• Think of a story in which your children are the main characters

    You may not be a great writer, but there are basic principles for constructing a story: a boy meets a girl, a boy gets to know a girl, a boy loses a girl, a boy and a girl meet again. Or, if the boy is still small and is not interested in girls yet: there is a task before the hero, the hero almost wins, obstacles appear on the hero's way, and the hero fights and eventually wins. Who is the hero? Of course, this is your favorite five-year-old.

    1. Well knowing your child hero, choose for yourself what the task will be - fighting with the dragon or going to the dentist.

    2. Of course, you can use a fictitious name, but as I know, many children want to be the heroes of stories themselves, even if the storyline is extremely simple.

    3. For the description of the hero and other characters of the story, use as much hyperbole as possible - "the beautiful, delightful and noble lady of Marissa", for example.(This always turns heroes into princes and princesses or lords and ladies.) Everyone wants to be a member of the royal family, do not be afraid to give your heroes royalty.)

    4. Let the action take place outside the room, but not just there. For example, if Lady Marissa is going to visit a dentist, let the story start from the forest( that was a feeling of fear).

    5. Do not forget about the mood, the reward. Lady Marissa discovered that she was in the forest. The dragon appears and tells her: "To get the priceless diamond, you must go to the dentist and let him look at your teeth!"

    6. Do not forget about the threats. Lady Marissa must know about the difficulties that await her. So, it is necessary that the young lady understand that her anxiety is justified."Lady Marissa was frightened, as she heard that dentists can inflict pain on princesses with their sharp instruments."

    7. Enter in the story someone else or something to help the princess. For example, her favorite toy, her mother, even someone quite unexpected, might be a little brother, Lord Caleb the Drooler( laughter never fails).Suddenly Lord Caleb the Drooler appeared and said to the dragon: "Lady Marissa does not need to go to the stomatologist, because her teeth can go bad! She's still a princess! "

    8. Here Lady Marissa must make a choice. Will she go to the dentist or let her teeth spoil? Remember that in the end she will have to fight and go to the dentist. In other words, this is not the stage of the main struggle, it is the scene that precedes the main battle. Let the Lady Marissa decide for himself how to proceed.(At this point, most likely, Lady Marissa will offer some of her thoughts.)

    9. And now it's very important. Let the lady Marissa decide, refuse to visit the dentist or, even better, go there, but meet on the way with some difficulties. A dragon, for example, can exhale a fire and break a tree that blocks its path. Or suddenly a witch appears who wants to eat it( say that a witch has big teeth - this witch does not want small children to visit the dentist, because he knows that it will benefit them).

    10. And now it's time for Lady Marissa and Lord Caleb the Drooler to fight for their opportunity to get to the dentist. In the end they are brave, and they are heroes. Let the battle be dramatic and, quite possibly, even bloody. You do not want me to tell you, how will it all end? To come up with the end of history is your task.