Unpleasant smell of urine: causes, treatment with folk remedies

  • Unpleasant smell of urine: causes, treatment with folk remedies

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    Unpleasant smell of urine: treatment with home remedies

    Many people,both adults and children, face the problem of an unpleasant smell of urine. Unfortunately, observance of elementary rules of hygiene does not always help its solution.

    Urine has a sharp unpleasant odor: causes, symptoms ^

    The urine of a healthy person is transparent, has a light yellow hue, it does not emit a strong stench.

    A sharp odor of urine appears in the event of any malfunctioning of the excretory system. If this symptom appears and lasts a long time, it is recommended to consult a specialist.

    The main reasons for the appearance of a repulsive "fragrance" of urine are:

    • The use of certain medications that irritate the walls of the bladder.
    • Inflammation and suppuration.
    • Use of certain food products, such as spicy and salty foods, alcoholic beverages. This unpleasant smell disappears after a few days.
    • Disturbance of metabolic processes, dehydration of the body, diabetes mellitus.

    Unpleasant odor of urine in men can be caused by the development of infectious diseases such as cystitis, urethritis or pyelonephritis, as well as inflammation of the prostate, that is, prostatitis. At the same time urine smells of ammonia and becomes turbid.

    Unpleasant smell of urine in women indicates a violation of the microflora of the vagina, as well as the presence of ailments that are sexually transmitted.

    Unpleasant odor of urine in a child appears in the case of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. At elevated temperature or dehydration, urine becomes more concentrated and produces an unpleasant odor.

    Changing the smell of urine in a baby can also be associated with the introduction of complementary foods or a change in the mother's diet.

    Unpleasant odor of urine during pregnancy is usually associated with dehydration, consumption of vitamins, toxicosis, hormonal failure.

    Unpleasant odor of urine: treatment with folk remedies, home remedies ^

    People's treatment of unpleasant odor of urine: homemade recipes and remedies

    Urine smells of acetone: treatment of

    This symptom is considered dangerous because it can indicate the presence of diabetes mellitus. It is when an odor of acetone from urine comes up that you need to immediately consult a specialist.

    • To get rid of the stench, it is recommended to limit the consumption of fatty and spicy foods, include in the diet dishes containing carbohydrates.
    • To solve the problem of odor with a touch of acetone, doctors recommend drinking alkaline drinks and putting cleansing enemas.

    Urine smells of ammonia: treatment of

    The "aroma" of ammonia in urine signals the development of inflammatory processes in the bladder. Remove the inflammation and, accordingly, eliminate the stench will help decoction of the leaves of black currant.

    • For its preparation, you need to make a tablespoon of raw material with a glass of boiling water and insist for an hour.
    • Filter with gauze and take 200 ml of the drink three times a day before meals.
    • During the whole course of treatment it is necessary to eat as many fresh currants as possible.
    • You can drink a medicinal decoction before the symptoms disappear completely.

    Unpleasant smell of urine in the morning: treatment

    Cranberry is an excellent diuretic and helps to solve the problem of the morning "flavor" of urine. The use of cranberry mors can clean the walls of the bladder from pathogens that multiply at night due to stagnation of urine, and eliminate the harsh "ambre."

    • A glass of berries should be kneaded by a tolter and poured into the bowl the resulting juice.
    • Skins should be poured with a liter of boiling water, bring to a boil and pour the juice into the resulting drink.
    • You can drink up to two liters of Morse per day.

    Putrid odor of urine: treatment of

    This symptom indicates suppurations in the urinary tract, infections, and the like. Eliminate the problem with a decoction of herbs and sporrows roots.

    • A tablespoon of raw materials must be brewed with a glass of boiling water.
    • To spoil the water with useful properties, you need to insist the drink for at least 15 minutes, then filter it through a sieve.
    • Take 2 tablespoons of medication three times a day.
    • Duration of therapy - 7 days.

    Odor of stool from urine: treatment of

    This unpleasant phenomenon can be a sign of damage and decomposition of the tissues of excretory system, which poses a great danger. In this case, you should always consult a doctor who will conduct the examination and will appoint a competent treatment of the disease.

    • Cowberry, which possesses diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, will help to weaken the sharp "fragrance".
    • Two tablespoons of crushed berries and leaves of the plant must be brewed with a liter of boiling water, to pour 20 minutes over low heat and insist 40 minutes.
    • Decoction is recommended to take ½ cup 5 times a day for two months.

    Smell of mold from urine: treatment of

    If urine smells like mold, a person may be sick with phenylketonuria. With this disease, the body accumulates the by-products of phenylalanine metabolism.

    • It is recommended to adhere to a diet that is based on the use of vegetable protein.
    • It is forbidden to eat meat, fish, eggs, pasta, legumes and dairy products, chocolate, nuts and gelatin.

    The smell of rancid oil from urine: treatment

    The increased content of methionine signals the "ambre" of this kind. Decoction of dill will help get rid of the problem.

    • To prepare it, you need to pour a glass of hot water 3 tbsp.raw materials.
    • Tumble 15 minutes on low heat and continue for 45 minutes.
    • Filtering the drink through cheesecloth, it can be consumed in the amount of 1/3 cup three times a day before meals.

    Unpleasant odor from urine after intercourse: treatment

    Often after sexual intercourse, women may experience a sharp "aroma" of urine. This occurs as a result of a violation of the microflora of the genitals, cystitis or thrush.

    A decoction of the flower baskets of cornflower is easy to prepare:

    • Two tablespoons of raw material should be poured into a glass of boiling water, insist for an hour and filtered through a sieve.
    • A glass of drink should be drunk during the day.
    • Take the elixir until the "ambre" disappears completely.

    Unpleasant odor of urine in prostatitis: treatment of

    Strong smell of urine in men can occur due to prostate adenoma. A large amount of urine accumulates in the channels, and inflammation develops.

    Very effective is a decoction of parsley seeds:

    • To make it, you need to grind the parsley seeds.
    • 4 tbsp.raw materials should be poured a glass of boiling water and cook on low heat for 15 minutes, insist half an hour and pass through a sieve.
    • Take on a tablespoon of drug before eating 4-5 times a day.
    • The course of therapy - 7 days.
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    Prevention and useful advice on how to get rid of the unpleasant odor of urine ^

    To prevent the development of diseases that cause the appearance of an unpleasant smell of urine, you need to familiarize yourself with simple rules and follow them:

    • Maintain a diet for preventing genito-urinary diseases. From the diet it is recommended to exclude too sharp, fatty and salty foods, eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.
    • It is necessary to drink a lot of liquid: pure water, herbal teas, freshly squeezed juices and fruit drinks.
    • It is strongly recommended not to abuse alcohol.
    • Go in for sports. You need to move more to prevent the development of stagnant processes in the small pelvis.
    • Avoid nerve strains.
    • Observe the basic rules of hygiene of the genitals.
    • Timely treatment of infectious diseases.
    • Regularly examined by a gynecologist.