• The Girl Chumazai

    According to A. Barto and P. Barto


    Purpose. Teach children of simple actions to create a story, attract to active participation in the game. To bring up the desire to always be pure.

    Characters. The presenter, the girl is smeared.

    Material. Large doll of washable material, toiletry items: bath or basin with warm water, soap, sponge, towel, clean linen, clothes.

    The course of the game. Bring a doll-zamarushku, sit it in front of children. Sit yourself among them. Look at the doll and wonder how dirty it is. Try to cause the children to have a negative attitude towards the slut. When playing the game for the first time, perform all the roles yourself.

    Lead. Oh, you little girl, smeared, where did you smear your hands so? Black hands;on the elbows - the tracks. The girl is smacking. I was lying in the sun, holding my hands up. Here they are also tanned.

    It's time to laugh with the children over the naive lie of dirty. But the presenter continues to ask the girl.

    Moderator. Oh, you little girl, smearing, where did you soap the nose? The tip of the nose is black, as if smoked. The girl is smacking. I was in the sun, my nose was up. So he's sunburned.

    The presenter shows the children how the girl held the nose, and contagiously laughs, so that the children laughed too. Continues with them to look at a slob.

    Lead. Oh you, the girl smacking, legs smeared in the stripes, not a girl, but a zebra, legs - like a Negro.

    Everyone looks at her with a smile, but judgingly.

    Girl smearing. I was in the sun, keeping my heels up. Here they are also tanned.

    Everyone laughs.

    Leader( shaking his head).Well, give us a soap, we'll wipe it off.

    Oh, is it? Was it so? Wash everything to a drop. Come on, give me the soap!

    One of the children serves soap. The leader lathers a loofah and washes the doll.

    Lead. Loudly the girl screamed as she saw the bast, scratched like a cat. .. Girl smearing. Do not touch your hands!

    They will not be white: they are tanned! Lead( shows the doll to the children).And your hands are washed.

    ( Continues to wash the girl, involving children in these actions.)

    Wiped her nose with a sponge - she broke into tears. .. She smeared the girl. Oh, my poor nose!

    He can not stand the soap! He will not be white: He's tanned!

    Lead. Well, children, let's see: the nose is also washed!(Washes a doll's feet with one of the children.) Washed the stripes - screamed in a loud voice. .. The girl was smearing. Oh, I'm afraid of tickling!

    Remove the brushes! There will be no heels white, they are tanned!

    Everyone laughs. The leader shows the children that the heels have also been washed. Raises the doll, wipes it with the child with a towel.

    Everything. Now you're white,

    . Not tanned at all.

    It was all mud.

    The leader, along with the children, dresses the doll and gives them a play.

    In the repeated game, ask the children to speak for the doll, wash it - first with your help, and then yourself. Gradually, the children, remembering the words, conduct a dialogue themselves. You become a director.

    To keep your interest in the game, enter new characters - toys( a cat, a duckling, a dog, etc.) that will express surprise at the stink and condemn her naive attempts to lead the kids.

    During the washing of children, the doll - always clean, tidy - may be interested in whether the children have washed themselves well, or wiped dry. You can use some stanzas of the poem.

    Screen for driving bibaboo dolls, ways of attaching characters to the hand.

    Various ways of the device of a screen: in an opening of a window( puppet representations it is possible to show on a window sill);you can use a cardboard box.