How to economically meet the New Year 2015 - a thrifty meeting of the New Year 2015

  • How to economically meet the New Year 2015 - a thrifty meeting of the New Year 2015

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    New Year's Eve is always a quivering and very troublesome event. And how much money you need to get everything done at the highest level! Now very few people can boast of a huge stable income, so saving and thrift are topical today as never before.

    Let's think about how to economically meet the New Year 2015. Is there such an opportunity at all?

    Immediately leave the idea of ​​meeting the New Year in another country or in a restaurant. At this time, prices are doubling, so there can be no question of saving.


    New Year's Eve

    Undoubtedly, the easiest way to avoid big New Year's spending is visiting. It is enough to bring a bottle of champagne or wine, a cake, some sweets and souvenirs that will remind the owners of your joint holiday. In addition, the visit to the guests allows not to stand for hours at the stove, preparing a variety of goodies, not to wash dishes after the guests, not to clean New Year's Tinsel and confetti.

    Please note! A more democratic option for meeting the New Year with friends will be the division of responsibilities between all.
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    For example, everyone can cook and bring one hot dish and, optionally, snacks, salad, fruits, vegetables. Men will be engaged in alcoholic drinks and fireworks. Such a New Year will not hit your pocket.

    Children's entertainment

    New Year's entertainment for children

    For children it is possible to prepare a New Year show in costumes and with symbolic gifts: sweets, crackers, various small souvenirs. The scenario of the holiday can be discussed with friends in advance, and the roles and responsibilities should be distributed among themselves.

    Please note! Costumes can be rented, or you can do it yourself.

    Santa Claus has enough red cap and a wadded beard - the main symbols of a merry Grandfather. A creative approach to the script will help to solve the issue of entertainment. Adults also like various contests and riddles. And on New Year's Eve everyone is having fun like children.

    Home party with friends

    New Year with friends

    If you want to meet the New Year 2015 at home, you can save by inviting friends to a themed party. For example, to arrange a beer buffet.

    Canadas for buffet
    Please note! The Swedish table will significantly reduce the cost of food.

    Excluding strong spirits, you can abolish a few hot dishes, heavy snacks and salads. Light alcohol fits well with fruits, cheeses. Sweets should be on the table.


    Maybe one of the guests would prefer to have a champagne snack with chocolate candy.

    Under the battle of the chimes, do not forget to make a wish that will come true!

    Please note! The new year 2015 will be held under the sign of the Blue Wooden Goat( Sheep), so the table should have more greens and cabbage dishes.

    But not all the New Year's menu! One to two, a maximum of three dishes is enough.

    Salad with greens

    And from the salad olivier, you can refuse this time in favor of lighter snacks.


    Promotions for champagne

    If you want to save on alcohol, you can go to supermarkets long before the celebration. Various promotions and sales will allow you to buy alcoholic beverages almost twice cheaper than on New Year's Eve.

    New Year's attire

    Dress for the New Year

    Now let's talk about the dress.

    Please note! You do not need to buy a new outfit for every New Year's Eve. It's good enough to look in your closet.

    On the shelf or on the hanger there must always be a thing that has been worn only once and is quite suitable for celebrating. The color need not be blue or brown. Each girl will look great in a dress of delicate shades: pink, beige, cream, lilac.

    Beads in ethnic style

    Jewelery should be chosen in ethno style. But if it does not harmonize with the outfit, it does not matter! Just put on what's best!

    Fun at the city tree

    New Year at the city tree

    Besides, it is not necessary to sit at home all night. The most budget option for meeting the New Year 2015 outside the home will be a trip to the city tree. You can take with you a bottle-two champagnes, Bengal lights and a good mood. Do not forget about fireworks and clapboards. It is more reasonable to refuse firecrackers. After twelve blows to the city tree begin to converge lovers of noisy fun. There are even some who are waiting for the bells on the square. Therefore, at any time of the New Year's Eve, the city tree always has fun and joy.

    Celebration at the Christmas tree in the yard

    Fun at the Christmas tree in the yard

    It's now customary to put your Christmas tree in every neighborhood. Therefore, it is not necessary to go to the city center. Especially if you are far away from him.

    Please note! Taxi on New Year's Eve will be very expensive.

    And it's unlikely that any of the acquaintances will agree to deny themselves a glass of champagne that would take you to the city tree. Therefore, everything that can save on the menu, will have to give the driver. What is this saving? In addition, all neighbors will go to the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve. And one very big noisy and cheerful company will turn out.

    Do not forget that a successful holiday is, above all, a sea of ​​smiles and good mood. And it can not be bought for any money!