• How to remove acrylic nails at home - how to remove nails properly

    Beautiful well-groomed female hands always attracted the attention of men. Take care of your hands and nails should every woman and girl. Recently, it has become fashionable to increase nails. This is a good way for those who have very fragile nails. In addition, the exaggerated nails do not require a manicure.

    Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic nails

    Acrylic nails have a more natural appearance. Acrylic also wins in strength, so acrylic nails are best for women who lead a very active lifestyle. This material does not crack from a sharp temperature drop, from impacts and bends. When increasing the natural form of the nail does not change. Acrylic nails allow you to extend the flight of the designer's thoughts: artistic painting, volumetric or aquarian design. The latter can be done only on acrylic nails.

    The disadvantage of acrylic build-up is that they do not allow you to "breathe" your own nails. Although many masters disagree with this statement. But the durable artificial material reliably protects the nails from external harmful factors.

    To drawbacks can also be attributed to the intolerance of the material with acetone-containing agents and the acetone itself. Removing applied to acrylic nails varnish, it is necessary to use cosmetic solutions without acetone. Otherwise, the nails will lose their luster. Of course, you can re-apply a clear varnish on them and return, thus, the radiance.

    What to do with the smell of the

    material Some of the fair sex refuse the enlargement procedure, because during it the acrylic is very sharp and unpleasantly smelling. Women fear that in the future nails will exude this pungent smell. Fears are in vain. In good salons for a long time already use the special device which allows to get rid of unpleasant aroma. This device is called a monomer. But the application of this device somewhat weakens the strength of nails, increasing the risk of their "peeling off".

    The most important drawback of acrylic, as a material for nail extensions, is that it often causes an allergic reaction. Therefore, before you build up your acrylic nails, you must hold an allergy test or at least a test for sensitivity to the material.

    Extend and remove nails in the cabin, and how to remove acrylic nails at home ?

    In the salon you have to pay for the procedure for removing nails. Often it costs a lot of money. Therefore, wishing to save money, many girls take their nails at home, disfiguring their own nails. The fact that acrylic is very tenaciously clings to the nail plate, so you can not just take off and remove the exaggerated nail. He will depart with the natural layer. Therefore, you need to carefully remove acrylic nails.

    Instructions for removing

    Instructions for removing acrylic nails

    Remove the length of the nail. For this, it is necessary to "bite off" the free edge of the nail gradually with the help of a nail clipper. You need to do this carefully and carefully, otherwise you can hurt the delicate skin under the fingernail.

    1. Remove any remaining material. In salons for this use a special liquid that dissolves acrylic. But at home no one has such a tool, so we will use the available material: acetone. The damage that acetone can bring with the removal of acrylic residues is not comparable to the damage to the health of nails, which you can cause by removing your nails in a barbaric way.
    2. Wet a quarter of the cotton pad with acetone and apply to the nail. In order to rid yourself of harmful vapors and reduce the rate of evaporation of the material from cotton wool, it is necessary to wrap your finger in foil. Suited even the most simple, from sweets. So wrap all the fingers of one hand and leave to act for ten to fifteen minutes. This time is enough for acrylic to become soft, supple. In such a consistency, it can be easily removed from the nail plate with a nail file. The same procedure should be done with the fingers of the second hand.
    3. After successful completion of the entire procedure, it is necessary to treat the nails with a special remedy that will restore them, nourish and protect them from external influences. Such balms or varnishes are best bought in pharmacies. In the salons you can also buy similar cosmetics.

    Acrylic nails are more interesting than gel nails, but the process of removing them should be done in the salon. This will eliminate the risk of damage to the tissues of the fingers. Special products that are used in salons, allow you to quickly and efficiently remove artificial nails, without damaging the natural nail plate. The specialist will advise on how best to take care of your hands to effectively and quickly restore the nails. In the salon you can also purchase professional means of protection and restoration for nails and hands.