scabies with essential oils

    • Before taking a bath add 6 drops of clove oil to the water;
    • Mix seven parts of sandalwood oil with two parts of lavender and 5 parts of olive oil and apply gently on the skin with a cotton pad.

    Treatment of scabies with birch tar

    • Clean the scabies daily with clean birch tar;
    • Stir the equal parts of clean tar, laundry soap, sulfur powder and lard and place the mixture in the refrigerator. Half an hour later, the ointment should be mixed and applied to the affected foci.

    Treatment of scabies with celandine

    • Fresh juice from the stems of celandine is combined with pure vaseline 1: 4 and gently applied to the localization site of the mite. The procedure is carried out three times a day;
    • Mix st.l.roots elecampane with dried celandine, pour two cups of boiling water for four hours. Ready herbal infusion to wash the sore spots.

    Treatment of scabies with household soap

    • Soap chopping, beat into thick foam and apply it to the skin for half an hour;
    • Piece of soap to grate, combine with water and cook until viscous. Then rub garlic head with onion and add to a liquid soap. Then pour the resulting mixture into molds, allow to cool. Use the resulting brusochki as soap.

    Treatment of scabies with sulfur ointment

    • A pinch of salt mixed with 1 tsp.sulfur and 2 tsp.pork lard. Ointment must be applied strictly before bedtime;
    • A sulfuric ointment sold in a pharmacy is used similarly to a home one.

    Treatment of scabies with zinc ointment

    Zinc ointment is an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and astringent that destroys the symptoms of the disease, but does not eliminate the itch mite. Therefore, it is desirable to use this drug in combination with other agents.

    • Zinc ointment, purchased at a pharmacy, is applied to sore spots three to four times daily.

    Treatment of scabies with medicinal herbs

    • 70 gr.juniper fruit and 50 gr. Leaf pour 10 liters of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Ready broth add to the bath with water before it is taken;
    • 50 gr.verbena and cemetery pour 1.5 liters of boiling water for three hours. Prepared infusion pour into the bath water and add three drops of lemon essential oil. The duration of the bath is 20 minutes.
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    Prevention and useful advice how to avoid scabies ^

    The most important preventive measure of scabies is the timely detection and elimination of this disease. In order to protect against possible infection with scabies, after handling public places or transport, carefully handle the hands and face.

    In addition, the following recommendations should be strictly observed that will prevent re-infection or transmission of scabies:

    • Daily sanitary sanitary treatment of household items( tables, chairs, door handles, cabinets);
    • Regular disinfection of clothes, underwear, bedding, household items, toys and other household items;
    • Complete isolation of the patient.