• French manicure at home( + photo)

    Nowadays it's quite easy to make a French manicure at home. It is not necessary for this to contact a specialist in an expensive salon. It will be enough to have the right set of tools, and follow our recommendations.

    Basic recommendations

    Stencils for French manicure

    The main stages of the manicure are the same, the same as in the traditional design. But when the stage of nail treatment and painting of its surface begins, it is necessary to take into account a number of "delicate" moments.

    First, special attention should be paid to the careful design of the white line. In the kit, in order to make a jacket, there are not only pink and white lacquers, but there must also be stencils. They are recommended to paste on the nail plate, creating a pattern to make the "smile" perfectly smooth. If there is a desire to do a French manicure at home, then you will need to buy everything you need.

    Secondly, it is recommended to observe the thickness of the white strip. It should be borne in mind that on long nails, it can be absolutely anything, as the mistress wishes. But on short - no more than two millimeters, otherwise the nail will visually "break."

    Thirdly, a special nail file needs to be very carefully processed nails, first working on the sides, and then moving from edge to center. Use metal nail files is not recommended, you need ceramic or plastic.

    Fourthly, it is necessary to remove all burrs with the help of disinfected scissors or tweezers. It is recommended to do this very carefully and carefully to remove them all.

    Fifth, if the nails are loose, then applying a French manicure is not recommended.

    The main stages of coating the nail plate

    Steps of coating the nail

    When making a jacket, you must initially make an ordinary manicure: prune your nails, and then put your hands in a bath with special cosmetic products, hold them for fifteen minutes, then pull them out and get wetwith a towel. Next, use special scissors to cut the cuticle, applying a tool on it. Now you can start painting.

    The first stage. First, we remove the old varnish with a special liquid, which will also help to degrease the nails, removing them from the remnants of cosmetics after manicure. This procedure will allow the new layer of varnish to be retained for as long as possible.

    The second stage. Begin to apply the initial coating to make a smooth nail plate. Then we start to draw a "smile".For this purpose, we paste the stencil around the border of the free edge of the nail. Then we begin to apply varnish to the edges of the nails. It takes two such layers, each of which must be dried well, so that the coating lasts for a long time and does not break. For this procedure it is better to take a special and very thin brush.

    In the next step, after the "smile" is completely dry, we begin to apply the most delicate pink, or reddish varnish. Use for this you need only a special type of varnish, which is included in the set for the jacket. Other, which in your opinion, can be approached, is not recommended. The fact is that these varnishes should have only a translucent texture. It is this coating that gives the natural appearance of the nail.

    In the last step, it is necessary to apply a special coating. Usually, the kit for the jacket includes a shiny, "wet" effect, in their composition there are special light-reflecting particles. This will allow the lacquer not to be broken for a long time, will give the manicure a chic and pleasant shine.

    French manicure on short nails

    French on short nails looks very impressive and beautiful. But, if you do it, then you must follow a number of clear and binding rules.

    1. It should be remembered that too short nails should not be. Therefore, to cut off the nails "under the root" is not worth it, the length of the plate should be made at least five millimeters.
    2. "Smile" on short nails should not be too wide. Because a large white strip can visually reduce it.
    3. French manicure on short nails can be decorated with additional decor. To do this, it is recommended to use pebbles, golden or silver lines, rhinestones or use a discreet ornament.
    4. To create a quick effect and the illusion of having a French manicure you can use a special chalk. With its help, it is applied white on the inside, which makes it possible to make a beautiful smile. However, keep in mind that "beauty" will remain until you wash your hands.

    The main condition for a beautiful manicure is systematic and regular.


    Decoration of the French manicure

    Having done several French manicure at home, it will be possible to work out the basic technique and all the nuances. This will allow you to proceed with a more stylish design. You can, for example, change the white and pink shades of the trendy in this season. Very effective will look like the execution of the "French" technique to the evening dress in accordance with a similar color scheme. For example, a golden dress to shade a "smile" of golden or silver color.

    For every day, to work in the office, you can make a French manicure in white and black, creating a dark "smile."To decorate it, you can paste a few crystals or make a dividing line from the gold lacquer.

    Great opportunities for creating an original design provides a change in the line of "smile".It can be separated with golden varnish, glued shiny pebbles or a dividing line. In addition, it looks very interesting if the border is made not simple, but in the form of a corner or a wavy line. You just need to "include" your imagination and experiment boldly.

    If you competently make a French manicure at home, then it will look incredibly stylish. But you need to keep in mind that it needs to be adjusted regularly.


    Golden-black French manicure
    Chic French manicure
    French manicure in pink colors
    French manicure with a pattern and crystals
    French polish manicure