• Two avid teddy bears

    Based on the Hungarian fairy tale in the treatment of A. Krasnov and V. Vazhdaev


    Purpose. Continue to develop interest in fiction. To learn to notice and understand various means of expressiveness - epithets, comparisons, etc.;to recognize in silhouettes and shadows the characteristic images of characters;evaluate heroes - cunning, greedy, stupid, trusting;empathize with the characters, tell them how to behave in difficult cases.

    Characters. Lead, bear, two cubs, fox.

    Material. Screen and lighting, silhouettes of characters and scenery for the theater: tall firs, bear, bear cubs - small, slightly grown up( in two variants - separately and fighting for the head of cheese), a fox with large and small pieces of cheese in both hands, a fox withtiny pieces of cheese( they can be cut from paper, you need to make several flat pieces of different sizes).

    The following entries are required for musical design: "Hungarian folk melody", processing by L.Vishkarev;"In the Forest", "Bear" by E.Tilicheeva;"Bunnies and the fox"( fox) by G. Finarovsky.

    The course of the game. For the first time, with the help of riddles and poems, interest children in the upcoming performance and at the same time recall typical features of familiar images: foxes, bears, bear cubs.

    Where does he live? In the most frequent, the most-real. There he walks, sleeps there, and there he grows his children.(Bear)

    Look at what, everything burns like gold.

    Goes in a fur coat expensive, a tail fluffy and big.

    On the dodge master. What is the name of it?. .

    ( Fox)

    Tell the guys that they will now look at the fairy tale of simple-hearted bears and a cunning fox. This is a Hungarian folk tale, called " Two greedy cubs ".

    First, take on all roles. When reading the text, select epithets, figurative expressions, accompanying it with a show of the shadow theater.

    Lead. On the other side of the glass mountains, beyond the silken meadow stood an untrodden, unprecedented dense forest, in the oldest one there used to live an old bear.(Shows it on the screen, at the same time it includes a musical record corresponding to the image.) She had two sons.(Shows the kids, accompanied by other music.) When the cubs have grown( shows new figures of cubs), they decided to go around the world looking for happiness. At first they went to their mother and, as expected, said goodbye to her. Held the old bear of the sons and punished them. ..

    Bear. Do not offend each other and never leave.

    Moderator. The cubs promised to fulfill the mother's order and started on the road-road. They walked on and on. And the day went on, and the other walked. Finally, they had all their supplies. And the cubs were hungry. Drowsily they walked side by side. Younger bear cub complained:

    - Eh, brother, how much I want to eat!

    The senior bear cub answered. .. What did he say, children?

    Children. And I want to!

    Lead. So they all went and went and suddenly found a round head of cheese. They wanted to divide it equally, but they could not. Greed overcame cubs: each was afraid that another will get more. They argued, growled, and suddenly the fox came up to them.(Includes her musical part.)

    Fox( insinuatingly).What are you arguing about, young people?

    Lead. Bear cubs told her about their trouble. Children, what did they say to the fox?(Listens to the answers of the children.)

    Fox( joyfully, but cunningly).What a misfortune! Let me divide you the cheese equally: me that the younger, that the elder - all one.

    Lead. The cubs were delighted: "That's good, then!" The fox took the cheese and broke it into two parts. But I split the head so that one piece was bigger than the other.(Shows, asks the children which piece is bigger, which is less.) Praises them for their observation, says that the cubs also noticed the uneven pieces.)

    Teddy bear( vying with each other).This one is more!

    Lead. The fox reassured them.

    Fox. Hush, young people! And this trouble - it does not matter. Now I'll fix it.

    Lead. She took a good bite from most of it and swallowed it. That's cunning! Now the smaller piece is bigger. ..( Turns the fox image so as to change the pieces in places, for example if there was a bigger piece in the right hand, after turning it will be in place of a smaller piece, and in the right hand the cheese will seem smaller., attaching pieces of velvet paper.)

    Teddy bears worried: "And so it is not smooth!" The fox reassured them.

    Fox. Well, full, I know my own business!

    Lead. And she took a bite out of most of it. Now the larger piece became smaller.(He turns the fox image again and asks the children to compare the pieces again.)

    Teddy bear. And so it is not exactly!

    Lead."Yes you will!" - said the fox, with difficulty moving his tongue, because her mouth was stuffed with delicious cheese. A fox. Still very little - and will be fifty-fifty.

    Lead. The fox continued to divide the cheese( turns the fox to see which hand is bigger now, in what less cheese), and the cubs only drove back and forth with black noses, from a larger piece to a smaller one, from a smaller one to a larger one. As long as the fox did not eat enough, she shared and shared everything. But the pieces were equal, and the cubs almost did not have any cheese: two tiny pieces.

    Fox. Well, though by and by, but equally! Enjoy your appetite, cubs!(Giggles, waves his tail and runs away.)

    Lead. So something happens to those who are greedy! How would you share the cheese with each other? What would the fox say?(Listens to the answers of the children.)

    But silly bear cubs need to be fed.(Reads the poem by G. Boyko.)

    Lead. Bear cubs I took,

    I planted at the table. Children. Help, bear cubs,

    Eat honey, good, sweet! In e. And they sit themselves

    And do not eat a drop. Although they love honey, But can not open their mouth.

    At the beginning of the second game you can use other poems and riddles.

    This time, encourage the children to express their own words for the characters. Invite them to name the cubs by their names, and if they want, they will give names to both the bear and the fox. Help them choose the names that would express the character traits of the characters.

    If the guys do not want to play the role of cunning and greedy characters, come up with them new adventures of bear cubs and foxes. For example, the cubs found honey in the hollow, met a hungry rabbit, saw a sick fox, went back to the bear who was worried about them, etc.

    Shadow theater accessories: a television set( made of cardboard bent into three parts), a light source- table lamp. The screen of the shadow theater can be arranged in the doorway.