Treatment of cardiovascular disease of a substance of organic and inorganic origin of cardiac pain by folk remedies and methods

  • Treatment of cardiovascular disease of a substance of organic and inorganic origin of cardiac pain by folk remedies and methods

    Copper. With pains in the heart area, copper disks or coins help well. Their pantry in the subclavian fossa and fixed with adhesive plaster for 10 days. Heart pain usually stops on the 7th-10th day.

    If the pain is caused by iodinefarction cardiosclerosis or ischemic disease, copper disks or coins are placed on the collar zone for 4-5 days.

    With extrasystoles and arrhythmias, copper plates or coins are placed directly on the heart area and attached with a bandage or adhesive plaster for a period of 6 hours to 4 days. If, when removed, the plates "stick" to the body, it is a sign that the treatment has been chosen correctly and should be continued.

    Patients should be remembered that if the body is poisoned by drugs( especially antibiotics or hormonal drugs), then the copper plates do not adhere well to the body and they should be properly banded. But poor adhesion of copper disks is not an indication of the inefficiency of treatment.

    Copper discs and coins that are used for applications must be periodically cleaned with chalk or tooth powder. Then they are washed with cold water and soap.

    Sometimes in the treatment of copper plates in patients there is an interesting phenomenon: the copper plate spontaneously changes its location and "moves" a few centimeters to the side. This indicates that the treatment is prescribed correctly, but the plate is placed in the wrong place. The organism itself "corrects" the patient.

    Treatment with copper disks in inattentive or unintentional use can cause poisoning: if dizziness and headaches occur, metallic taste in the mouth should be discontinued.

    Apple cider vinegar. In his book "Treatment with raw vegetable juices," Dr. N. Walker talks about the results that are achieved with the treatment of apple cider vinegar:

    healing and purification of blood vessels;

    improves blood clotting;

    improves the reproduction of red blood cells.

    To achieve this effect, 2-3 times a day, drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, diluted with a glass of water. Treatment with vinegar, among other things, well helps with all types of bleeding( hemorrhoidal, uterine, nasal, etc.).Vinegar is a source of potassium, and in heart diseases, the amount of potassium is always reduced( usually cardiac patients are prescribed potassium preparations( potassium orotate, etc.), especially in patients with chronic heart failure who take diuretic drugs that take urine from the

    of the body a lot of potassium, and with its lack of pain in the heart muscle

    Milk. The blood vessels can be cleaned of lime and other deposits with the help of milk and garlic. This recipe was found about 20 years agoand the excavations, the recipe itself is about 3 thousand years old. The treatment regimen and the procedure for preparation of the medication, see the chapter "Treatment of atherosclerosis."

    Mumiye: In heart diseases and vascular diseases, the mum is prescribed in the following dosages:

    1. Myocardial infarction-0.2 g.3 times per day, on the course - 6-18 g

    2. Cardiac asthma - 0.1 g 2 times a day, on the course - 12-36 g.

    3. Hemorrhoids - 0,2-0,5 gTake overnight. On the course - 6-12 y.

    4. Brain stroke - 0,2-0,3 g. 2 times a day. On the course-12-54,

    5. Neurosis of the heart and nervous diseases - at 0.2 g take at night. On the course - 6-18 g.

    6. Rheumatism - for 0.2 g take at night. Rinse affected areas with a solution of mummy until the skin is blackened once in 3 days. In total, you need to do 5 sessions. On the course - 6-24 g.