• Treatment of ovarian cysts with folk remedies

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    Home treatment ovarian cysts: folk recipes

    Ovarian cyst is a benign tumor, the main treatment of which consists of medicinal and restorative drugs.

    With mild disease in parallel to the prescribed course, it is recommended to use available and safe folk remedies that can double the healing process.

    However, if the neoplasm has acquired a severe form, an operation will be required.

    What is an ovarian cyst: symptoms, signs, types ^

    The ovarian cyst is a benign tumor with fluid contents that looks like a capsule that forms in the ovary structure and increases it in size. On the occurrence of cysts on the ovary, the following symptoms are prevented:

    • Cycle failure or irregular menstruation;
    • Drawing pains in the lower abdomen;
    • Abdominal pain during intercourse;
    • Soreness, unusual menstruation.

    The most common factors contributing to the appearance of cysts on the ovary are:

    • Early menstruation;
    • Obesity;
    • Frequent abortions;
    • Hormonal and endocrine disorders.

    The ovarian cyst is classified into the following forms - follicular( functional), luteal or yellow body, endometrioid, dermoid, parovarial epiglottis, polycystic, serous, mucinous and hemorrhagic cysts.

    Traditional methods of treatment of ovarian cysts can reduce the size of the neoplasm, reduce their number and eliminate the imbalance of the hormonal background. Folk remedies used for the treatment of cysts differ from pharmacological drugs by naturalness, safety and the absence of side effects. The main treatment of ovarian cysts with folk remedies involves the use of herbal medicines, beekeeping products and various oils.

    Treatment of ovarian cysts at home requires regular and continuous use of procedures for which it is necessary to prepare special home-made tampons and decoctions for internal use.

    Treatment after removal of the ovarian cyst

    Treatment after removal of the ovarian cyst in the early days involves taking anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic drugs.

    For normalization of the hormonal background and as a prevention of exacerbations, patients are prescribed oral contraceptives for a certain time. To resort to folk medicine after surgical intervention on the ovaries is desirable only after consultation with the attending physician.

    Ovarian cysts: treatment without surgery with folk remedies ^

    Folk treatment of ovarian cysts: home recipes

    Endometrioid ovarian cyst: treatment

    Mix fresh guelderdish juice with flowery natural honey in equal proportions, after which you should take the medicine as follows:

    • First week -half a teaspoonevery morning:
    • Second, third week - by ch.l.twice a day( morning, evening);
    • Fourth week - on st.l.in the morning and in the evening.

    After a week of rest, the procedure is repeated in the reverse order.

    Follicular cyst of the ovary: treatment of

    • Borovoe uterus( st.l), put in a glass deep container, pour a glass of boiling water and heat for 20 minutes in a water bath.
    • After the broth is consumed for three hours, it should be filtered and taken for a couple of months daily according to st.l.not less than five times.

    Ovarian Yellow Ovarian Cyst: Treatment of

    • Mix on a spoonful of tansy, clover, bearberry, mint, mother-and-stepmother, roots of badana, then two tablespoons.put the herbs in a thermos, pour them 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave overnight.
    • In the morning, extract the infusion and take four times every day in an amount of 1/3 cup.

    Functional ovarian cyst: treatment

    • Collect equal parts of the string, wormwood, nettle, shepherd's bags, chamomile, yarrow, elecampane root.
    • Two tbsp.put herbs in a thermos, pour a liter of boiling water and insist for the night( day).Take the medicine you receive on a half cup three times each day for 25-30 days.

    Paraovarial ovarian cyst: treatment

    • Mix fresh linden honey with aloe juice in equal proportions, then moisten the mixture with a gauze swab and insert into the vagina for 15 minutes.
    • 50 gr. Brush red pour a liter of vodka, insist about two weeks, then take twice a day for ch.l.before meals.

    Ovarian dermoid cyst: treatment

    • Collect collection of herbs - 10 gr. Each.calyx bark, flax seed, wheatgrass calendula and 20 gr.birch leaf.
    • From the collection take st.l.herbs, pour it in a glass of boiling water, place for 10 minutes in a water bath, then cool and strain.
    • Use the broth in small portions throughout the day.

    Serous ovarian cyst: treatment

    • Place on low heat 50 ml sea buckthorn oil with st.l.beeswax. After the mixture boils, add crushed egg yolks with ch.l.juice aloe, then boil another minute.
    • After removal from the fire, the mixture should be cooled, well filtered, applied to a gauze pad and injected into the vagina for the night.

    Luteal ovarian cyst: treatment

    • A handful of acacia flowers pour a liter of vodka, put it in a dark place for a month.
    • After the expiration of this time, it should be filtered and taken three times daily before meals on the teaspoon for 3 months.

    Haemorrhagic ovarian cyst: treatment

    • From the leaves of an ordinary burdock squeeze juice, strain and take two teaspoons every two hours.
    • Take two tablespoons.collecting( nettle, hawthorn, currant, thyme), put in a thermos, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave overnight. Take the broth should be at least half a glass at least three times daily.

    Treatment of ovarian cysts with honey

    • Place two teaspoons on a wide bandage.flower honey, then fold it in two layers, tie it with a strong thread and insert the gauze as deep as possible into the vagina.
    • The procedure is preferably carried out overnight.

    Treatment of ovarian cysts with celandine

    • In 250 ml of boiling water place st.l.celandine for three to five seconds, then remove from heat and insist an hour. Art.strained broth diluted in a glass of water and a drink.
    • This medicine should be taken about three times a day for about a week.

    Treatment of ovarian cysts with herbs

    • Grind and mix equal parts of the next herb - motherwort, guinea fowl, nettle, fruits of mountain ash, pink rhodiola root, chamomile, cuffs.
    • To a liter of boiling water, place three tablespoons.collecting and hold on the fire for 10 minutes, after which the broth should be placed in the thermos for 6 hours.
    • A strained broth should be taken three times a day with 150 ml of honey.
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    Prevention and useful advice how to prevent the formation of ovarian cysts ^

    According to doctors, ovarian cysts in women can be avoided by adhering to simple preventive recommendations:

    • Regularly visit a gynecologist for preventive examination;
    • Avoid stress;
    • Do not overcool;
    • Adhere to a healthy lifestyle;
    • Take vitamin and mineral complexes.