• Treatment of eczema with folk remedies

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    Treating eczema with folk remedies: recipes.

    To start treating eczema, one should only consider how a dermatologist diagnoses a disease.

    In this case, the success of therapy will depend on the integrated use of medicines prescribed by a doctor and tested by the vital practice of popular folk remedies.

    What is Eczema: Causes and Symptoms ^

    Eczema is an allergic inflammatory skin disease of acute or chronic form.

    Its occurrence is facilitated by:

    • disorders in metabolism,
    • endocrine diseases,
    • stresses,
    • hereditary predisposition,
    • chemical or thermal allergens or irritants.

    Eczema is divided into the following types: damp, dry, seborrhoeic, varicose, microbial, professional, atopic, contact and dishydrotopic.

    The following general symptoms correspond to any form:

    • Redness and swelling of the skin;
    • Appearance of rash in the form of vesicles;
    • Severe itching, burning on the affected area of ​​the skin;
    • Crust formation.

    Folk treatment of eczema offers the use of various products of plant, mineral and animal origin. To reduce any manifestations of this disease, the following folk remedies for the treatment of eczema are recommended:

    • Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic medicinal plants;
    • Soothing and healing oils;
    • General strengthening berry decoctions;
    • Bee products.

    In addition, home treatment for eczema welcomes the use of such universal tools as baking soda, cabbage, potatoes, vinegar, raw eggs and other foods. Treatment of eczema at home allows you to work on the disease not only with the help of medications prescribed by a doctor, but also folk techniques, consisting of taking baths or baths, applying applications, applying lotions and consuming decoctions.

    The main factors that accompany eczema in adults are persistent stresses or the effects of various chemical stimuli. The first step to eliminating this problem will be the elimination of eczema-provoking factors. Then it is necessary to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the doctor, and also, if possible, apply popular means.

    Effective treatment of eczema at home: folk recipes ^

    Treating eczema: homemade recipes.

    Treatment of eczema in children

    Pediatric eczema can be triggered by a genetic predisposition, broken digestion or external stimuli in the form of fluff, wool or dust.

    Clinical manifestations of the disease cover first the child's cheeks, elbows or knee folds and only if untimely therapy spots begin to spread to the face, neck and other skin areas.

    In addition to antihistamines and antiseptic drugs, the treatment of eczema with home remedies - herbal baths, washings and lotions - will be invaluable to the child.

    Treatment of dry eczema

    • Fir oil mixed with badger fat and periodically lubricate diseased skin;
    • Sea buckthorn oil should be applied to the affected area at night.

    Treatment of moccasive eczema

    • Mix oak bark, horsetail, St. John's wort, cattail and trefoil. Then st.l. Collect brew in a glass of boiling water, moisten the cotton wool in it and make compresses on the wet places;
    • Sterile gauze soak in the Kalanchoe juice and apply it on the wetting area.

    Treatment of microbial eczema

    • Mix 10 gr.calendula, birch kidney, string, nettle and St. John's wort;
    • Ст.л.raw 250 ml of boiling water for two hours;
    • Cotton disc moisten in herbal infusion and make lotions, soak them for 30 minutes on each stretch;
    • In addition, this broth is recommended to take three times 50 ml daily.

    Treatment of disgidicheskoy eczema

    • In a diluted water eucalyptus tincture 1: 1 moisten the bandage and apply to a sore spot for 10 minutes;
    • Mix sea buckthorn oil with rosehip oil 3: 1 and lubricate the affected area twice a day.

    Treatment of seborrheic eczema

    • Powdered oak bark brewed in boiling water in a thermos in a proportion of 1: 4, then add a little honey and stir. The resulting infusion should be rubbed into the roots of the hair, standing for about an hour;
    • Prepare a strong decoction from a dried willow and use it as a rinse after washing.

    Treatment of varicose eczema

    • Fresh cabbage leaf to fight off, attach to the lesion focus, fix and leave for the night;
    • Kashitsu, obtained from raw potatoes, put on gauze and fix it on the sick skin.

    Treatment of eczema of hands

    • Fresh birch leaves brew with steep boiling water and in the broth obtained keep sick hands 10-15 minutes;
    • Fresh leaves of mother-and-stepmother chopped in a meat grinder, mixed with warm( steam) milk and used as a night compress.

    Treatment of eczema on the legs

    • In fresh carrot juice, soak gauze and fix it on the aching leg area;
    • 2 tsp. Shredded minced fruits in boiling water( 200 ml) and used in the form of appliqués on aching legs.

    Treatment of eczema on the face

    • Mix aloe juice with honey, apply to the face and do not rinse for an hour;
    • 100 gr. Eucalyptus brew a glass of boiling water and strain. Drink decoction should be washed face.

    Treatment of eczema of feet

    • Ripe strawberries to mash, attach to the foot, fasten with a bandage and stand for one hour;
    • 400 gr.starch diluted in cold water, then pour into a tub of hot water and lower your legs for 15 minutes.

    Treatment of eczema with ointments

    • Prepared mixture of st.l.tar of birch, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and 3 tablespoons of cod liver oil should be used as daily lubrications of affected foci;
    • Mix 30 gr.chamomile, Ivan - tea and burdock. Pour the herb with a liter of water, put on fire, boil, insist half an hour and strain. Then add the broth hay( two glasses) and st.l. Butter. The mixture must be boiled again until thick. The resulting composition lubricate the affected areas.

    Treatment of eczema with medicinal plants

    • Mix 1: 1 alternating with cowberry leaves, pour a couple of glasses of boiling water for three hours. Use a decoction every day three times before eating 70 ml each;
    • Prepare a collection of verbena, oak bark, blackberry leaves, marigold and horsetail. Then st.l.herbs pour cold water in a volume of 250 ml and boil for 10 minutes. In the broth moisten cotton wool and apply to the sore spots.
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    Prophylaxis and useful advice on how to prevent the onset of eczema ^

    Preventive measures that prevent the appearance of eczema are:

    • Regular release of the body from toxins, cholesterol and toxins;
    • Hygiene compliance;
    • Elimination of possible allergens;
    • Timely treatment of any skin diseases;
    • Competent treatment of abrasions with scratches;
    • Carrying wet cleaning in protective gloves;
    • The use of sedatives during high emotional stress.