• School of Wisdom

    It is unlikely that we will thicken the colors, if we say that in the age of the atom many people have turned into unique robots, biorobots. They deny everything except science and technology, they do not care. And the spiritual values ‚Äč‚Äčaccumulated by mankind, and the feelings experienced by people. They are not interested in books, or rather, fiction, theater, cinema, painting. .. Wander around the world like blind people. Deprived of much that makes a person a person. And it's our parents who are to blame. Time did not manage to develop in the child a sense of beauty, did not help him enter the art world, did not want to read, music, plays.

    The family in which the baby is growing, before the school, can acquaint him with the masterpieces of human genius, teach to see the picture, understand the music, the beauty of the poetic line, love the theater. No, we will not talk about encyclopaedic parents, who can understand all kinds of art and literature. We are talking about something else: in the worries that a daughter or son should be full, fashionably dressed, one should not lose sight of the main thing-the upbringing of a soul capable of further improvement. That is, give a push, and the child himself will understand, for example, Pushkin. In the opinion of literary scholars, Pushkin brought up to this day forms the reader's tastes. But in order for the great

    poet to educate, your son must pick up a book of his poems. And then the lines created by the genius will reveal the most important thing in life, make the teenager spiritually richer, morally higher. The same tales Pushkin or Russian folk tales. ..

    Heroes of fairy tales - strong, courageous, clever - always awaken in the child noble feelings. Here and brilliant humor, and simplicity. And there is never vulgarity. Even if the tales are short, like Kurochka Ryaba, just for what seemed to be composed, so that for a moment to take the baby. But under the beneficial influence of their taste.

    And the songs that sounded like a child? Scientists say that the child hears tunes before birth. In any case, from the first days of life the infant falls asleep, and opens his eyes to the tender voice of his mother. The songs make the character of your children kinder, awaken the desire to stand up for the truth, fight against the dark forces. Nowadays, we forget the lullabies that our mother sang to us-modern methods focus on strictness in the upbringing of children, it is not recommended to rock the baby, etc. We forgot how to sing without a feast, just by holding a child in our arms. Songs leave us, sometimes unpretentious, but invariably touching the heart. It's a pity!

    "Every day," said the outstanding teacher of our time, V. Sukhomlinsky, "should enrich the mind, feelings, the will of people. Getting acquainted with books, theatrical productions, musical works, films, art, the child passes a kind of school of wisdom, he learns to correctly, humanly perceive everything that surrounds him, comprehend such concepts as Homeland, feat. .. "

    We will not touch uponall issues of cultural development of children. Let us first take the educational role of literature. The book accompanies us from an early age. Teenagers immerse themselves in the world of "Children of Captain Grant", "Robinson Crusoe", "Ivanhoe", "Three Musketeers", get acquainted with Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. A little later we are fascinated with "How steel was tempered", "Les Miserables", "Gadfly".We would like to say that children willingly read the classics - the novels of Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Balzac, Cervantes, Swift. But we are not sure whether they always read? About how the family introduces the child to reading, and now we will speak.