• Freezing

    Many types of herbs can be frozen. To do this, along with parsley, suitable basil, dill, celery, tarragon, onion, melissa and thyme. Freshly picked herbs and greens are washed and then thoroughly dried between two layers of towels. Only then the herbs are processed further by one of the chosen methods.

    Freezing can be carried out in several ways:

    "Shredded greenery is frozen in ice containers( cubes and molds) Ice cubes are stored in boxes for frozen foods

    The plants are frozen in aluminum form and extracted from it immediately before use

    Unmilledherbs are preliminarily frozen in double plastic bags, taken out, quickly ground, filled with pre-cooled containers for freezing and again placedt in the freezer compartment

    The greens of the young dill, parsley and celery are thoroughly washed in several waters, blanched in boiling water for 1 minute, then taken out, drained, cooled and frozen( in bundles, loose and in forms). Th thoroughly washed and peeledthe roots of parsley and celery are cut into small pieces of no more than 1 cm in length and blanched in boiling water for 30 seconds. Blanched parsley and celery roots are cooled and frozen in loose so that they do not block the whole block. Frozen roots are poured into a tightly closed glass jar or in a plastic bag. When using the root without defrosting put in a pan with a dish for 5-10 minutes until ready.

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    Freezing of herbs and grasses:

    1 .Melkonarublennuyu greens are piled in the tank

    for ice making.

    2. Fill with water and place in the freezer compartment.

    3. Frozen herbal cubes put

    in small containers or sachets and, having written them, are stored in the

    freezer after thawing the plants should be used immediately, as they become soft in consistency and watery, which leads to a rapid loss of spicy qualities.

    Greens frozen in ice cubes can be used directly by throwing cubes into soup, gravy or other hot dish.