• Treatment of dry cough in adults: drugs and folk remedies

    The most common disease is a cold, accompanied by fever, coughing, runny nose and other symptoms.

    Cough occurs when breathing in foreign bodies, sputum or mucus. Reflex cough helps to clear lungs and bronchi from foreign components and physically protects the body.

    However, often in patients there is a dry cough, when there is no sputum and much pershit in the throat. Patients complain of shortness of breath, anxiety, night cough, suffocation, choking in the throat. Hence, there is insomnia, a nervous system disorder and headaches.

    What is the cause of the cough? Any infectious disease leads to inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract, resulting in a dry or wet cough. Dry cough is unproductive, debilitating for the body.

    If treatment yields results, and dry cough attacks decrease, then the cough becomes wet. In other words, mucus and sputum leave, which significantly improves the patient's condition. If the dry type of cough does not pass, it is necessary to change the tactics of treatment urgently.
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    It is especially important not to waste time in the diseases of young children. Dry cough may indicate pneumonia or other serious illnesses. The nature of the disease can be determined by the characteristic features of a cough. If the coughing is loud, barking, there may be a viral disease.

    A deaf cough can indicate diseases such as pulmonary tuberculosis( see symptoms of tuberculosis) or swelling. A nasal cough is a symptom of pertussis and is more common in children.

    Causes of dry cough

    Often smokers complain of a sore throat and dry cough. Nicotine damages the respiratory system, which leads to chronic inflammatory diseases. In addition, people with chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract( pharyngitis, bronchitis) with negative external factors cough, they have discomfort in the throat.

    Causes of dry cough:

    • laryngitis;
    • tracheitis;
    • bronchitis or asthma;
    • pleurisy;
    • whooping cough;
    • infectious diseases;
    • tumor.
    With laryngitis, the mucous membrane of the larynx inflames, and with tracheitis, the trachea envelope. Bronchitis is a bronchial disease that can be complicated by bronchial asthma. Dry cough with bronchitis passes into another form, becomes wet, if proper treatment is prescribed. After a couple of days, mucus and phlegm leave, pain in the chest passes with deep inspiration.

    Pleurisy is characterized by dry cough and sharp pains in the side. In whooping cough, there is a severe dry cough, the disease is more common in children up to 14-15 years.

    In case of infections of the upper respiratory tract or any inflammation, a dry cough may appear. Against the background of other signs of the inflammatory process - fever, a cold, a burning sensation in the nose, sore throat can dry cough. Also, a dry, deep cough accompanies oncological diseases and a lung tumor.

    Apparently, there are many reasons for dry cough. And if you can try to restore the functions of the respiratory tract with folk remedies( tea, warm milk), then more complex diseases require medical care.

    Other possible causes of dry cough include diseases such as croup, tuberculosis, aortic aneurysm, heart failure, lupus erythematosus, bronchospasm. Do not forget that taking certain medicines has a side effect - the appearance of a dry cough. These drugs include drugs to reduce blood pressure.

    The possibility of continuing treatment with such medications depends on the frequency of coughing attacks and the overall well-being of the patient. The doctor can cancel these drugs and prescribe other drugs.

    Treatment of dry cough in adults

    Cough caused by infections and inflammatory processes is treated successfully only when the cause of the disease is known. Sometimes cough should be softened, or suppressed, and with a dry cough it is important to improve expectoration. For this purpose, mucolytics are prescribed for an abundant drinking regimen.

    Cough is advisable for getting rid of harmful microbes and foreign objects that are excreted with phlegm. If there is an unproductive dry cough that exhausts with insomnia and pain, then it must be treated immediately.

    For the treatment of dry cough drugs and physiotherapy are used. Good help is inhalation over essential oils. The pharmacy sells a product based on herbal preparations - Ingalar, which has proven itself in the treatment of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, a chest massage, oxygen foams, UHF are prescribed.

    As for medicines, antispasmodics, sedatives, mucolytics, antitussives and antibacterial drugs are used. If the cough is caused by the ingress of an allergen into the bronchi, then first of all it is necessary to eliminate contact with the negative factor. Dry cough may occur if inhaled detergents, animal hair, house dust or plant pollen( see blooming allergy).In this case, antihistamines and sorbents are added to the complex for treatment.

    Sometimes patients complain that at night they are suffering from cough and perspiration in the throat. In the supine position, when the pressure in the pulmonary vessels increases, a dry cough begins. This course of the disease is associated with insufficient work of the heart muscle. Accordingly, treatment is prescribed to maintain the vegetative-vascular system and the heart.

    With excessive nervous tension, there is a violation of bronchial patency. Psycho-emotional overloads can also cause a dry cough. In this case, prescribe sedatives and antitussives.

    The main principle of treating dry cough is to eliminate the cause of the disease. To as soon as possible to save the patient from a dry cough, he is prescribed mucolytic drugs that help to sputum and cleanse the lungs and bronchi. To suppress cough, sometimes prescribed weak drugs( morphine, codeine), but only if other drugs have proved ineffective.

    Treatment of dry cough by folk methods

    If you develop a dry cough in adults and suspect a cold, you must take warm milk with the addition of soda or tea with lemon. Ascorbic acid or vitamin C in the first hours of the disease plays an important role in the suppression of the disease. Therefore, you should use tea with the addition of lime, black currant, raspberries. Antibacterial and regenerating properties of vitamin C help to cope with viral and bacterial infection.

    To get rid of pharyngitis and laryngitis, you need to gargle several times a day with a solution of soda, salt and iodine. Lubricate the tonsils with lugol solution. It is recommended to take broths from licorice root, mother-stepmother, elecampane, thyme, chamomile and marigold. Collection of herbs - "Elekasol" includes useful and medicinal herbs from dry and wet cough. Decoction of herbs can rinse the throat and take inside 1/2 glass three times a day. For the treatment of dry cough, warm milk with the addition of cocoa butter helps. It is important to soften and moisturize the larynx. And in the room you need to create a wet microclimate. A mixture of radish and honey, thyme and anise extract also helps.

    If you suspect a bronchitis( see treatment of bronchitis) you can do inhalations based on eucalyptus, essential oils, coniferous extracts, lemon balm. As well, inhalation is helped over crushed garlic or grated onions. Compresses from boiled potatoes in a peel remarkably warm and help the sputum discharge.

    They are cooked simply: boiled potatoes are put on gauze, lightly sprinkled with alcohol, and applied to the chest. The top is covered with polyethylene and a warm towel. Hold the compress for about an hour. Use for a compress as a cabbage leaf( previously dropped into boiling water) with the addition of honey. Such a compress can be done both for adults and children.

    The most important for dry cough - bed rest, moist air, intake of mineral water, tea with lemon or raspberry, diet food. Cleanliness in the house and wet cleaning will help to eliminate the effect of allergens. In case if folk remedies are ineffective, it is necessary to connect medication.

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