5 reasons why the car engine overheats( boils)

  • 5 reasons why the car engine overheats( boils)

    As a rule, overheats fall mostly in hot summer, but this can happen even in spring and late autumn. To everything unpleasant, overheating of the engine threatens the breakdown of important units of the car. One of such problems can be called failure of oil-removable caps or rings. From high temperatures, metal deforms and such details, in the end, serve more as decoration than fulfill their original function, and from there, there may be increased oil consumption. Also, from a very high temperature of the engine, an unpleasant thing happens, like deformation of a cylinder block, a similar situation is much worse, more terrible, and for money, it will draw considerable expenses from the family budget.

    To determine the overheating of the engine, it is possible by the pointer of the temperature sensor, which is located on the instrument panel( in which case the temperature rises by 100 degrees), and this can be determined by the sounds of a bubbling liquid under the hood. In extreme cases, can even kn
    ock couples from under the hood. In this case, you must immediately stop the engine and stop, gently open the hood and open the barrel of antifreeze to let the hot steam out. It is also desirable to turn on the fan so that the radiator does not heat up.

    So, let's look at the reasons why the engine still overheats in the car?

    1. Actually, there may be a lot of reasons, but we will start with the most frequent of coolant. We all remember the saying from our childhood, about the fact that water will always find a hole. So in this case. The reason for the increased temperature of the engine may be insufficient amount of antifreeze in the cooling system. The liquid may leak out of the microcracks in the nozzle, or elsewhere, where a small hole is formed for unknown reasons. If you have even a little knowledge of the device and repair of the car, then it will not be difficult to detect a leak. Also, a wet spot under the car, after a long idle time, may indicate a leaking radiator or spout.

    Unfortunately, there is a completely unhappy side to this problem. If no leak is detected outside, it is likely that the coolant gets inside the engine, into the oil, or into the cylinders. Ultimately, this can lead to irreversible consequences, for example, to a hydrotest. Therefore, you should immediately contact a service station.

    2. Problem in the fan. If a "forced" fan is installed in your car, you should check the belt tension. It is likely that the belt can be weakened, this will give a bad cooling effect. If a temperature sensor is installed on the fan, there is a possibility that the sensor is jamming. Pay attention also to how clean the radiator is. Many motorists rarely wash it, but in vain. After all, as it is already known, the mud conducts heat very poorly, and moreover plays a negative role in cooling the engine assemblies. Very often radiator honeycombs are clogged, which leads to engine overheating. If after a thorough flushing of the radiator the engine continues to boil - you should simply replace the old radiator with a new one.

    3. A very frequent cause of engine overheating is the failure of such a part as thermostat. Due to the time and chemical composition of the liquid, its internal parts become not so elastic. As a result, the thermostat "drives" the antifreeze on a small circle( which inevitably leads to an overheating of the motor) or over a large circle( then it is difficult to reach overheating, but it will also be difficult to warm up the car in winter).Slow driving, traffic jams and constant braking in the city at traffic lights - can also cause the engine to overheat due to insufficient blowing. After all, when a car is traveling at high speed, the cooling system works "with a bang."

    4. On older vehicles( even on VAZ 2106), incorrectly placed ignition can also lead to overheating, but this is a rather rare case. Nowadays, basically all cars are equipped with a newer ignition system, for which the computer is responsible.

    5. It is likely that if the exhaust valve bursts in the engine of your , this will cause the engine to boil. In this case, hot gases enter the motor, heat it to an unacceptable temperature, and the sensor needle in the cabin jumps to an unpleasant red mark.

    Actually, there are a lot of reasons for engine overheating, but Vse-Sekrety specialists.ru chose the reasons that are most common. Now you are armed with information and you know why the engine overheats. Neither a nail, nor a staff!


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