• Prosthetic testis - Causes, symptoms and treatment. MF.

    If a man does not have one or both testicles for congenital reasons or as a result of trauma, illness, today it is quite possible to perform a simple implantation( implantation) of one or two testicular prostheses.

    At present artificial testes are made of various polymeric materials. In the market there are prosthetic testicles of both domestic and imported production. They are available in three basic sizes( large, medium and small) and are a thick silicone gel coated with a coating of bioinert material. These implants in shape of size and consistency almost completely correspond to the normal testicle. They are sterilized in the factory and come in a sterile package.

    Before the operation, the surgeon must evaluate the size of the patient's scrotum and correctly size the artificial testicle. The implant should ideally have a size close to the size of its own testicle on the opposite side. In the calculation, first of all, a sufficient number and extensibility of the skin of the scrotum on the side of implantation is taken. After all, the implant should fit freely in the scrotum, and the skin and tissues of the scrotum above it should not be excessively strained. Otherwise, the excess pressure of the implant on the scrotum tissue will cause a violation of blood circulation in them, local necrosis or necrosis of tissues and an artificial testicle may just fall out. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to pick up a testicle implant of absolutely the same size as your own testicle on the opposite side. The patient's understanding of all these issues creates realistic expectations and determines the subsequent satisfaction with the result of the operation.

    Like any other operation, the implantation of artificial testicles can be accompanied by bleeding, swelling of the surgical site( scrotum), suppuration of the wound( prosthetic infection) and its poor healing, pain at the site of surgery. However, the correct selection of the model and size of the implant, adequate preparation of the patient for surgery and perfected technique of implantation of an artificial testicle reduce the frequency of complications to an absolute minimum.

    The operation is performed under both local and general anesthesia and usually takes about 1 hour. As a rule, we recommend that patients take an antibiotic for the prevention of infectious complications within 7 to 10 days after the operation.days).Sexual life is limited for 3 to 4 weeks.