• Simple manicure on short nails at home

    Not every woman can wear long nails. Some can not because of their professional activities, but for someone they are simply uncomfortable. In any case, even short nails should look very well-groomed and beautiful. A simple manicure can help in this. In this article about this and talk.

    Recommendations for creating a manicure on short nails

    Removing the cuticle

    Manicure on long nails can be done very simply. But with the short the situation is somewhat different. To make your hands look beautiful and interesting, you need to learn the correct technique and follow the basic principles:

    • you must always observe two basic principles - grooming and accuracy. The fact is that such nails are always brittle, fragile and subject to delamination;
    • in addition to the procedure of manicure, which is recommended to do once every three weeks, it is necessary to thoroughly and regularly polish them, remove the cuticles and filings;
    • decorate well-groomed, even short nails, you can always. To do this, it is recommended to draw something on them or glue the finished image, but it should be small and elegant;
    • it is not recommended to apply a varnish of dark shades on short nails, because then they will appear even smaller;
    • the best for short nails is the use of nail polish with a mother of pearl, pastel tones, or the French manicure.
    • when choosing the shape of nails is not recommended to focus only on fashion trends, because they do not always fit the shape of the hands. For example, if the pens are plump and short, then they are strictly forbidden to make square nails. We must always focus only on the individuality of each woman.

    Basic rules for creating a manicure

    Nail file

    The correct manicure is an art, and there are certain rules:

    • must be stocked with the necessary tools( a cuticle spatula, nail clippers, a nail file, scissors and cuticle oil, hydrogen peroxide, a nail file forgrinding, having a soft surface, a hand cream);
    • can not use metal nail files, but only special ones that have a spraying;
    • if the nails are very loose, then use only a fine-grained nail file;
    • can handle nail file only dry nail plates, because "work" with wet will lead to strong exfoliation of the nails.

    Stages of creating a simple manicure on short nails

    Stages of creating a simple manicure

    At the initial stage it is recommended to shape the nails. Then we make a bath for the hands. To do this, we add water to the special container, which has a temperature of about forty degrees, add sea salt or foam. Then we hold hands in it for about fifteen minutes. Then we apply a special cream.

    In the second stage, we remove the cuticle. We put on it a special remedy or simple petrolatum. Then, using a wooden stick wrapped with the end of the fleece, we begin to gently push the cuticle to the very base of the plate. Then gently cut it.

    In the next step, we polish the nail plate with a soft nail file. You can use special gels for polishing.

    The last step is degreasing the surface of each nail with alcohol or a special liquid. Now you can start painting your nails. First you need to apply a foundation, then two layers of varnish, waiting for each of them to dry completely. At the very end, it is recommended to use a special fixer.

    How to make a French simple manicure on short nails

    French manicure on short nails

    French manicure is an ideal option for short nails. The fact is that they were originally created for them, since simplicity and naturalness are always in fashion.

    That's why such a simple manicure on short nails is a great option for every day. The basic rules for its creation are as follows:

    • a white strip should be made such that it was no more than two millimeters;
    • The most optimal option for short nails is the presence of a white tip and a transparent coating;
    • it is not recommended to add any images and large drawings;it is permissible to apply a thin ornament with a red or white gel.

    One of the modern fashion trends is minimalism, which "calls" to the fact that you should not be tormented with a jacket, drawings and patterns. You can simply cover the short, well-groomed marigold with a one-color varnish. As a rule, it can be matched to the color of clothes or accessories.

    In general, when creating a simple manicure on short nails, you need to consider two principles - accuracy and grooming.

    Simple manicure on short nails photo:

    Golden-green manicure
    Light manicure on short nails
    Shiny manicure on short nails
    Gray manicure on short nails
    Simple manicure with roses
    Manicure with roses