What to do if the nail is broken - what actions to take when breaking the nail

  • What to do if the nail is broken - what actions to take when breaking the nail

    Well-groomed and beautiful hands are the real pride of every girl. Perfect manicure and unusual nail design create a harmonious image.

    Recently, it is popular to build nails and strengthen their surface with various materials. Every second girl walks with narcotic nails. This manicure looks very impressive and requires care only once a month.

    However, an advanced nail can accidentally break down. For every girl this becomes a big problem. What to do if the nail is broken? Do not immediately panic and cut the rest of the nails. The situation can be completely corrected.

    Cosmetic repair of the nail extensions

    Saw nail

    No matter how the build-up was performed. No material( tipa, form, acrylic) guarantees the strength of the coating.

    In the event of a breakdown, many experts recommend completely restore the entire manicure. However, there is no urgent need for this.

    Please note! At home, you can easily cope with the problem.

    Let's consider a simple method of restoring an ideal manicure. It takes quite a bit of time, and the effect from it is simply astounding.

    For work we will need the following tools:

    • Saw
    • Transparent lacquer
    • Super glue or glue 101
    • Sachet from tea
    Nail repair yourself

    Getting started:

    1. We need an empty tea bag, so carefully open it and pour out the tea leaves. Now cut out of it a strip, equal in size to the cleave on the nail.
    2. Treat nail with a nail file.
    3. Apply a drop of glue to the nail and press a paper strip into it.
    4. Top with glue.
    5. Wait for the adhesive to dry and apply another 1 coat.
    6. After the glue dries, gently cut the paper around the edges of the nail.
    7. Treat the surface with a nail file.
    8. Remove any excess glue with a nail polish remover.
    9. Apply a layer of clear varnish on the top to fix it.
    Please note! To prevent the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the nail cavity, it is necessary to treat the site of breakage with any antiseptic agent( lidocaine, hydrogen peroxide).

    Serious nail breakdown

    Contact the nail salon

    If the breakage is serious and simple patch is indispensable, it is recommended to treat the nail with an antiseptic and seal with a medical plaster. This will prevent damage to the cavity of the nail plate.

    Next, you should seek professional help in the nail salon.


    Glue nail varnish
    • If you damaged the nail at a party, ask if anyone has a clear nail polish. Find the paper napkin and seal the place of breakage. Secure the napkin with a varnish.
    • The place of the fault can be sealed with a usual clear varnish and after drying, apply a colored coating.
    • Contact the nail salon. You will be professionally built with natural materials, such as silk or bio-acrylic. Coverage must be cut as the nail grows.
    • If you notice that the nails become brittle and often crack, reconsider your diet. Perhaps, so just the lack of vitamins affects. Use calcium preparations and various vitamin complexes to improve the condition of the nails.