• What should a child be able to do in a year - what should a child know in 1 year

    This is the end of the first year of your baby's life. A year is an important turning point in a child's life. Is not it true that this time passed very quickly? During this time, the child learned a lot. Never again will it develop so actively. It will never please you every day with new skills. The child is already so large: it weighs three times more than at birth, and has grown to 70-80 cm. In the following months the child will not grow so fast and gain weight.

    How to accustom to a pot

    Child on a pot

    Many parents a year begin to accustom a child to a pot. And this is right, because the child already understands everything and can easily acquire a new skill. Buy a pot earlier, let it get used to this object and find out its purpose.

    Accustoming the child to the pot, have patience and try to find out at what time the baby is used to going to the toilet. Usually, children warn in some way about the upcoming "catastrophe": they begin to groan, push, and freeze. At this point, you ne

    ed to put the child on the pot. If the fifteen-minute sitting on the pot did not lead to anything, and if the kid got up from the pot "decided", you need to show patience, do not put pressure on the child and do not shout at him - it can cause a psychological block, and the child will refuse to sit down on the pot,that this will be followed by punishment. Do not create wrong associations. Better draw the attention of the child to a positive result. Praise him when he did it right.

    A prerequisite for fast potty training is the rejection of diapers. When diapers are removed, the child becomes much more comfortable, he is now rid of bulky panties and feels relieved. The only thing that will make him uncomfortable is his wet panties. Over time, the kid will understand why he is put on a pot, and will use it himself or at first will ask for a pot. In the interim phase, most likely, success will be variable. In some cases, the child will walk on the pot, in some cases - will be lazy. It will not be superfluous to cover upholstered furniture with polyethylene to facilitate cleaning, in case of an "accident".

    Freedom of movement

    Most likely, your child has already begun to walk independently, and, perhaps, run and climb up the stairs. This is the most significant of what a child should have a year. The first steps are necessarily accompanied by failures, falls, so parents need to protect the child: remove all foreign objects from the floor, close the sharp corners of furniture. The instability of the child's gait and the curiosity that is characteristic of children at this age can lead to injuries and other misunderstandings. Be sure to remove from the reach of the child, and better and further away, all the items that are dear to you, so that the child can not accidentally break, for example, a vase donated by his mother, or tear up his favorite book.

    When children begin to walk they often exhibit various abnormalities, for example, clubfoot. If you notice this ailment or notice that the baby is walking on your toes, consult a specialist.


    Teeth per year

    Most often, a year the child can boast 8-12 teeth. However, there are also cases where the first teeth appear late, for example, at ten months. There is nothing to worry about, every child develops according to his own calendar. This is influenced not only by the present circumstances, but also by genetics. If the mom or dad's teeth are late, then the child, they are likely to be late. During the growth of milk teeth, it is necessary to ensure sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. In a year, a child must be given a lure, because one milk is not enough for him.

    Basic Skills

    Basic Kid's Skills in a Year
    1. The kid confidently responds to his name.
    2. Repeats everything for adults, and he likes it.
    3. If the parents show the child a smile or a laugh that they like, like a child, for example, kicks a ball, then he will necessarily repeat this action to give parents pleasure.
    4. Understands when something is not allowed to him, accompanying what was said by the word "impossible."
    5. He can speak a few words, including disyllabic ones. His vocabulary, most likely, includes the words: "Mom", "Dad", perhaps "BBC" and other babbling words. And the kid not only can pronounce words, but also consciously correlate them with surrounding objects.
    6. He knows the names of family members and recognizes them in person, saying the words "mom" and "dad", associates them with their parents. Highlights his attention to his mother and adored relatives.
    7. In a year the child can imitate the sounds that animals make.
    8. The child already understands that they love him, and shows his love. He knows how to kiss his family and presses against them from an excess of feelings.
    9. Executes some commands, consisting of simple phrases, such as "bring it", "give it".
    10. Can drink from a cup.
    11. It is worth noting the child's attention to music, he can make it clear which music he likes and which one does not like.
    12. Many children already show a tendency to certain types of activity: some children can look at books for a long time, leaf through pages, other children eagerly deduce intricate scribbles on paper, someone likes to collect and disassemble toys, for example, to collect a pyramid from multi-colored plastic rings.
    Child per year

    In a year the child really wants to be like his parents and is trying hard to repeat everything that you do. Be careful not to teach the child inadvertently to any undesirable actions, it will be very difficult to wean him afterwards. Show your child new schemes of action: how you can put a doll to sleep, roll a typewriter, do kulichiki - without your help the kid does not know about it.

    The above mentioned skills and abilities are only the most common average statistical list. Your baby, maybe, does not know how everything that is written here, or, conversely, is much ahead of the average in its development. Lagging in terms of acquiring skills does not mean that your kid is worse than others. Remember that a kid does not have to learn everything when you want, he develops on his own schedule.


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