• Treatment of obstructive bronchitis in children and adults

    Obstructive bronchitis is a disease of the lungs in which spasms or narrowing of the bronchi occur, as a result of which accumulated mucus can not go outside, making it difficult to breathe.

    If the specialist has been diagnosed with obstructive bronchitis - treatment should be started immediately. The main goal of treatment in this disease is easing of bronchial spasm, which allows the body to withdraw phlegm from the lungs.

    Often in the process of treatment, doctors prescribe medications that help maintain immunity. Acute obstructive bronchitis in adults is very common. This disease is characterized by damage to the bronchial mucosa and an inflammatory process that affects the lung tissue directly.

    As a result of the progression of the inflammatory process, as a rule, there are stable violations of the normal process of ventilation of the lungs.

    In principle, this condition does not represent a serious threat to the health and life of the patient. But only in the event that in the detection of a disease called obstructive bronchitis treatment is conducted in a timely manner.

    How to treat obstructive bronchitis

    Treatment of obstructive bronchitis in adults, that is, its importance, can not be ignored. Otherwise, the acute form of the disease can lead to pneumonia and even bronchial asthma.

    Therefore, when symptoms appear that are characteristic of this disease, you should immediately contact a specialist and begin treatment.

    Upon examination, the doctor will perform a full examination of the patient and establish an accurate diagnosis. After all, this disease is quite simply confused with other diseases of the respiratory system.

    And if an incorrect diagnosis is made, obstructive bronchitis is a wrong treatment, not only it will not be of use, but there is a high risk that it can worsen the patient's condition.

    Addressing a qualified technician significantly reduces the risk of improper treatment, which is naturally more preferable for the patient.

    A qualified specialist correctly diagnoses the disease and selects the appropriate treatment for obstructive bronchitis in adults, thanks to which it will be possible not only to stop the disease, but also completely cure the patient.

    It is not necessary to select medications on your own - on the advice of friends or television advertising, as this can complicate the course of the disease, which at best will lead to the transition of pathology into a chronic form.

    Treatment of an acute form of the disease

    A stationary treatment option is prescribed for patients with acute obstructive bronchitis of moderate severity. In the room where the patient is in need to create high humidity.

    In order to increase the productivity of cough, in addition to the main drug treatment, active oral rehydration is performed. If necessary, oxygen therapy is also used.

    Massage with obstructive bronchitis is used to restore bronchial patency and improve the drainage function of the bronchi.

    Vibromassage with drainage position and special cough gymnastics are also often used. If necessary, a specialist can prescribe bronchoscopic sanation.

    Antibiotics for obstructive bronchitis should be taken exactly as prescribed by the doctor. As for other medications, the most commonly prescribed funds for stimulation of expectoration are secretions and various mucolytics.

    Spasmolytic drugs are prescribed only in some cases, since with pronounced hypersecretion their use does not give the proper effect.

    Treatment of chronic obstructive bronchitis

    Medicines for treatment are selected by a purely attending physician, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient's body and the course of the disease in a particular case. As for self-selection of drugs, it should be discarded, so as not to worsen the condition.

    In addition to physician-appointed medications and physiotherapy, another option for patients with obstructive bronchitis is treatment with folk remedies.

    However, it should be remembered that folk recipes can act only as an effective supplement to the main treatment, but not an alternative to it.

    In addition, when using traditional methods, you should carefully monitor the composition of the tools used.
    A stable form of the disease - obstructive bronchitis with an asthmatic component requires the use of antihistamines.

    In addition, with this diagnosis, a factory-made inhaler is often used with the medicinal product contained in it, such as atrovent, asthmopent, etc.

    In addition, berodual is also often prescribed - in obstructive bronchitis in the medium-heavy form for the removal of bronchospasm.
    The effectiveness of the prescribed treatment depends largely on the patient himself.

    The latter should eliminate all the aggressive surrounding factors, for the period of treatment completely abandon cigarettes and follow the conditions of a special sparing diet.

    You can learn more about how to treat chronic obstructive bronchitis by consulting with a specialist.

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