• Nail care at home - home care for nails

    Not every woman manages to visit the cosmetologist's salon to do a manicure. The fact is that such pleasure will always require material and time costs. But even a high-quality and professional manicure can not hide the weak and groomed nails. Therefore, it is mandatory to have daily care so that the nails look healthy and neat. Let's talk in this article on how to care for your nails at home.

    Recommendations for nail care

    Healthy nails

    Nails are a kind of "mirror" in which the condition of the whole organism is reflected. Therefore, what is useful for the proper functioning of the human body, it is also recommended for a good nail condition.

    1. If you want to have healthy and shiny nails, then you need to eat right. In the daily diet must be present dishes containing vitamins, trace elements and gelatin. Preference should be given to carrots, jellied, marmalade, jelly, sea kale, liver, avocado, green vegetables, fish and dairy products.
    2. Nail care at home must be supplemented with the use of nutrients. For this it is recommended to take any nourishing cream enriched with vitamins D, A, E, and rub it into fingertips and cuticles. This procedure is recommended to be done daily for three weeks. Such a massage will help improve blood circulation and soften the skin near the nail.
    3. Nail care for hands should be supplemented by the fact that the manicure should be done every two weeks. If there is no possibility to visit the salon, then it is recommended to do this procedure yourself. Its technology is not complicated, but it must be borne in mind that, after and before each procedure, all tools are treated with undiluted alcohol to exclude the possibility of infection.
    4. Carrying out the proper nail care on the legs or hands, in no case is it recommended to use metal nail files, as they severely damage the nail plate. It is recommended to replace it with plastic or glass.
    5. You can use not only purchased drugs, which are sometimes very expensive, but complement the care with the achievements of traditional medicine.
    6. You need to regularly make a variety of baths. It is best for this bath with the addition of sea salt, olive oil, iodine, etc. Apply them to the recommended course, at least three times a week and lasting several months. With this approach, the effect will be noticeable in two weeks.
    7. Every woman wants to look beautiful, so well-groomed and beautiful nails must necessarily be varnished. His choice should be approached very carefully. The most important rule is that it should not contain acetone, which makes the plate fragile and rough. Weak and delicate nails can be dyed no more often than once in ten days.
    8. When doing a manicure or pedicure, pay special attention to the processing of the cuticle. In accordance with the classical technology it is cut. But the latest trends in the field of cosmetology are as follows: it can not be removed, but simply removed with the help of a manicure spatula deep into the nail bed.
    9. If the profession is related to the fact that you need to constantly do something with your hands, then it is recommended to take care of your fingernails as intensively as possible. To bleach the darkened plates, you can use lemon or lime juice. It should be applied daily after a bath for two weeks. As a result, the nails will again become pink, and the cuticle will be soft.
    10. Nail care at home should be carried out in accordance with the principle of systematic. Only regular work on them will become a pledge of well-groomed and beautiful hands.

    Beauty Recipes

    Nail Care Baskets

    Nail care at home should include alternating the following recipes:

    • Baths with lemon You can strengthen fragile nails with a bath, in which you need to add two large spoons of marine fine-grained salt, two drops of lemon juice and essential oils( incense, myrrh, wheat germs).
    • The softening mask can be made as follows: half a glass of olive oil warm to a warm state, add to it the same amount of apple cider vinegar and a quarter of a glass of warm beer. To make such a mask is recommended for fifteen minutes daily, for fourteen days.
    • For fragile nails, it is recommended to make at least three times a week a special mask. For its preparation, a large spoonful of nutritious cream mixed with the same amount of water and a small spoon of red hot pepper. The mixture can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator.
    • Oil bath Fragile nails can be strengthened with oil baths. To do this, you need to warm up any vegetable oil, add lemon juice and vitamin A. It is recommended to do the baths twice a week.
    • The following mixture can become a firming bath. Mix in equal proportions the vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar.
    • Firming compress: Mix 25 g of glycerin, 5 g of alum, 70 g of water. You need to rub it daily for two weeks.
    • Ruffy, uneven and yellowish nails will help to make pink baths with the juice of sauerkraut or whey. After them, you should always lubricate your nails with a very greasy cream.

    There are a lot of recipes that will help to provide nail care at home. To better influence them, it is recommended to constantly change recipes and apply them regularly.