• Flowers from cardboard boxes for eggs

    There are a lot of tricky ways to make flowers, but some are unusual and funny. This is a collage in which cups of cardboard boxes from eggs are used as colors.


    • cardboard boxes from eggs;

    • sheet of cardboard;

    • colored cardboard;

    • Scissors;

    • Adhesive;

    • pompons or buttons;

    • soft colored pencils, markers or paint.

    1. On green paper, draw and cut out the leaves and stems;paste on cardboard.

    2. Cut out cardboard boxes for eggs with patches to make flowers.

    Daisy. Cut the corners of the cups from top to bottom, straighten them, glue the button in the center.

    Narcissus. Over uncovered calyx glue uncut.

    Dahlia. Cut a couple of sections into a set of sharp petals. Straighten them( make them flat), glue the top ends one on top of the other and put a pompon in the center.

    Tulip. Cut the rounded edges to the top.

    Rose. Trim several sections with rounded edges at different heights and glue them one to the other.

    3. Color the flowers with colored pencils or paints.

    4. Glue the flowers to the ends of the stems so that the petals do not adhere to the paper.

    Make animals from pom-poms


    • yarn;

    • cardboard;

    • Scissors;

    • Adhesive;

    • bulging eyes, brush for cleaning pipes, felt.

    1. First of all, prepare pom-poms. Cut out of the cardboard two circles about 2.5 cm in diameter larger than the desired size of the pompon.

    2. Cut a 2.5 cm hole in the center of the cardboard circles so that they look like fried donuts.

    3. Fold the two pieces of cardboard together and wind the yarn through the hole around the "donut"( Fig.), Until the yarn is completely wrapped.

    4. Cut the yarn between two pieces of cardboard with scissors( Fig.).

    5. Take a longer thread;tie her yarn in the middle between cardboard circles( Fig.).

    Remove the cardboard. Flatten the pompon.

    6. To make an animal, cut out small ears, beaks, tails, feet from felt and glue them, as well as bulging eyes. As a mustache, use a brush to clean the tubes.