• Think about this

    Apartment with expensive furniture is contraindicated for the child. Dirty traces remain of his palms in the porridge or plasticine on the polished surface. His airplanes or cars are used to scratch furniture, from some other toys, dents and chips are obtained.

    And if for any parents the sad joke of pediatricians is correct: at first all of them( parents) wait will not wait, when the child starts to walk and talk, and then only they demand: "yes you sit, but shut up", then for parents who have had time, before a child grows up, get expensive furniture, this joke is no longer humor, but a satire. And then this furniture, unique vases, ultra-trendy curtains are transformed from the means of aesthetic education into its opposite. The child begins to hate at first some particular beauty, and then beauty in general. And some, like in the famous play of V. Rozov, rebelling against the tyranny of things, try to maim this beauty with a saber.

    Artem and Alesya

    It so happened that, having decided to give my daughter a rest before continuing my studies, my wife and I took during the holiday of our one-year-old grandson Artemku. Among themselves, the duties were distributed as follows: the wife washed, cooked, fed, laid to sleep and got up to her grandson at night, and I spent whole days( good, summer was not bad) walking with him on the playground.

    Actually, all the equipment of the site included a heap of sand and some ridiculous construction of metal pipes, but there were many children on the site. Cheerful by nature, active, Artem got along well with those who are a year or two older, and with those who were already 7-10 years old. And my function in the presence of children was limited to observation.

    On the fifth or seventh day of our walks among children there was a new girl - Alesya. She was about five years old, she just returned with her parents from some southern parts, was tanned and beautiful.

    I, of course, at the time of its appearance did not know, neither her name nor her existence in nature at all. But drew attention: when she came to the platform, among those 10-12 children who already dug in the sand or climbed the pipes, as if the breeze whispered: "Alesya. .. Aleska. ."

    Alesya did not say hello to anyone, notshe threw herself over with no one and a word, but, standing a minute or two, she ran away home. But, it turns out, not for good. Soon she somehow thoughtfully approached the platform, holding in her hands a large slice of red watermelon.

    It was in the first days of August, watermelons had already started selling, but they were expensive and scarce. .. The older girls, only seeing the watermelon, suddenly hurried somewhere and a moment later disappeared behind the nearest house. Boys, also older ones, climbed like a cowboy on bicycles and left. Well, two or three years old, and with them my Artyom, opening his mouth, stared at the juicy, bright red hunk. Artem, moreover, began to do pen movement, which he usually asked us for something, saying: "na-na-na", which in translation to the common language meant "give-give-it!"

    Of course, AlesyaI did not give him or anyone else a chance to try the watermelon, and I had to wait, without expecting a demanding roar( he did, other children were crying), grabbing his grandson in an armful and fleeing the playground, throwing toys there.

    After a day's sleep, I again went to the playground with Artem. There were even more children on it than in the morning. Artem quickly entered the game, started by three boys a little older than him: he poured sand into the tip of the dump truck, and then with pleasure tipped the car. I forgot about Ales, but unfortunately she did not forget about us all.

    I stood with my back to the porch and did not see when she came out, but again there was something rustling among the children: "Alesya. .. Aleska. .." This time she was with a bun, smeared with honey. I had to take flight again.

    When the story repeated for the fourth or fifth time, I realized that Alesi's behavior was not an accident, but a special tactic. Due to the fault of the parents, for some unknown zigzags of heredity, but to their five years was formed into a true sadistic. It gave her pleasure to torture children not physically( maybe for now?), So morally. And, if at first she did not pay attention to my Artemka, then after I asked: "Do not you feed at home?", She began to pursue him.

    Artem woke up very early, sometimes even at six o'clock. And often our walks began before eight in the morning. Noticing this, Alesya also began to rise early, and, settling herself at the window, looking out for us, and seeing, immediately jumped out onto the street with something tasty in her hands. .. And she forced us to take the rest of the holidays for other people's walks for walks. .

    About the zigzags of heredity, I did not mention casually. Today it is known that the character of a person is laid even before birth and then almost does not lend itself to change. But in the ordinary sense, in interpersonal relations, we evaluate a person on a whole set of characteristics, among which one of the first places is a worldview, as well as the attitude towards others - close and distant people. So, if the character is something given as a result of the "game" of genes, then everything else can be raised and re-educated. Sadism of Alesya can be attributed to the qualities raised in his daughter by his parents.

    Who are they( young, cute, I saw them several times at the entrance, on the balcony) - I do not know. I do not know what their education, profession, position. I do not know how neighbors, co-workers treat them, how they themselves contact with their neighbors, and with their colleagues. But I know for sure that their daughter will be unhappy in life. Practically there can not be a situation in which her stupid cruelty, hatred of other children, had anything positive at least.