How to attract a former guy - how to attract the attention of the former

  • How to attract a former guy - how to attract the attention of the former

    We all dream of love. Love is mutual. .. Some of us try to hide our feelings carefully, while others are not afraid to talk openly about them. There are also single people who have never loved in their lives, but secretly dream about it.

    When there comes a long-awaited time of falling in love, it seems that for happiness there is no limit. Irrepressible emotions in the heart, strong embraces of a loved one, butterflies in the stomach. .. But in a rather large number of couples it happens that everything changes radically. There is a sense of distance from each other. And then what? And then a broken relationship, and the departure of a beloved person.

    Difficult question

    Disadvantages of your favorite

    Of course, no one would like to believe that in the break of any relationship, two people are to blame, not just the one who decided to leave. After all, love is, above all, a union of a man and a woman - two people. Hence, all the joys, sorrows, mistakes and so on must be divided in half.

    There are few women who are ready to let go of their beloved just like that. Most likely, almost everyone will think about how to return the former guy?

    How to attract a former guy, the question is quite complicated. And at the very beginning of thinking it would be superfluous to understand why you need it at all. Remember all the pluses, and most importantly, the minuses of your relationship. Was everything fine? All of you completely satisfied?

    And you must decide not by a loving heart, but by reason. What did you have in recent times: simple affection or true love? Love in return is not necessary, in addition, this feeling presupposes choice and freedom. Of course, it's possible to attract a former guy, but who will give you a guarantee that after a while he will not leave you again, breaking his heart even more?

    If you firmly decide to return your ex-lover, you need to learn to look at him without rose-colored glasses. That is, you must understand that there are no ideal people, and each of us has a lot of shortcomings. Are you ready to put up with the negative features of your lover? Do not hope that he could change. Unfortunately, people do not change. If you think that you can somehow positively influence him, do not flatter yourself! No man will change until he himself will not want to.

    Action Plan

    Action Plan for Return

    To return the former guy, you need to follow these tips:

    1. Improve your appearance and not only it. Your loved one should see you irresistible, beautiful. You can make a new hairstyle, change the hair color( men love when women change), try a beautiful, but unusual make-up, dress nicely. When a man sees you like that, he will understand that he has lost a lot and, probably, wants to return everything.
    2. Approach for convergence You need to get closer to your loved one. Of course, this does not imply keeping an eye on him and stalking under the windows of the house. Try to meet by chance, for example, at the birthday of a common acquaintance. In general, you must again become a part of his life.
    3. Be fun and full of vitality. This will be useful not only for your relationship, but for yourself. The former must see that you absolutely do not worry because of his departure, but live to the full, rejoicing every day. This is sure to be interesting for him and will greatly hurt his pride.
    4. Calling Jealousy You can even a little to stimulate his jealousy with the help of cute friends. Just do not go far, otherwise your loved one will decide that such a frivolous girl does not need him. A little flirting is the maximum that you can give out when communicating with other young people. This method will warm up the interest of your boyfriend and make him understand that you are an interesting girl who very much likes other men.
    5. Try to communicate with him as much as possible. Let only be friendly. First you can talk not often, but more and more tying it to yourself. Do not talk about your relationship and his departure. It can only frighten him away.

    Remember: you should never go back to where you started. Go ahead, despite the past unpleasant experience. When you manage to get on normal communication, you can assume that the first victory is obtained. Now gently show your loved one that he is still not indifferent to you. Take some action for rapprochement, but in no case do not push. This behavior, on the contrary, will alienate him.

    Magic in the course of


    There are many girls who are ready for anything to return their beloved. There is even magic in the course. Do you believe that? It does not matter what your answer is, it is important that you do not in any way resort to the help of "sorcerers".The spell they can offer you is nothing more than zombification.

    In addition, any actions associated with black magic, can after some time be very bad for you and your life. Therefore, whatever would be the temptation for only one session of magic to return the former love, you do not need to do this.

    If you are destined to be with a particular person, you will be with him. Maybe not now, but after a while.