• Treatment of arthritis with folk remedies

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    Treatment for Arthritis with Folk Remedies: Prescriptions.

    Treatment of arthritis is successfully carried out with the help of traditional medicine techniques, which has an antimicrobial, desensitizing and anti-inflammatory effect on the joints.

    However, the medications prescribed to the patient by a rheumatologist can be perfectly combined with folk remedies that help to significantly alleviate the condition of the patient, removing the manifestation of acute symptoms of arthritis.

    Causes and Symptoms of Arthritis of Joints ^

    Arthritis is an inflammatory disease that encompasses the inner lining of the joint with gradual damage to the capsule, cartilage, epiphyses of bones and periarticular ligaments with tendons.

    This disease is similar to arthrosis in that they both affect the musculoskeletal system. However, the difference between art and arthrosis consists not only in pain sensations or symptoms of inflammation, but also in the fact that most of the elderly are exposed to arthrosis, and arthritis of joints can occur regardless of age.

    Depending on the degree of leakage arthritis is divided into two forms - chronic and acute. However, as a result of various factors, arthritis is usually divided into reactive, rheumatoid, gouty, psoriatic, infectious, traumatic, monoarthritis, polyarthritis and oligoarthritis.

    The main symptoms of any form of arthritis are similar:

    • Increased pain during movement and at night;
    • Feeling of stiffness in the joints;
    • Redness and swelling of the affected part;
    • Increased temperature.

    The main causes of inflammation in the joints are infections, impaired metabolic processes, excessive physical activity and acute injuries.

    Folk treatment of arthritis suggests the use of simple and proven methods of external and internal application, effectively helping to reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate recovery:

    • The use of herbal and vegetable mixes;
    • Therapeutic baths and baths;
    • Rubbing, applications.

    Folk remedies for arthritis consist of herbs, vegetable juices, berries, beekeeping products, oils, mustard, turpentine, alcohol and sea salt.

    Self-help, part of the home treatment of arthritis, perfectly combines with a set of drug therapy and uses inexpensive tools for this. In addition to medicines and folk techniques, the complex treatment of arthritis at home provides health gymnastics and dietary nutrition.

    Effective treatment of arthritis at home: folk recipes ^

    Treatment of arthritis at home: recipes.

    Treatment of arthritis with home remedies is an effective procedure that does not have side effects or negative effects on other healthy organs and positively affects the entire body.

    Treatment of knee arthritis

    • Mix turpentine, alcohol, olive oil and a little camphor. The resulting composition is rubbed into the knee several times a day;
    • Flower honey to cover the fern leaves, attach to the knee and cover with polyethylene with a cloth.
    • Use a compress at night.

    Treatment of arthritis of the hip joint

    • Half a glass of honey, a glass of radish juice, 80 ml of vodka and 0.5 tbsp.salt mix and use as rubbing;
    • Brew three tablespoons.collection of pine cones, chamomile and root of ayr in 3 liters.boiling water. The resulting broth is added while taking a warm bath.

    Treatment of arthritis of the shoulder joint

    • Pour the skins from six bananas with vodka( 500 ml), insist two weeks in a dark place and use in the form of rubbing;
    • 7 gr. Sting nettle for 20 minutes with a glass of boiling water. The nettle infusion should be taken 50 ml each day.

    Treatment of arthritis of the elbow joint

    Mustard wrap:

    • Mix salt, soda, mustard, honey in equal parts;
    • Put the mixture on gauze and apply to the affected area;
    • Gauze on top with cellophane with a woolen shawl.

    Oat compress for the treatment of the art:

    • 10 tbsp.oatmeal pour 400 ml of water and cook a couple of minutes.
    • After the oat mixture has cooled slightly, it must be put on cellophane and applied to the elbow joint.
    • Cellophane to fix with cotton cloth;
    • Compress should be kept for about 30 minutes.

    Treatment of arthritis of the ankle

    • Take a bath consisting of 5 liters of water, mixed with 5 tablespoons.mustard;
    • Prepare a collection of nettles, willow root, parsley root and elderberries. Then st.l.herbs pour boiling water and put for 5 minutes on fire. Use the broth in a warm form twice a glass.

    Treatment of polyarthritis

    • Infusion consisting of ch.l.roots of a dandelion and a glass of boiling water, take on 1/4 of st.before meals four times a day;
    • Cowberry leaves( 2 tbsp) pour boiling water( 500 ml), boil, cool and take three times a day for 150 ml.

    Treatment of arthritis of the foot

    • Apply the young leaves of burdock for the night on the foot area, fix them with a bandage and put on a woolen sock from above;
    • For 100 gr.vodka and turpentine mixed with 3 tablespoons.vegetable oil, wet a mixture of cheesecloth, wrap a sore spot, top the polyethylene and put on a woolen shawl.

    Treatment of arthritis of the toes

    • Mix fir oil( 3 h) with a part of the propolis tincture. Wipe the ointment in the toes twice a day;
    • 150 gr.pin needles pour 250 ml of water, bring to a boiling state and then place in a warm place for 5 hours. The resulting broth should be used as a foot bath.

    Treatment of arthritis of fingers and hands

    Recipe for cooking massage oil for the treatment of arthritis:

    • Purity and grind;
    • Take three tablespoons.herbs and pour a liter of olive oil;
    • Place the mixture for two weeks in a dark place;
    • Use massage oil for 30 days.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to relieve joint pain in arthritis ^

    For the relief of acute pain in arthritis, rheumatologists prescribe antimicrobial( Azithromycin, Gentamicin), anti-inflammatory( Aspirin, Diclofenac, Ketorol) and desensitizing agents( Capsicum, Finalgon) with ointments. In addition, a patient with arthritis is prescribed physiotherapy and recommended massage with therapeutic gymnastics.

    For a quick recovery, home therapy suggests combining traditional medicine with an arthritis diet consisting of the following diet:

    • Sour-milk products;
    • Seafood and seafood;
    • Beef, chicken;
    • Fresh vegetables, fruits;
    • Berry decoctions, fruit drinks, vegetable juices, green tea;
    • Postal soups, milk porridge.

    Eliminate sharp, sour, smoked, fatty foods and salt.

    Methods of prevention of arthritis:

    • Optimally distribute the physical load on the joints;
    • Regularly monitor the quality of daily nutrition;
    • Take mineral-vitamin complexes;
    • Regularly perform simple physical exercises.