• What kind of tea is useful for children

    The traditional drink for babies in Russia was considered to be sweetened water. And now even a baby is often given to drink water with sugar. It is probably caloric, but it inflates the tummy, which even in toddlers, even those that are naturally breastfed, often hurts. In addition, this leads to a destructive destruction of infant teeth. Sweet tea, according to the German pharmacist Peter Tice, grafts the baby a taste for sweet, which he will almost certainly retain for life. Is it good to be a sweet tooth?

    For babies up to the year, who often have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, you can use plants that remove stomach cramps that promote the removal of gases: chamomile, spray, mint, fennel, etc.

    To improve appetite and digest food try the lungsherbal teas, the medicinal properties of which will go to the kids for good.

    I would like to offer you a choice of my own recipes, as well as the recipe of Peter Teys for infants and older children.

    Chamomile flowers 2 parts

    Herbaceae grass 1 part

    Mint leaf 5 pieces

    Fruits of dill 3 pieces

    Raspberry leaf 1 part

    1 teaspoon of collection pour a glass of boiling water, infuse in a thermos for 1 hour, give a baby 1 teaspoon5-6 times a day.

    Fruit Dill 10 pieces

    Plantain leaf 2 parts

    Oregano fragrance 5 parts

    Prepared and applied in the same manner as mentioned in the previous recipe.

    Tea doctor Theis

    Fennel 20g

    Hips 20g

    flowers kenaf 15 g

    leaves of Melissa 15 g

    flowers primrose 15 g

    Mint leaves 7 g

    Cumin 5g

    Camomile 3 g

    This tea can be purchased at pharmacies. It is soluble and does not contain sugar.

    It is known that natural tea has cleansing properties. It is able to reduce the reaction of lymph glands to inflammation. The fact that lymph nodes in children react violently to any effect, every mother knows, and that she can forget about the fact that her assistant can be fresh tea. Tea for baby - an excellent preventive tool. Children can be given tea with a one-year-old age in a dose of 1-1.5 grams per glass of boiling water and necessarily with milk or cream. Offer such a tea to the child after breakfast. The amateur pochaevnichat since childhood, among other things, will keep his teeth, first dairy, and then permanent. The fact is that the tea contains a large amount of fluoride, which is necessary in the prevention of caries - a disease that destroys the enamel of the teeth. Do not forget that tea should be drunk without sugar, and sweet tooth - with honey. The latter, according to scientists, removes or reduces the stimulating effect of tea, caused by caffeine. In addition, tea is useful for children with reduced muscle tone and tone of the central nervous system, with anemia.

    The iron salts found in tea are necessary to maintain the number of red blood cells - erythrocytes, and tea catechins activate hemopoietic organs( spleen, bone marrow and liver), saturating the blood with vitamins.

    The tonic effect of tea provides the activity of the respiratory and vascular centers.

    It is known that tea promotes the absorption of oxygen entering the lungs, and quickly releases the body from carbon dioxide. As a result, there is an improvement in the process of oxygen supply to the vessels of the brain. They expand and, in turn, facilitate and deepen breathing, reduce muscle tension and excitability. Children who drink fresh tea develop better, learn the material at school well, and successfully learn a foreign language. This, apparently, is the result of the action of tea xanthines on the cerebral cortex. They provide an easy stimulating effect, provide a speed of thinking.