• How to glue false nails - glue false nails at home

    Not every woman can boast of long nails. There are many reasons for this: the nail plate slowly grows, then it breaks, then professional activity does not allow you to have long nails. This is not an excuse to refuse long nails at all, because there are false nails, which are no worse than their own, and somewhere even better. Their main virtue: they can appear in the evening, and disappear in the morning. But it is important to remember that frequent use of "props" does not have a better effect on the state of your own nails.

    Selection of set of false nails

    Selection of false nails

    So, false nails are different:

    • By the way of gluing. There are kits in which a special glue comes in the kit, and there are false nails that have a sticky base, they are easier to glue, which allows you to save time considerably. In no case can you glue your nails with other glue. God forbid you to come up with a glue, for example, on the glue "Moment".This can cause unforeseen consequences.
    • For quality. The quality of sets of false nails directly depends on the price. The more expensive the nails, the better. Therefore, do not buy nails of Chinese production, they will even look at the price for which you buy them. Yes, and smeared from head to foot with the low-grade glue that comes in the kit is simple. It is better to buy sets of nails more or less well-known firms. Of course, they will be worth ten times more expensive, but the price of three hundred rubles is an excellent result.
    • By the presence of design. Sets of false nails are sold in two types: with design and without design, i.e.natural color. Therefore, if there is a desire, you can experiment. Only during such an experiment the flaws of the work have to be corrected with the help of a nail polish remover, which does not contain acetone, otherwise the liquid is detritus.

    Nail treatment

    Nail preparation

    Now it's time to glue marigold."How to glue false nails properly?" - you ask and rightly do, as this process is carried out in several steps.

    Step One .Before you glue false nails, you need to put in order and their nails and overheads, so to speak, to prepare. First, you need to do a manicure, cut the cuticle and burrs, nail down your nails, they should be short. Be sure to erase the varnish. Then, with a soft file, slightly cut the top layer of the nail, your nail should be roughened to increase the grip with the false nail.

    False nails also need to be processed: fit to the shape of the nail bed, sawed, so that the false nail ideally matched with the natural nail. When choosing the length of false nails, remember that by reducing the length, you increase the life of nails.

    Bonding of false nails

    Step two .Now you can proceed to the direct gluing of the nail. If the nails are harsh and do not completely adhere to your nail, they need to be softened by holding in hot water. On the inside of the false nail, drip a drop of glue, going in the set with false nails. If the glue in the set was not, then pre-purchase the glue for nails, it is for the nails, and not universal. Put the false nail on the nail plate and immediately press. If you notice that the nail is lying unevenly, now it can be pushed slightly so that it will fit into its place. Corrected? Similarly, glue all tipsy, making sure that the glued nails remain in place.

    Processing of false nails

    Step three .Usually, after gluing the nail, the transition between the artificial nail and the natural remains. Avoid this in two ways: in one case with a saw, equaling the resulting roughness, in the other - with the help of liquid acrylic. This technology is now described in more detail.

    You will need two small containers, for example, small saucers. In one saucer pour liquid acrylic, in another - acrylic in the form of a powder. To apply acrylic to the joint, use a brush applicator. Dip the tip of the brush in liquid acrylic and press it to the edge of the saucer to allow the glass to excess fluid. Then dip the tip of the brush into powder, now you can fill the joints of the nails. Treat all fingers with a fingernail behind a fingernail - from roughnesses there will be no trace.

    We paint false nails with varnish

    Step four .Before you proceed to the next step, you must wait until the adhesive and acrylic dry completely. Only then can the final adjustment of the shape of the false nails, their length. If the nails were without a design, after final registration it is possible to apply a decorative varnish.

    Sometimes the problem is the removal of false nails. Note that after a long toe, the nail is usually easily detached from the nail plate. If this is not the case, then the overhead nail should be moistened with acetone, and it will easily leave.

    Use of false nails will very quickly increase the length of the nails and improve their appearance. However, we must remember that after removing the false nails, your own nails will not look the best.